Images shortlisted for GOTY, 2006

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

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E Gammie (5838) 1

SP3080 : Church and yews by E Gammie

Eileen Henderson (5069) 4

NN2306 : Glen Croe by Eileen Henderson NT1611 : Information boards in Carrifran Valley by Eileen Henderson NN6702 : Derelict building, Upper Lanrick by Eileen Henderson NN7101 : Mill workers' houses, Deanston by Eileen Henderson

Eirian Evans (4582) 7

SJ1258 : Happy snowman by Eirian Evans SH9348 : Stile over Dry Stone Wall by Eirian Evans SH8730 : Blue water pump by Eirian Evans SJ0640 : Reservoir in Cynwyd Forest by Eirian Evans SJ4542 : Redundant churns by Eirian Evans SJ0144 : St Catherine's Church by Eirian Evans SO5060 : New woodland by Eirian Evans

Eric Jones (7056) 2

SH5860 : The comedian of the flock by Eric Jones SH5959 : The two  C3 rollers from the yard of Braich Mills. by Eric Jones

Espresso Addict (6428) 6

SK1790 : Beeches by Hollin Clough bridge by Espresso Addict SJ5847 : Wrenbury Frith Bridge, from the west by Espresso Addict SJ5643 : Oss Mere reed beds by Espresso Addict L9050 : St Patrick watches over Mam Ean pass by Espresso Addict L7362 : Southern end of Lettergesh beach by Espresso Addict L7656 : Lichen 'map' by Espresso Addict

felicity hardman (5403) 1

ST2042 : Stogursey Castle by felicity hardman

Fin'n'Liz (4949) 1

NC1843 : Loch Coill' a' Ghorm Locha by Fin'n'Liz

Footprints (3580) 1

SU7600 : Developing Saltmarsh Channel by Footprints

Frances Watts (6964) 1

SW3529 : Coastpath at Nanquidno by Frances Watts

Gareth Foster (4181) 1

SE6577 : Stonegrave Minster by Gareth Foster

Garth Newton (525) 2

SK4641 : Fissh 'n' Chipps? by Garth Newton SK4641 : Ilkeston's Carol Service by Garth Newton

Geoff Keeble (8727) 1

SD8990 : Browna Paddocks, Low Abbotside, Wensleydale by Geoff Keeble

Geoff Pick (4946) 3

SJ9810 : View of Cannock from top of St. Luke's Church Tower by Geoff Pick SK1612 : Coventry Canal, Brookhay by Geoff Pick SJ8905 : Bridge 7, Shropshire Union Canal by Geoff Pick

Glyn Baker (1601) 21

TQ1924 : Twelfth Night Tradition by Glyn Baker TQ8092 : Graffiti Wall, Sweyne Park by Glyn Baker TQ8797 : Canada Goose by Glyn Baker TM0327 : Bumblebee by Glyn Baker TQ9567 : Footpath Near Wellmarsh by Glyn Baker TR0195 : Blockhouse by Glyn Baker TQ5164 : Banded demoiselle by Glyn Baker TQ3080 : Fluid Dynamics in Somerset House by Glyn Baker TL9818 : Abberton Pumphouse by Glyn Baker TQ7948 : Footpath & Harvest Home by Glyn Baker TQ7951 : Turning of the Year by Glyn Baker TL9612 : Old Hall Wind Pump by Glyn Baker TM0614 : Moonscape and Mersea Mud by Glyn Baker TQ3380 : Faces on a Fence (Royal Mint St) by Glyn Baker TQ0316 : Greatham Bridge by Glyn Baker TL8802 : Terminus for Trees by Glyn Baker TL8905 : Saltmash in Southey Creek by Glyn Baker TL8805 : Southey Creek and Saltmarsh by Glyn Baker TL8108 : Chelmer Swing by Glyn Baker TL8208 : Rickets Gates by Glyn Baker TQ6177 : Christmas Gull by Glyn Baker

Gordon Brown (1876) 13

NS6038 : Sheep grazing on the slopes of Loudoun Hill by Gordon Brown NN6729 : Summit cairn on Creag Ruadh by Gordon Brown NN6615 : Bridge over the Allt an Dubh Choirein by Gordon Brown NS5025 : Ballochmyle Viaduct over the river Ayr by Gordon Brown NH1734 : Loch Tuill Bhearnach by Gordon Brown NG7609 : Descending towards the shore at Slisneach by Gordon Brown NS8127 : Opencast coal at Glespin by Gordon Brown NG4526 : The path into the Fionn Choire by Gordon Brown NH5578 : Light effects in the Kildermorie Forest by Gordon Brown NX2395 : Wind turbine at Hadyard Hill by Gordon Brown NH9712 : Erratic boulder by Gordon Brown NR7359 : Jetty with fisherman's bothy by Gordon Brown NN6618 : The south ridge of Stob Chalum Mhic Griogair by Gordon Brown

Gordon Kneale Brooke (3021) 3

SE7422 : Goole Docks.The Rix Condor Oil Tanker Proceeding to her Berth by Gordon Kneale Brooke SE5724 : Eggborough Power Station by Gordon Kneale Brooke SE6526 : Drax Power Station Oil Storage Tanks by Gordon Kneale Brooke

Graham Ellis (381) 1

NH0608 : South Glen Shiel Ridge 7 by Graham Ellis

Graham Hardy (2493) 5

TG3105 : Barn on Holloway Road south of Surlingham by Graham Hardy TG3006 : St Mary's Church, Surlingham by Graham Hardy TG2904 : St Peter's lych gate by Graham Hardy TG3200 : St Ethelbert, Thurton by Graham Hardy TG2105 : Keswick Mill by Graham Hardy

Graham Richards (3916) 2

ST5750 : Green Ore by Graham Richards ST7345 : Nunney Castle by Graham Richards

Grant Sherman (3160) 2

SS6248 : View of Highveer Point from Holdstone Down by Grant Sherman SS1345 : Quarry Pond: Reflections by Grant Sherman

Gwen and James Anderson (4657) 1

NO3668 : Road up Glen Clova. by Gwen and James Anderson


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