Images shortlisted for POTY, 2010

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: Andy F to Ashley Dace

Andy F (32299) 6

SP4564 : Breaking ice on the Grand Union Canal, Tomlow by Andy F SP3866 : Lane to Hunningham Hill in the snow by Andy F TQ3080 : Photographers mass protest against police harassment on 23 Jan 2010 (4) by Andy F TQ3080 : Street entertainer in Trafalgar Square by Andy F TQ3282 : Night and day: roofscape in London EC1 (2) by Andy F SW5741 : Sea and sunset sky, Gwithian beach by Andy F

Andy Farrington (46686) 4

NX3651 : Stane Wall to Heaven by Andy Farrington NX3344 : Bottle Hole Bridge by Andy Farrington NX2650 : Grey Mare's Tail by Andy Farrington NX1955 : Balcarry by Andy Farrington

Andy Stephenson (11) 4

SC4689 : Cashtal yn Ard by Andy Stephenson SC4991 : Kirk Maughold by Andy Stephenson SC3975 : The "Manannan" passing Princess Alexandra Pier by Andy Stephenson SC1869 : Fishing from the Old Breakwater by Andy Stephenson

Andy Waddington (34816) 14

NZ0314 : Too much snow for first footing? by Andy Waddington SD8880 : Zig-zag drop on the Upper Wharfe by Andy Waddington SD9964 : Lower section of Ghaistrill's strid, lowish water by Andy Waddington NZ0808 : Cautious descent, Moor Lane by Andy Waddington NZ0314 : Sheep foraging in the snow by Andy Waddington NM6122 : Sunset boulder, Loch Buie by Andy Waddington NM6224 : Sandy Tràigh Bhàn Lagain by Andy Waddington NM5921 : Rubha na Faoilinn by Andy Waddington NM6122 : Loch Buie shore to Port Ceann da Aoineadh by Andy Waddington NY5342 : Fishermen's path in the cliff by Andy Waddington NY5045 : Wish I'd brought my sticky boots by Andy Waddington SD7797 : Eden valley woollies by Andy Waddington NZ0314 : Sunrise on the snowy fields of Boldron by Andy Waddington NY9626 : Shelter on the south elevation by Andy Waddington

Ann Harrison (13963) 1

NJ2269 : A Yellowhammer  on  the Snow by Ann Harrison

Anne Burgess (139) 22

NT2573 : Welcoming the New Year 2010 by Anne Burgess NO1722 : Polytunnels at Kinfauns by Anne Burgess NJ3458 : High Street by Anne Burgess NJ2156 : Beyond Economic Repair by Anne Burgess NN6370 : Meall na Leitreach by Anne Burgess NK0144 : Beech Avenue by Anne Burgess NO8587 : Ury House by Anne Burgess NO8489 : Greater Stitchwort (Stellaria holostea) by Anne Burgess NT6599 : Sea Campion (Silene uniflora) by Anne Burgess NH5531 : Loch Ness by Anne Burgess NH3709 : Filling the Lock by Anne Burgess NK0630 : Recumbent Fold by Anne Burgess NK0631 : Bruce's Haven by Anne Burgess NJ4265 : Seamen's Memorial Stained Glass Window (6) by Anne Burgess NJ7249 : Turriff Show 2010 (27) by Anne Burgess NJ7249 : Turriff Show 2010 (40) by Anne Burgess NO7048 : Surf by Anne Burgess NJ1068 : Not on the Ocean Wave by Anne Burgess NJ1069 : Burghead Harbour by Anne Burgess NJ2535 : Ben Rinnes from the Air by Anne Burgess NT2573 : Edinburgh in the Gloaming by Anne Burgess NJ3357 : River Spey by Anne Burgess

Anonymous (46805) 1

NZ5233 : Buzzard - North Sea Oil Rig sails by Anonymous

Anthony Parkes (45586) 1

SD4595 : Beckside - Crook by Anthony Parkes

Arnold Price (7802) 3

NZ8911 : Beach Huts by Arnold Price SD4866 : Wee Chick by Arnold Price SD4999 : The Ladder Stile by Arnold Price

Ashley Dace (29497) 25

TM3298 : Car goes past by Ashley Dace TM0880 : GER 379 Six-Wheel Luggage Composite built 1887 by Ashley Dace TG3802 : Hardley Windpump by Ashley Dace TM4291 : All calm at Beccles Quay by Ashley Dace TG2306 : A1 Pacific 4-6-2 Tornado leaving Norwich by Ashley Dace TM3890 : Sunset at Geldeston Lock by Ashley Dace TG2405 : A47 Crash by Ashley Dace TM3691 : Ellingham Water Mill by Ashley Dace TM4659 : Thorpeness Post Mill by Ashley Dace TL9369 : Pakenham Watermill by Ashley Dace TG0939 : LNER Livery by Ashley Dace TG3802 : The Cap and Fantail by Ashley Dace TM2748 : Woodbridge Tide Mill by Ashley Dace TG1041 : J15 65462 on Goods by Ashley Dace TM3385 : St Peters Hall by Ashley Dace TM5492 : The Moonlight by Ashley Dace TF7632 : Great Bircham Windmill - Fantail by Ashley Dace TM2310 : Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm by Ashley Dace TQ4179 : London's Thames Barrier by Ashley Dace TQ3380 : PS Waverley and Tower Bridge by Ashley Dace SK2423 : Midland Railway Grain Warehouse No 2 by Ashley Dace SK2423 : Former Industry by Ashley Dace SK5613 : The Mountsorrel Railway by Ashley Dace SK5211 : Woodland on the Hill by Ashley Dace SP5497 : Narborough Railway Station by Ashley Dace


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