Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

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Edmund Shaw (96629) 34

SU6775 : Formation flying: pigeons in Tilehurst, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU7093 : Mossy path on Watlington Hill, Oxfordshire by Edmund Shaw SU6474 : Crocus in the churchyard, Sulham, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU5667 : Xanthoria parietina on a branch in Midgham Park, Midgham, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU5270 : Poplars at Cold Ash, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU4856 : Tree line against the sky on Wayfarer's Walk, near Ladle Hill, Hampshire by Edmund Shaw SU4756 : Fence line on the Wayfarer's Walk at Ladle Hill, Hampshire by Edmund Shaw SU7289 : John Piper's stained glass window in Pishill Church, Oxfordshire by Edmund Shaw SU5678 : Bluebells starting to bloom near Ashampstead, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU6774 : Japanese cherry blossom in Tilehurst, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU7579 : Path through the bluebells in High Wood, Mays Green, Oxfordshire by Edmund Shaw SU6782 : Bluebell woodland, Checkendon, Oxfordshire by Edmund Shaw SU6183 : Lower Cadley's Farm, South Stoke, Oxfordshire by Edmund Shaw SX1750 : Dartmoor Ponies near the coast at Lansallos, Cornwall by Edmund Shaw SX1750 : Pony with a view, near Lansallos, Cornwall by Edmund Shaw SX1750 : Ponies on the path, near Lansallos, Cornwall by Edmund Shaw SX1750 : Ponies in the buttercups, near Lansallos, Cornwall by Edmund Shaw SU5581 : Poppies and seed capsules, Streatley, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU6485 : Half a Mile of Poppies, Ipsden, Oxfordshire by Edmund Shaw SU6485 : Greater Knapweed, Ipsden, Oxfordshire by Edmund Shaw SU3361 : A Stand of Pine on Ham Hill, Wiltshire by Edmund Shaw SS8528 : Stonechat perched on dead gorse, West Anstey, Devon by Edmund Shaw SS8635 : Exmoor Pony at Winsford Hill, Somerset by Edmund Shaw SU3867 : Mallard duck at Kintbury Lock, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU3661 : Oats near Wright's farm, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU5680 : Path through chalk downland near Westridge Green, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU1869 : Town Hall, Marlborough, Wiltshire by Edmund Shaw SU0064 : Stubble field and hill fort, Roundway, Wiltshire by Edmund Shaw ST8951 : View southwest of Bratton Camp, Wiltshire by Edmund Shaw SY7489 : The art of salad growing, West Stafford, Dorset by Edmund Shaw SU6474 : Evening light in Sulham Wood, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU6474 : Evening, early autumn, Sulham Wood, Berkshire by Edmund Shaw SU6780 : Amethyst Deceivers, at Hook End, Oxfordshire by Edmund Shaw SU6376 : Whitchurch-on-Thames, Oxfordshire by Edmund Shaw

El Pollock (38853) 2

SJ4485 : Platform furniture, Halewood railway station by El Pollock SJ3153 : EWS Class 66, 66100, approaching Gwersyllt railway station by El Pollock

Elizabeth Angus (103976) 1

NN4719 : 'Lookout' mirrored box by Elizabeth Angus

Eric Jones (7056) 6

J3730 : Shops on the Central Promenade, Newcastle by Eric Jones J3427 : The Devil's Coach Road cleft in Slieve Beg by Eric Jones J2315 : Path through a hayfield leading to the Kilfeaghan Dolmen by Eric Jones J2128 : A Lanark sheep shows off a fine pair of horns at the Boley Fair Sheep Judging by Eric Jones J3128 : Abandoned granite slab workings on the northern slopes of Slieve Bearnagh by Eric Jones J3731 : RAF Falcons Parachute Team landing on Newcastle beach by Eric Jones

Evelyn Simak (14840) 20

TM4996 : Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae )  butterfly by Evelyn Simak TM2881 : Trees on field boundary by Evelyn Simak TG1338 : Guardhouse at the entrance to RAF West Beckham - interior by Evelyn Simak TG1733 : Chickens on the footpath by Evelyn Simak TG4919 : Royal Observer Corps post in the Winterton dunes by Evelyn Simak TG1600 : Bee orchid (Ophrys apifera) by Evelyn Simak TG0714 : WW2  Asbestos hut in Hockering Wood - interior by Evelyn Simak TG0139 : Track past barns by Blue Tile Farm by Evelyn Simak TM0783 : House off Stone Lane by Evelyn Simak TG1421 : Paint on old window by Evelyn Simak TF9038 : Jolly Roger mural by Evelyn Simak TG2327 : White Park cow by Evelyn Simak TG2623 : Nose art by Evelyn Simak TG2723 : Rookery Farm (farmhouse) by Evelyn Simak TM2979 : Building on the WAAF Site 2 by Evelyn Simak TM2297 : Hawthorn berries beside Green Lane by Evelyn Simak TF7923 : Blister hangar on the Waterford Industrial Estate (detail) by Evelyn Simak TF8425 : The former heating plant at RAF West Raynham by Evelyn Simak TG4200 : Culvert in the Norton Marshes by Evelyn Simak TG0318 : Asbestos hut (interior) by Evelyn Simak

Flying Stag (55465) 1

SH5738 : New trackwork at Porthmadog station by Flying Stag


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