Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

J: John Sutton to Josie Campbell

John Sutton (38492) 32

TL4262 : Girton: Church Lane and St Andrew's Church by John Sutton TL4657 : Mill Road: lights changing by John Sutton TQ2981 : Wardour Street by John Sutton TL4659 : Chesterton: St Andrew by John Sutton TL5479 : Ely: Class 66, man and dog by John Sutton SK5839 : The new Meadow Lane footbridge by John Sutton TQ3083 : Keystone Crescent - north end by John Sutton SK5841 : Ransom Road: wheelie bins and satellite dishes by John Sutton TL4656 : A June evening on Coleridge Rec by John Sutton TL4458 : Bene't Street on Saturday morning by John Sutton TL4657 : Cambridge Station forecourt by John Sutton SP0786 : Cannon Street by John Sutton SK5838 : Trent Bridge: Test Match crowd by John Sutton SK3536 : Derby Market Place and Irongate by John Sutton TL5064 : Blue boats at Clayhithe by John Sutton TL5238 : Audley End: the Adam Bridge by John Sutton SP7660 : Northampton: Palmerston Road by John Sutton SK5739 : Towards the station by John Sutton NZ2742 : Durham: the corner of Dun Cow Lane by John Sutton SK6038 : Trent sunset by John Sutton SK5838 : Near Trent Bridge on match night by John Sutton SK3635 : Railway Terrace and The Brunswick by John Sutton TL4657 : The Gallery by John Sutton TL4264 : Guided buses between Histon and Oakington by John Sutton TL4557 : Hills Road with rainclouds by John Sutton SP8797 : Lyddington: ironstone walls by John Sutton TL4657 : Along Station Place by John Sutton TL4943 : Ickleton: plaster and thatch by John Sutton TL5864 : A runner on the Devil's Dyke by John Sutton TL5369 : Upware Lock by John Sutton TL4757 : Winter sunlight, Suez Road by John Sutton TL4756 : Perne Road: Christmas Eve post by John Sutton

John Walton (46544) 5

SO7914 : Stonebench Tidal Road by John Walton SO6777 : Neen Savage Ford by John Walton NY6214 : Ford at Crosby Ravensworth by John Walton NY6208 : Orton Ford by John Walton SD7748 : Ford on the Holden Beck by John Walton

John Winder (68333) 2

SE3345 : Hillclimb competitor at Farmhouse Bend by John Winder SN9928 : Bracken in bales, Brecon in background by John Winder

Jonathan Billinger (8569) 35

SO8624 : Chelt flood reflections, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO6424 : Fungal growth on an old log by Jonathan Billinger SO9031 : Swilgate floods, Tewkesbury by Jonathan Billinger SO8328 : Flooded Tirley Marsh, 2014, 3 by Jonathan Billinger SO6424 : Snowdrop in bud by Jonathan Billinger SO8813 : The Cotswold Way at Cranham Corner by Jonathan Billinger SO9113 : Trees in the mist by Jonathan Billinger SO8320 : Wotton Brook in flood, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO8509 : Edge snowdrops, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO8625 : Twin Willows, 2 by Jonathan Billinger SO8522 : Colours of spring by Jonathan Billinger SP0860 : The lake at Coughton Court, 4 by Jonathan Billinger SP0860 : Coughton Court - detail by Jonathan Billinger SO6424 : Buds of Cornus controversa by Jonathan Billinger SO6424 : Ornamental cherry by Jonathan Billinger ST1776 : Eagle Owl with his handler by Jonathan Billinger ST1776 : Auricula 'St. Clement's' by Jonathan Billinger SO6637 : Apple blossom by Jonathan Billinger SO6820 : Wild Garlic inflorescence by Jonathan Billinger SO6424 : Blue Iris by Jonathan Billinger SO6424 : Fauna and flora, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO6424 : Deep pink Paeonia by Jonathan Billinger SO5520 : Oak tree and wheat crop by Jonathan Billinger SO6721 : Partly-harvested barley crop by Jonathan Billinger SO5624 : Ripe barley by Jonathan Billinger SO7842 : Malvern Autumn Show 2014, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO7842 : Malvern Autumn Show 2014, 13 by Jonathan Billinger SO5300 : St. Michael's in the autumn mist by Jonathan Billinger SO7244 : Golden oaks,1 by Jonathan Billinger SO4717 : The Monnow valley at Tregate Bridge by Jonathan Billinger SO6112 : The Cannop Brook, 2 by Jonathan Billinger SO5924 : St. Mary's; late autumn by Jonathan Billinger SO6023 : The Gresleys switch-on, 2 by Jonathan Billinger SO6142 : Poplar plantation, Yarkhill, 3 by Jonathan Billinger SO5454 : Old orchard at Upper House by Jonathan Billinger

Jonathan Clitheroe (19028) 1

SK1196 : The Bleaklow Stones at Dusk by Jonathan Clitheroe

Jonathan Thacker (46229) 6

TF4496 : Pill box in the dunes by Jonathan Thacker SE7841 : Footpath to Everingham by Jonathan Thacker SK6097 : Diverted bridleway and new spoil heaps by Jonathan Thacker TF2596 : Alongside Stock Furlong by Jonathan Thacker SE9638 : Autumn on Cow Wold Road by Jonathan Thacker SE9528 : View across Elloughton Dale by Jonathan Thacker

Jonathan Wilkins (7090) 1

SH6873 : Igneous outcrop by Jonathan Wilkins

Josie Campbell (65039) 1

NS5457 : Rouken Glen Waterfall by Josie Campbell


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