Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

J: J Thomas to Julian Paren

JThomas (35313) 6

SK3173 : Spitewinter Lane by JThomas TL1899 : Eastfield Signal Box by JThomas TA2169 : Low tide, Dykes End by JThomas TA2069 : British cavalry charge,  First World War by JThomas SP7992 : Medbourne Brook by JThomas TA0757 : Flat farmland, Nafferton Carrs  by JThomas

Julian Osley (11136) 16

TQ2881 : St Peter's Church, Vere Street by Jim Osley TQ2987 : Lamp standard, Archway Bridge by Jim Osley TQ2693 : Entrance porch, former St James' School by Jim Osley TQ3182 : Shop and K2 telephone box, Rosebery Avenue by Jim Osley TQ3481 : View over North London and beyond from Alexandra Palace by Jim Osley TQ3390 : Former gas showroom, 639 High Road, Tottenham by Jim Osley TQ3181 : Italian restaurant, Long Lane by Jim Osley TQ3282 : Capital view by Jim Osley TQ2289 : Hendon Town Hall by Jim Osley TQ2696 : Comer House, New Barnet by Jim Osley TQ3881 : Decorative tilework, pedestrian subway, Poplar by Jim Osley TQ2980 : Bust of the 14th  Earl of Derby, Great Windmill Street by Jim Osley TQ3180 : Placards, Climate Change demonstration by Jim Osley TQ2887 : Housing terrace, Highgate by Jim Osley TQ3180 : Waiting for a train, Blackfriars Station by Jim Osley TQ2982 : Georgian doorways, Fitzroy Square by Jim Osley

Julian P Guffogg (25219) 8

TL5480 : Under the Lantern, Ely Cathedral by Julian P Guffogg TQ8218 : Churchyard, St George's church, Brede by Julian P Guffogg TQ9220 : Detail, Stained glass window, St Mary's, Rye by Julian P Guffogg TR0420 : East window, All Saints' church, Lydd by Julian P Guffogg TQ7908 : Stained glass window, St Leonard's church by Julian P Guffogg TQ8009 : Interior, St Mary Magdalene church, St Leonards on Sea by Julian P Guffogg TQ5827 : Stained glass window, St Dunstan's church, Mayfield by Julian P Guffogg TQ8816 : Detail, Stained glass window, All Saints' church, Icklesham by Julian P Guffogg

Julian Paren (9616) 32

NH8086 : West from the sands south of Dornoch Point by Julian Paren NH2761 : Loch Achanalt by Julian Paren NH7358 : Seaweeds and golden rocks and sand by Julian Paren NC8301 : Waterfall of tributary to the Big Burn by Julian Paren HU6872 : Seaweed and pebbles at the shore of Vogans Voe, Housay by Julian Paren HU2180 : Recent catapulted rock in the Grind of the Navir by Julian Paren TL4457 : Garden of Darwin College, Cambridge by Julian Paren NH7459 : Multi-coloured rocks near Scart Craig by Julian Paren NH5857 : The lochan in Drummondreach Wood by Julian Paren NH6767 : Pile of stones on Ferryton Point by Julian Paren NH6454 : South to Drumderfit Hill from Tullich Wood by Julian Paren NH6251 : Beside the minor road to Taeblair by Julian Paren NH6152 : The site of The Temple - Chambered Cairn (remains of) by Julian Paren NN7347 : Stone walls at Fortingall by Julian Paren NH7060 : Cycling country - on National Cycle Route 1 by Julian Paren NH7459 : Distinctive rock near Scart Craig by Julian Paren NH6658 : Farmland around Wester Strath of Auchterflow by Julian Paren NH1371 : East ridge of A' Chailleach by Julian Paren NH6853 : Northern shore of Munlochy Bay by Julian Paren NO0041 : Beside the River Braan by Julian Paren TQ2679 : Imperial College London Commemoration Day 2014 by Julian Paren NJ0049 : Randolph's Leap from the footpath to Daltulich Bridge by Julian Paren NH6955 : Track to Arkendeith Quarry by Julian Paren NH5960 : Safety measures at the start of the Cromarty Bridge by Julian Paren NH6647 : Swirling fog at the Kessock Bridge by Julian Paren NH7458 : Rocks on the Rosemarkie shore by Julian Paren NH6454 : Feeding our Soay sheep by Julian Paren NH7265 : Late December afternoon in the stillness of Udale Bay by Julian Paren NH7265 : Jemimaville from Udale Bay by Julian Paren NH6454 : Rows of winter wheat in the fields of Tullich Steading by Julian Paren NH6354 : Walking a frozen footpath in the open segment of Shantullich Wood by Julian Paren NH6353 : Frost beside Big Burn, Shantullich Wood by Julian Paren


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