Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

M: M J Richardson to Mick Garratt

M J Richardson (15498) 11

NT3273 : Whale, from the promenade at Joppa by M J Richardson NS9082 : The Kelpies by M J Richardson NT2470 : Comma butterfly in April by M J Richardson NT1573 : Trams at the terminus by M J Richardson NT4149 : Prairie at Howliston by M J Richardson NT4544 : The Gala Water and Wedale Church at Stow by M J Richardson NT5932 : William Wallace at Bemersyde by M J Richardson NT5931 : The east processional doorway at Dryburgh Abbey by M J Richardson NT3074 : Portobello Kilns by M J Richardson NT3237 : December toadstools by M J Richardson NT2470 : Hogmanay morning clouds by M J Richardson

Malc McDonald (44954) 2

NZ3857 : Sunderland old and new by Malc McDonald NZ3767 : Beach at South Shields by Malc McDonald

Marathon (43806) 13

TQ7552 : Tyler's reflected in the Loose stream by Marathon TQ3682 : Mile End Park Green Bridge by Marathon TQ7552 : Tyler's at Loose by Marathon TQ6950 : Close up of Yalding Village Sign by Marathon TQ6469 : Storm clouds over Nash Street by Marathon TQ1760 : Shire horses at Rushett Farm by Marathon TQ9317 : The sad story of the disused lifeboat station at Rye harbour by Marathon TQ5660 : The setting of St Mary's, Woodlands by Marathon TR0468 : The beach at Shellbeach by Marathon TQ4551 : Flowers and vegetables in the walled garden at Chartwell by Marathon SU9608 : The Slindon Pumpkin Festival 2014 by Marathon TQ4343 : View from footpath near Marsh Green by Marathon TQ9141 : Darling Buds Farm by Marathon

Mark Norrington (118011) 1

TM1714 : Last remaining airworthy Lancaster fly over Clacton Pier by Mark Norrington

Martin Addison (4942) 3

TQ2982 : Running For Their Train by Martin Addison TQ2694 : Bitterly Cold Bittern by Martin Addison TQ2980 : Ed's Easy Diner and Moor Street by Martin Addison

Martin Dawes (30816) 1

SE9445 : Field  track  western  edge  of  Dalton  Wood by Martin Dawes

Martin Horsfall (32494) 1

TQ4222 : Fletching Mill by Martin Horsfall

Mary and Angus Hogg (7257) 23

NX1898 : Girvan Harbour View by Mary and Angus Hogg NS0762 : High Water at Kirk Dam by Mary and Angus Hogg NH6643 : River Ness View by Mary and Angus Hogg NT4832 : Fields At The Rink by Mary and Angus Hogg NR2971 : Incoming Tide at Loch Gruinart by Mary and Angus Hogg NR2871 : Cill Naoimh Chapel by Mary and Angus Hogg NR2871 : Kilnave Shore View by Mary and Angus Hogg NX1898 : Fishing Boats in Girvan Harbour by Mary and Angus Hogg NS1903 : Smugglers Were Here by Mary and Angus Hogg NS3305 : Kirkbride Pond View by Mary and Angus Hogg NS2496 : Glenmallan Jetty by Mary and Angus Hogg NY4055 : Tornado At Carlisle by Mary and Angus Hogg NS0100 : Leaving Ailsa Craig by Mary and Angus Hogg NX1997 : Girvan Academy Mountain Bike Trail by Mary and Angus Hogg NS2413 : Sunset at Crane Dyke by Mary and Angus Hogg ND3851 : Towards Broad Haven by Mary and Angus Hogg NJ2371 : The Inner Basin by Mary and Angus Hogg NT2239 : River Tweed by Mary and Angus Hogg NN7801 : Water of Allan at Dunblane by Mary and Angus Hogg NT2573 : West End View by Mary and Angus Hogg NS1905 : The End of the Sunset by Mary and Angus Hogg NS3328 : South Beach View by Mary and Angus Hogg NS3421 : On The River Ayr Way by Mary and Angus Hogg

Mat Fascione (11776) 15

SK6202 : Two trees near Stackyard Spinney by Mat Fascione SK5905 : Close up of the scaffolding on Abbey Mills by Mat Fascione SK8504 : Tractor and farmland near America Lodge by Mat Fascione SK5710 : Leicester Road in Thurcaston by Mat Fascione SK9108 : Bluebells in Barnsdale Wood by Mat Fascione SP5395 : ZTS Martin T-55 Main Battle Tank by Mat Fascione SP5496 : Hurricane and Spitfire by Mat Fascione SK5702 : Twelve Arches Railway Bridge and towpath by Mat Fascione SK5803 : Rowing on the Grand Union Canal by Mat Fascione SK5804 : Swans on the Grand Union Canal by Mat Fascione SK5804 : Statue of King Richard III by Mat Fascione SK5804 : The Leicester Seamstress by Mat Fascione SK5803 : Leicester's Statue of Liberty by Mat Fascione SK5804 : Footbridge across Vaughan Way by Mat Fascione SK5804 : View along the High Street in Leicester by Mat Fascione

Matthew Hatton (9492) 1

SE3090 : End of the Road by Matthew Hatton

Michael Behrend (118286) 1

TL4462 : Car on the busway, Histon, Cambs by Michael Behrend

Michael Dibb (41544) 1

SU0460 : Towards Etchilhampton Hill by Michael Dibb

michael ely (3464) 1

SD8807 : Bridge 68b over the Rochdale Canal by michael ely

Michael Fox (98519) 1

SE0105 : Bill's o' Jack's. by Michael Fox

Michael Graham (3141) 7

NY2700 : Approaching Swirl How by Michael Graham NY4516 : Cairn on Wether Hill by Michael Graham NY2528 : Above Southerndale by Michael Graham NY1611 : Descending Scoat Fell by Michael Graham NH6601 : Allt Fionndrigh by Michael Graham NY2408 : Leaving Langstrath by Michael Graham NY2405 : Lunch Spot above Shelter Crags by Michael Graham

Michael Trolove (19979) 1

TL1097 : Water Newton Milepost by Michael Trolove

Mick Garratt (343) 11

NZ6621 : Old Saltburn by Mick Garratt NZ5711 : Roseberry by Mick Garratt NZ5712 : Mid Summer Sunrise by Mick Garratt NC3766 : Sea Cave by Mick Garratt NC3870 : Dunes, An Fharaid by Mick Garratt NC3970 : Puffin Cam by Mick Garratt NZ5712 : Roseberry Summit by Mick Garratt NZ5611 : Back Alley by Mick Garratt NZ6522 : Saltburn Sands by Mick Garratt NY2900 : Tarn on Wetherlam by Mick Garratt SD2798 : On Brim Fell by Mick Garratt


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