Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

P: Peter Whatley to Phillip Williams

Peter Whatley (25788) 1

NS4766 : Glasgow Airport apron by Peter Whatley

Peter Young (117641) 3

SO7545 : Pond at the eastern end of Mathon Court by Peter Young SO8963 : Fairytale Mural at Netherwich Canal Basin by Peter Young SO7966 : Poplars by Peter Young

Philip Halling (1837) 34

SW6948 : Cliffs and Wheal Charlotte by Philip Halling SO5451 : Flooding at Bodenham by Philip Halling SO8932 : Tewkesbury Abbey reflected in floodwaters by Philip Halling SO8225 : Sunlight on flooded Ashleworth Meadows by Philip Halling SO8543 : Severn Stoke church by Philip Halling SO8540 : Charges Apply At All Times by Philip Halling SO8454 : Flooding in Worcester by Philip Halling SX6544 : Apartments overlooking the sea, Bigbury-on-Sea by Philip Halling SO8742 : Telephone box and the night-time sky by Philip Halling SO9800 : Tyre tracks in a muddy field by Philip Halling SO5137 : Cottage in Bullinghope by Philip Halling SZ4182 : National garage sign by Philip Halling SZ5194 : Fountain, Osborne House by Philip Halling SO2237 : Northern escarpment of the Black Mountains by Philip Halling SU4729 : Detail of the Morn Hill Memorial by Philip Halling SK3261 : Trees and a fishing pool by Philip Halling SK3260 : Barn and trees on the skyline by Philip Halling SK6274 : Clock tower and church spire by Philip Halling SK6274 : The site of Clumber House by Philip Halling SK4468 : Door and portico by Philip Halling SK4770 : Venus statue, Bolsover Castle by Philip Halling SO7847 : Mural in Malvern Link by Philip Halling SU1429 : Timber within the spire of Salisbury Cathedral by Philip Halling SU1429 : Reflections of Salisbury Cathedral nave by Philip Halling SO8454 : Worcester's Deansway viewed from the cathedral tower by Philip Halling SO9639 : Track approaching Lalu Farm by Philip Halling SO8318 : Gable and cathedral tower by Philip Halling SJ3590 : Stained glass in Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral by Philip Halling SO7905 : The Stroudwater Canal by Philip Halling TQ3380 : Volunteers at the Tower of London by Philip Halling SO9808 : Bridges under the A417 by Philip Halling SO2718 : Trig point on the summit of Sugar Loaf by Philip Halling SO8843 : Ridge and furrow by Philip Halling SO9737 : Track to Beckford by Philip Halling

Philip Jeffrey (20983) 2

TL0017 : Thatched cottage by Philip Jeffrey SK3115 : Locks at Moira by Philip Jeffrey

Philip Pankhurst (19770) 15

SO4671 : St Giles, Pipe Aston by Philip Pankhurst SO5932 : All Saints, Brockhampton by Philip Pankhurst SO5932 : All Saints, Brockhampton by Philip Pankhurst SO4046 : St Mary, Yazor by Philip Pankhurst ST7998 : Owlpen, Church and Manor  by Philip Pankhurst SO4542 : St Mary Magdalene, Stretton Sugwas by Philip Pankhurst SO8404 : St Mary Magdalene, Rodborough by Philip Pankhurst SO5587 : Farm buildings, Tugford by Philip Pankhurst SO5287 : St Michael, Munslow by Philip Pankhurst SO8604 : Cemetery chapel, Stroud  by Philip Pankhurst SO8508 : St John the Baptist, Pitchcombe by Philip Pankhurst SO4051 : Weobley by Philip Pankhurst SO7679 : Token exchange at Arley by Philip Pankhurst SO8133 : The Old Church, Pendock by Philip Pankhurst SO4442 : Winter sky at Magnis by Philip Pankhurst

Philip Platt (60932) 5

SD6715 : The pier at Ward's Reservoir by philandju SD7568 : Tree on a hill by philandju SD3143 : Mary's Shell, Cleveleys beach by philandju SD8674 : Moorland at Upper Hesleden by philandju SD8876 : Halton Gill Bridge by philandju

Phillip Williams (25442) 1

NM8835 : Eilean Beag from Ledaig Point by Phillip Williams


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