Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

R: Roger Kidd to Ruth Sharville

Roger Kidd (12192) 17

SO8893 : The Red Lion at Wombourne, Staffordshire by Roger  D Kidd SO9396 : The remains of the Bull's Head in Ettingshall, Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SO9198 : Demolition site in Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SO9098 : Shops and chimneys in Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SO9197 : Doorway on the former Star works in Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd TL4458 : Trinity Street and St John's Great Gate, Cambridge by Roger  D Kidd SO9199 : Victoria Hall in Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SO8276 : Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal in Kidderminster, Worcestershire by Roger  D Kidd SO7975 : "Oy, you! Don't lean out-o' the window, son!" by Roger  D Kidd SO8689 : Narrowboats south of Wombourne, Staffordshire by Roger  D Kidd SO8898 : Visitor moorings at Compton, Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SJ9001 : Bridges over the canal near Oxley, Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SJ7426 : Shropshire Union Canal at Knighton, Staffordshire by Roger  D Kidd SJ6833 : Tyrley Castle Bridge south-east of Market Drayton, Shropshire by Roger  D Kidd SJ9003 : Marsh Lane Narrows at Fordhouses, Wolverhampton by Roger  D Kidd SN7553 : Cwm Doethie byway destroyed, Ceredigion by Roger  D Kidd SK0182 : Greensdeep Bridge north of Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire by Roger  D Kidd

Roger A Smith (22769) 6

SS5133 : The Fremington Pill seal back in the red dinghy by Roger A Smith SS7222 : A bridge over a mill leat on the river Mole just beyond Great Bridge by Roger A Smith SS5732 : A very large yellow dog approaching Portmore roundabout on the A361 by Roger A Smith SS5631 : The bridge which carries Rumsan Road over the old GWR line by Roger A Smith SS5147 : Johnny C's Diner, 17 High Street, Ilfrcacombe by Roger A Smith SS5532 : Bridge Wharf and surrounding buildings by Roger A Smith

Roger Cornfoot (8800) 5

ST2430 : Muddy field entrance by Roger Cornfoot ST2950 : The 'Low' lighthouse, Burnham-on-Sea by Roger Cornfoot ST2958 : Steps, ascending Brean Down by Roger Cornfoot SS4345 : Morte Stone by Roger Cornfoot SS4530 : Lookout, West Appledore by Roger Cornfoot

Roger Davies (23295) 6

SP0830 : Sheep grazing near Cutsdean by Roger Davies SP0627 : Wet Cotswold sheep near Farmcote by Roger Davies SJ2142 : Llangollen station by Roger Davies SN9819 : World War 2 fortified trench at Pont ar Daf by Roger Davies SP1033 : The view at Cotswold Lavender in late July by Roger Davies SO6725 : Apple picking at Sargent's farm in September 2014 by Roger Davies

Roger Jones (62944) 9

TL9710 : Borrow dyke at sunset, Tollesbury Wick Marshes by Roger Jones TL8106 : Storm clouds gather above Woodham Walter by Roger Jones TL9508 : Tractor tracks in the sunset, Tollesbury by Roger Jones TQ2679 : Kynance Place by Roger Jones TQ6881 : Bluebell Steps, Grove House Wood, Stanford-le-Hope by Roger Jones TL8928 : Under the arches, Chappel Viaduct by Roger Jones TM4367 : The Middleton Cowboy by Roger Jones TQ8188 : Boundary of Starvelarks Wood, Daws Heath by Roger Jones TQ3481 : City Roofscape, Whitechapel by Roger Jones

Rossographer (12869) 19

J3271 : Restaurant window, Belfast by Rossographer J3372 : The Palm House, Belfast by Rossographer J3271 : Warning sign, Adelaide, Belfast by Rossographer J5082 : Homeward bound by Rossographer J5081 : Anti-bank graffiti, Bangor by Rossographer J5980 : Two lifeboats at Donaghadee by Rossographer J3476 : The 'Arklow Bay' at Belfast by Rossographer J5082 : The 'Janearl' at Bangor by Rossographer J5082 : The 'Betsy III' off Bangor by Rossographer J3374 : Mural, Commercial Court, Belfast by Rossographer J3275 : Crumlin Road Tunnel, Belfast by Rossographer J3375 : Wing, Crumlin Road Gaol by Rossographer J5081 : WW1 Candlelit Vigil, Bangor by Rossographer J3675 : The Sam Thompson Bridge, Belfast by Rossographer J5082 : The 'Bangor Boat' by Rossographer J3576 : 'Movin' On' at Belfast by Rossographer J5082 : Bangor harbour at dusk by Rossographer J3474 : Subway, Belfast by Rossographer J5082 : The 'Maria Lena' at Bangor by Rossographer

Row17 (17899) 3

SO9213 : Cotswold Way 046 by Row17 SZ1091 : Poole Bay Walk 11 by Row17 SO2308 : Blaenavon Big Pit Colliery railway by Row17

Roy Hughes (32682) 2

SP0686 : Old and New at New Street by Roy Hughes SO9120 : Cold Pool Lane Junction With Grovefield Way by Roy Hughes

Roy Smart (51041) 1

NO4102 : Railway arch by Roy Smart

Rude Health (86758) 7

SD6937 : Aqueduct Over The River Ribble by Rude Health NM1454 : A Lamb On The Edge by Rude Health SD9867 : A Cairn On Conistone Dib by Rude Health SD9671 : Silver-washed Fritillary On A Scottish Thistle by Rude Health SD7884 : Swaledale Ewes On Wold Fell by Rude Health NG2157 : Elena C Moored on Iosaigh by Rude Health SD4512 : Bridge 2A, Rufford Branch, Leeds Liverpool Canal by Rude Health

Rudi Winter (2520) 1

SN8057 : Nant-ystalwyn by Rudi Winter

Russel Wills (23874) 2

NU2438 : Looking through Craford's Gut by Russel Wills NU0406 : Broken dam by Russel Wills

Ruth Sharville (11141) 6

SO8328 : Flooding at Tirley by Ruth Sharville SO3617 : Church of St James the Elder, Llanvetherine by Ruth Sharville SX4350 : Clock tower at Kingsand, Cornwall by Ruth Sharville SW4729 : The Yacht Inn from Battery Road, Penzance by Ruth Sharville SX7257 : The River Avon from bridge near Haswell by Ruth Sharville SO4604 : View across a field to the wooded hillside, Llanvair, near Llanishen by Ruth Sharville


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