Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

S: Sandra Humphrey to Stephen McKay

Sandra Humphrey (116842) 1

TL4557 : Poppies - The Botanic Garden, Cambridge by Sandra Humphrey

Sandy B (18677) 2

SU6051 : A sad day in Worting by Mr Ignavy SU4829 : We want snow by Mr Ignavy

Sarah Smith (19422) 2

SY6879 : A weekend's winter afternoon by Sarah Smith SY6878 : Harbourside and Weymouth Lifeboat by Sarah Smith

Shazz (28338) 6

SU6635 : Weatherdog on Stoney Lane by Shazz TQ3980 : The lighthouse at Trinity Buoy Wharf by Shazz SU7040 : Footpath through the stubble between Grennmount and Southwood Farms by Shazz SU7048 : Horse and rider on footpath near Bidden Lane by Shazz SU6517 : Pedal cyclist approaches junction of unnamed minor roads by Shazz SU6319 : Farm with two names by Shazz

Simon Carey (1833) 10

TQ2904 : Hove Sea Wall by Simon Carey TQ3003 : West Pier by Simon Carey TQ3408 : Falmer House, University of Sussex by Simon Carey TQ3209 : Pudding Bag by Simon Carey TQ2623 : Lane Field by Simon Carey TQ2922 : Brewhouse Pond by Simon Carey TQ2723 : Avenue of Trees, Pickwell by Simon Carey TQ2724 : Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) by Simon Carey TQ2926 : Pond, Lowlands Wood by Simon Carey TQ3023 : Bridleway, Furnace Wood by Simon Carey

SMJ (17812) 1

TA0238 : Black Mill on Westwood Common by SMJ

Stanley Howe (7629) 1

NO8785 : Model purse-net trawler by Stanley Howe

Stefan Czapski (19114) 16

SU9082 : Taeppa's Mound in the old churchyard, Taplow by Stefan Czapski TQ1676 : Isleworth riverside: view downstream from the outfall of the Duke of Northumberland's River by Stefan Czapski TQ2072 : View towards the Pen Ponds causeway, February 2014 by Stefan Czapski TQ0472 : Down to the A3044 by Stefan Czapski TQ1574 : Sculpture at the West Entrance, Twickenham Stadium by Stefan Czapski TQ1777 : Residential development at Brentford Basin by Stefan Czapski TL2804 : Detail of oak stump, Northaw Great Wood by Stefan Czapski SU9547 : Compton parish church by Stefan Czapski TQ2073 : View towards Sheen Cross from the Lower Pen Pond by Stefan Czapski SU9147 : Bracket fungus by Stefan Czapski TQ8873 : The Medway near the site of Port Victoria by Stefan Czapski TQ6474 : The paddle-steamer 'Waverley' arriving at Gravesend Town Pier by Stefan Czapski TQ8099 : Oaks along a field boundary, south of Woodham Ferrers by Stefan Czapski TQ8098 : Prairie-style farming near Woodham Ferrers by Stefan Czapski TQ0667 : Gravel-pit shoreline near Littleton by Stefan Czapski TQ1872 : Midwinter sunset, seen from the scarp south of Pembroke Lodge by Stefan Czapski

Stephen Burton (446) 3

SK1185 : Broadlee-bank Tor by Stephen Burton SK1985 : Ladybower Reservoir by Stephen Burton SD9616 : Rochdale Way by Stephen Burton

Stephen Craven (6597) 14

TQ3179 : Tamping train at Waterloo by Stephen Craven TQ3280 : London Bridge underground station, lift access by Stephen Craven TQ2779 : Fire escape by Stephen Craven TQ3975 : Windvane of Merchant Taylors Almshouses by Stephen Craven TQ3879 : Cyclists at Victoria Deep Water Terminal by Stephen Craven TQ2874 : Escalator at Clapham South tube station by Stephen Craven TQ3877 : Toposcope under the Cutty Sark by Stephen Craven TQ3380 : Tower poppies (1) by Stephen Craven TQ3780 : Low cloud over the Isle of Dogs by Stephen Craven SD9771 : Restored labyrinth at Scargill House by Stephen Craven SD9573 : Tree on the bank of the Wharfe by Stephen Craven SD7152 : Slaidburn school playground by Stephen Craven TQ3979 : Silvertown Tunnel boreholes (1) by Stephen Craven SJ7661 : Frosty scene in Sandbach Park by Stephen Craven

Stephen McKay (1621) 22

SK5739 : Nottingham Winter Wonderland 2013 by Stephen McKay SK2104 : Tamworth Station by Stephen McKay SK8509 : Oakham Station by Stephen McKay TQ3082 : Blood donor campaign - King's Cross by Stephen McKay TQ0954 : Horsley Station by Stephen McKay NN2082 : Commando Memorial by Stephen McKay SP3769 : Wappenbury Church by Stephen McKay HU3720 : Bigton Wick by Stephen McKay HU4039 : Steps at Scalloway by Stephen McKay HU4741 : Lerwick Lifeboat by Stephen McKay SS1443 : MS Oldenburg at Lundy by Stephen McKay SP5374 : Oxford Canal, Hillmorton by Stephen McKay SU7173 : Queen Victoria Street, Reading by Stephen McKay TQ2982 : UCH reflected by Stephen McKay SK4929 : Ratcliffe on Soar Power Station by Stephen McKay SP0288 : Telford Aqueduct, BCN Main Line by Stephen McKay SJ8612 : Lapley Wood Bridge, Shropshire Union Canal by Stephen McKay SO9989 : BCN Old Main Line under the M5 by Stephen McKay NY0744 : B5300 towards Allonby by Stephen McKay NY1955 : Newton Arlosh Church by Stephen McKay TQ3182 : St John Street, Finsbury by Stephen McKay SJ2189 : Hoylake Boating Lake by Stephen McKay


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