Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

Andy Farrington to Ashley Dace

Andy Farrington (46686) 11

NX4736 : Isle of Whithorn by Andy Farrington NX2963 : Moorland by Drummurrie by Andy Farrington NX2963 : Drummurrie by Andy Farrington NX1960 : Spring Lambs at Gleniron by Andy Farrington NX5162 : Stane Wall at Craig by Andy Farrington NX4861 : Fields south  of Clanery by Andy Farrington NX0454 : Lambing at Cowend by Andy Farrington NX5353 : Beltie at High Auchenlarie by Andy Farrington NX4082 : Cairn on Bennan by Andy Farrington NX5258 : Dyke at Glenquicken Moor by Andy Farrington NX5857 : B796 at Goatend by Andy Farrington

Andy Stephenson (11) 10

SC3974 : Douglas Head, early morning in January by Andy Stephenson TQ2983 : Houseboat on the Regent's Canal by Andy Stephenson TQ4305 : On the A26 footbridge by Andy Stephenson SC1869 : Milner's Tower and Port Erin Bay by Andy Stephenson SC4594 : A fiery sunset in Ramsey by Andy Stephenson SC2177 : Niarbyl beach by Andy Stephenson NZ0416 : The Tees and Barnard Castle by Andy Stephenson NZ8911 : Whitby: lifeboats and pubs by Andy Stephenson SO4494 : Eastern end of New Pool Hollow by Andy Stephenson TQ3213 : Dew Pond on a murky December morning by Andy Stephenson

Anne Burgess (139) 24

NJ2370 : Shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) by Anne Burgess NJ2370 : The Breach in the Sea Wall by Anne Burgess NJ2563 : Harbingers of Spring by Anne Burgess NJ3956 : Aurora Borealis by Anne Burgess NJ2366 : Willow Catkins by Anne Burgess NJ3065 : Sowing near Corbiewell by Anne Burgess NT0579 : Black Burn by Anne Burgess NJ6955 : Dove Den by Anne Burgess NJ6261 : Furrows by Anne Burgess NM4884 : Ramsons (Allium ursinum) by Anne Burgess NM4885 : The Old Manse by Anne Burgess NH9954 : Rape Field by Anne Burgess NM9081 : Glenfinnan Viaduct by Anne Burgess NM8983 : Diapensia (D lapponica) by Anne Burgess NJ3265 : Small Blue Butterfly (Cupido minimus) by Anne Burgess NJ7650 : Bluebell (Campanula rotundifolia) by Anne Burgess NJ8864 : Metamorphic Rocks by Anne Burgess NO6440 : Corner of Old Shore Head and High Street by Anne Burgess NJ5666 : Multiple Folds by Anne Burgess NJ1928 : The Glenlivet Gables by Anne Burgess NJ2535 : Ben Rinnes from Blairfindy by Anne Burgess NJ1924 : Shaggy Ink Cap (Coprinus comatus) by Anne Burgess NJ1924 : Devil's Bit Scabious (Succisa pratensis) by Anne Burgess NT4745 : Ash Alone by Anne Burgess

Anthony O'Neil (41966) 4

NS6063 : Commonwealth Hockey by Anthony O'Neil ST5975 : A losing battle by Anthony O'Neil ST4372 : M5 (East) at Tickenham Hill by Anthony O'Neil NN6124 : Jetty and Fish Farm by Anthony O'Neil

Anthony Parkes (45586) 8

SP1955 : Detail of 'The Jester' by Anthony Parkes SK1260 : The Village Pond - Hartington by Anthony Parkes SD9401 : Lees Road by Anthony Parkes SO9700 : Coatesfield Bridge by Anthony Parkes NY2705 : Stool End Farm by Anthony Parkes SP0586 : Brunswick Square - Birmingham by Anthony Parkes NY3414 : The final climb from Striding Edge by Anthony Parkes SK0886 : Noe Stool by Anthony Parkes

Arthur C Harris (81352) 3

SH2384 : Holyhead Breakwater by Arthur C Harris SH8182 : Building remains on the Little Orme by Arthur C Harris SH5727 : Tidal effects at Pensarn by Arthur C Harris

Ashley Dace (29497) 5

SW7437 : Kennall Vale by Ashley Dace SW6536 : Holman's Test Mine by Ashley Dace SW6940 : Wheal Uny by Ashley Dace SP9415 : Pitstone Mill - Ivinghoe by Ashley Dace TM4577 : Richard Trevithick's Puffing Devil (Replica) by Ashley Dace


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