Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

S: Stephen Middlemiss to Sylvia Duckworth

Stephen Middlemiss (22096) 1

SD2869 : Sandbank in Morecambe Bay by Stephen Middlemiss

Stephen Richards (34784) 3

TQ3080 : View from Bush House, Aldwych (2) by Stephen Richards TQ3769 : 25-32 Apex Close by Stephen Richards TQ3870 : Path, Beckenham Place Park by Stephen Richards

Stephen Sweeney (9409) 1

NN1854 : Mam Buidhe by Stephen Sweeney

Steve Fareham (15341) 18

TA3406 : Frosty start to the day at Cleethorpes by Steve  Fareham TQ3281 : St Paul's Cathedral at night by Steve  Fareham TA0488 : Scarborough south bay from the Town Hall garden by Steve  Fareham TA3009 : Cleethorpes beach rides are back in business by Steve  Fareham TQ3083 : King's Cross concourse by Steve  Fareham SD4264 : Steady Lad by Steve  Fareham TA4200 : Donna Nook bombing targets in a sea fret by Steve  Fareham TA3108 : Flying the flag at Cleethorpes by Steve  Fareham TA3108 : Not so bouncy tonight! by Steve  Fareham SJ3094 : In the distance Perch lighthouse by Steve  Fareham TA3009 : Kess navigates the Humber bringing more cars to Grimsby by Steve  Fareham TA3108 : Fishmongers at rest by Steve  Fareham TA3108 : Seaside shop outside display by Steve  Fareham TA3307 : Shafts of light over The Humber Estuary by Steve  Fareham SH7778 : Double rainbow over The Conwy estuary by Steve  Fareham SK1918 : Barton Turns marina by Steve  Fareham SE6125 : It's been raining by Steve  Fareham SK3899 : I know it's late for Christmas 2014 but here's a Robin redbreast by Steve  Fareham

Steve Daniels (35305) 3

SU5495 : Early morning by the swollen River Thames by Steve Daniels TQ3381 : The Kindertransport sculpture by Steve Daniels SP5106 : The Chequers off High Street by Steve Daniels

Steve Houldsworth (47480) 3

SD6728 : Higher Elementary School Blakey Moor by Steve Houldsworth NY3702 : Tables outside YHA Ambleside by Steve Houldsworth NM9641 : Path from the Footbridge by Steve Houldsworth

Steve Partridge (1173) 5

NR6947 : The Beach near Tayinloan by Steve Partridge NR7461 : Carse Standing Stones by Steve Partridge NR6220 : Sunset at the Gauldrons by Steve Partridge NR7218 : Boundary Fence on Beinn  Ghuilean by Steve Partridge NN2454 : River Coupall by Steve Partridge

Steven Brown (16100) 5

NN1672 : Snow covered path to the CIC hut by Steven Brown NN1571 : Scree on Carn Dearg and view to Stob Ban by Steven Brown NN1671 : Cairns and view to Loch Linnhe by Steven Brown NN1671 : Summit of Ben Nevis and view to Aonach Mor by Steven Brown NH9949 : River Findhorn in flood at Randolph's Leap by Steven Brown

Steven Haslington (60493) 1

TL4558 : Inside the Grand Arcade by Steven Haslington

steven ruffles (43192) 5

SK2361 : Public footpath near Birchover by steven ruffles NZ9011 : Whitby Abbey by steven ruffles SJ8865 : Macclesfield Canal by steven ruffles SE2102 : Ecklands Bridge by steven ruffles SE2202 : The Trans-Pennine Trail by steven ruffles

Stuart Wilding (4874) 13

SN8663 : Claerwen Dam by Stuart Wilding SO6301 : Lydney Junction by Stuart Wilding ST5590 : The Severn Bridge by Stuart Wilding SN9110 : Track to the Waterfalls by Stuart Wilding NM7910 : Yacht at Arduaine by Stuart Wilding NR6554 : Bàgh na Dòirlinne by Stuart Wilding NR6447 : Woodland,  Achamore Gardens by Stuart Wilding NM8009 : Young Swallows, Traighuaine by Stuart Wilding NS9321 : Railway near Crawford by Stuart Wilding SO5924 : Truffles Delicatessen, Ross-on-Wye by Stuart Wilding SO7919 : Knot Garden, Highnam Court by Stuart Wilding SO7919 : Highnam Court by Stuart Wilding SO4510 : Tour of Britain, Dingestow by Stuart Wilding

sylvia duckworth (18375) 20

NR8262 : Mist over West Loch Tarbert by sylvia duckworth NR7992 : Reflections: Bellanoch harbour by sylvia duckworth NR8262 : Oystercatcher (Haematopus ostralegus) at Kennacraig by sylvia duckworth NH5422 : "Anyone out there?" - Bank vole by sylvia duckworth NH6128 : Log pile near Ballachar by sylvia duckworth NM7902 : Decaying wreck in Loch Craignish by sylvia duckworth SD4773 : Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta) by sylvia duckworth SE0063 : Spring greenery by Linton Falls by sylvia duckworth NN3230 : From the A85 near Tyndrum by sylvia duckworth NR8468 : Bank vole (Myodes glareolus) by sylvia duckworth NC9265 : Puffins near Middle Clett by sylvia duckworth NR8467 : Decaying wreck in West Loch Tarbert by sylvia duckworth NR8936 : Standing Stone and Auchencar Farm by sylvia duckworth NR7991 : Fungi and lichens on a stump by sylvia duckworth NR9746 : North Glen Sannox by sylvia duckworth NR9350 : Red deer hind in Lochranza by sylvia duckworth NM8834 : Dunstaffnage Bay by sylvia duckworth NR6528 : Seabirds on a rock near Tangy Lodge by sylvia duckworth NR7894 : "Old-timers" by sylvia duckworth NM9247 : Castle Stalker by sylvia duckworth


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