Images shortlisted for POTY, 2014

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

C: Ceri Thomas to Chris Heaton

Ceri Thomas (10875) 1

SH7777 : Upper Gate Street, Conwy by Ceri Thomas

Champots (115177) 1

NS5665 : BBC Scotland by Champots

Charles Greenhough (4130) 2

TM1180 : St Mary's Church, Diss and The Mere by Charles Greenhough TM1179 : St Mary's church tower, Diss by Charles Greenhough

Chris (79357) 16

TF3878 : Old pit near Meagram Top (aerial 2014) by Chris SE7621 : Road into Swinefleet by Chris TF3578 : Lone ash tree in the hedgeline by Chris TF1591 : Straggling pines next to Bedlam Plantation by Chris TF3888 : All is revealed: new house in Grimoldby by Chris TF1366 : Southrey and the River Witham: aerial 2014 by Chris TF3574 : Harden's Gap, after the rain storm by Chris TF1776 : Church of St. Stephen, Hatton by Chris SE8618 : Fun Day in Burton Stather: landing stage by Ferry House by Chris TF3670 : Ripening wheat by the road to Stockwith Mill by Chris SE5083 : Reflection of Whitestone Cliff in Lake Gormire by Chris TF3296 : Fulstow: cattle in an old pasture field on a stormy afternoon by Chris SK7251 : Dead tree and a footpath from the railway into Morton by Chris SK7349 : Landing the perch, near Hazelford Lock on the River Trent by Chris TF0293 : Lone tree in November afternoon sunlight by Chris TF4882 : Long shadows at Mablethorpe Windfarm: aerial 2014 by Chris

Chris Allen (4264) 22

SK5612 : Atmospheric railway by Chris Allen SK5416 : Great Central Railway - mineral train by Chris Allen SO8453 : 2014 Worcester flooding by Chris Allen ST7564 : Bath - Pulteney Bridge and weir by Chris Allen SD7306 : Bolton Textile Mill No. 2 - engine house by Chris Allen SW7834 : Misty morning - Penryn by Chris Allen SW7934 : Misty morn - Penryn Harbour by Chris Allen TG4403 : Polkey's Mill, Reedham Marshes by Chris Allen SP0483 : Worcester & Birmingham Canal - boats by Birmingham University by Chris Allen SX8960 : Paignton Harbour by Chris Allen SP4725 : Beeches Light Railway - descending the bank by Chris Allen SO8754 : Worcestershire Royal Hospital - steeplejacks by Chris Allen TM4149 : Orford Castle by Chris Allen TM1641 : Fox's Marina - Ostrich Creek, Ipswich by Chris Allen SO9491 : Black Country Living Museum - canal basin by Chris Allen SJ6903 : Blists Hill Victorian Town - cupola furnace by Chris Allen SO8453 : An arm of Diglis Basin by Chris Allen SO6804 : Rockby - Purton ships' graveyard by Chris Allen SO6804 : Severn Collier - Purton by Chris Allen SJ9927 : Isabel - Amerton Railway by Chris Allen SP0687 : Dereliction in the Jewellery Quarter by Chris Allen SP0687 : St Paul's tram stop by Chris Allen

Chris Andrews (16152) 10

SH7373 : Tal y Fan Quarry by Chris Andrews SS6593 : Swansea Castle by Chris Andrews SN7318 : Lime Kiln, Foel Fawr Quarries by Chris Andrews SX6067 : Lower Hartor Tor by Chris Andrews SX7586 : Metal Mouse by Chris Andrews SH5576 : Topiary, Llansadwrn by Chris Andrews SO0396 : Tyn-y-celyn by Chris Andrews SH2183 : Ynys Arw by Chris Andrews SH2282 : Stone Rampart, Caer y Twr by Chris Andrews SH6161 : Bwlch y Marchlyn by Chris Andrews

Chris Denny (17090) 3

SN6089 : Posts, rope and decking by Chris Denny TQ2780 : Winter Wonderland big wheel by Chris Denny SN6194 : No entry, Ynyslas by Chris Denny

Chris Downer (14700) 31

SU9672 : Windsor Great Park: George III points to the sun by Chris Downer TQ2879 : London: some Knightsbridge cobblestones by Chris Downer TQ2680 : London: close-up of a goose’s head by Chris Downer TQ2979 : London: puddle outside Westminster Abbey by Chris Downer SZ1391 : Southbourne: the sun hides briefly by Chris Downer SZ1191 : Boscombe: from Manor Zig-Zag to Hengistbury Head by Chris Downer SZ3485 : Freshwater: Fort Redoubt and Highdown Cliffs by Chris Downer ST5814 : Bradford Abbas: windows through windows by Chris Downer SZ2093 : Highcliffe: south end of the castle by Chris Downer SZ0891 : Bournemouth: some large-scale development activity by Chris Downer SU4802 : Calshot: the Red Funnel ferry is under attack by Chris Downer NM8529 : Oban: sunset over the ferry pier by Chris Downer NM1657 : Isle of Coll: waves at Hogh Bay by Chris Downer NM1657 : Isle of Coll: sunset over Hogh Bay by Chris Downer NM2162 : Isle of Coll: rocks to the west of Torastan beach by Chris Downer NM3235 : Staffa: photographing a cave from above by Chris Downer SY8180 : West Lulworth: view north from Hambury Tout by Chris Downer TQ3380 : London: the Shard’s shadow and HMS Belfast by Chris Downer SY3492 : Lyme Regis: Jurassic lampposts on Marine Parade by Chris Downer SZ0890 : Bournemouth: along the pier in heavy rain by Chris Downer SY9682 : Corfe Castle: steam trains leaving the station by Chris Downer SZ0790 : Westbourne: dog on the beach at dusk by Chris Downer SZ0790 : Westbourne: seaspray on groyne 6 by Chris Downer SE5951 : York: nighttime colour on the city walls by Chris Downer SE5478 : New Byland: fifty-three geese overhead by Chris Downer SZ0589 : Canford Cliffs: beach huts at the foot of the chine by Chris Downer SX0351 : Charlestown: a boy fishing by Chris Downer SX0351 : Charlestown: towards Polmear Island by Chris Downer SX0351 : Charlestown: weather-vane ship by Chris Downer SW8576 : Trevose Head: an errant grid reference by Chris Downer SW9175 : Padstow: the inner harbour by Chris Downer

Chris Heaton (aka Penguincharmer) (3298) 13

SD7838 : Approaching the Woods above Churn Clough Reservoir by Chris Heaton SE0877 : Track leading from Shooting House above Bull Brae by Chris Heaton SE2138 : Cliffe Drive, Rawdon by Chris Heaton SD7675 : Wall on Borrins Moor by Chris Heaton SD7775 : Passing a Limestone Pavement on Borrins Moor by Chris Heaton SD6956 : Sheepfold in Croasdale (1) by Chris Heaton SD7055 : Laithe near Croasdale House by Chris Heaton SE0470 : Shooting Track South East of Meugher by Chris Heaton NY5100 : Descending towards Nether House Farm by Chris Heaton NU2227 : Footbridge over Brunton Burn by Chris Heaton NU1735 : The Lighthouse on Blackrocks Point (2) by Chris Heaton SE0032 : Roms Greave by Chris Heaton SE0134 : Bodkin Lane by Chris Heaton


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