Images shortlisted for POTY, 2015

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: Andrew Tryon to Ashley Dace

Andrew Tryon (104377) 7

ND0245 : Winter in the Far North by Andrew Tryon NH7168 : Oil Rig and Rainbow by Andrew Tryon NC8803 : Plough and Followers by Andrew Tryon NC7708 : Old Fence on the Moors near Kilbraur by Andrew Tryon NH8182 : A Track near the Air Weapons Range at Tain by Andrew Tryon NC8301 : Passing Place in the Big Burn by Andrew Tryon NC8704 : A Path through the Pine Trees in Uppat Woods  by Andrew Tryon

Andy Beecroft (307) 13

TA3428 : Waves at Dusk by Andy Beecroft TA1230 : Mature Tree Avenue in East Park by Andy Beecroft TA1328 : Late Afternoon over the Humber Estuary by Andy Beecroft TA1724 : Sunbeams over Paull's Red Lighthouse by Andy Beecroft TA1028 : Not for Long by Andy Beecroft TA2244 : Mist on the Beach at Mappleton by Andy Beecroft SE8758 : Track and Tree above Holm Dale by Andy Beecroft TA0339 : Beverley Minster in the Low Evening Sun by Andy Beecroft TA0239 : Around the Bend by Andy Beecroft SH5571 : Menai Bridge Chains by Andy Beecroft SH5858 : Backseat Driver by Andy Beecroft TA1130 : Autumnal Elm Avenue by Andy Beecroft TA1625 : Anglers on Paull Beach by Andy Beecroft

Andy Stephenson (11) 10

SC3875 : Early morning light in Douglas marina by Andy Stephenson SK6170 : Construction work at the power station by Andy Stephenson SK5775 : Triassic Sandstone in Welbeck by Andy Stephenson SU8118 : Gate on Pen Hill by Andy Stephenson TQ0111 : The Way Ahead by Andy Stephenson SK1484 : The path to Back Tor by Andy Stephenson SD3299 : Autumn at Tarn Hows by Andy Stephenson NY3204 : Elterwater maple in autumn raiment by Andy Stephenson SK9760 : Coleby Hall Arch by Andy Stephenson TF0171 : North Delph by Andy Stephenson

Andy Waddington (34816) 3

NN1950 : "Chasm" on Allt a'Chaorainn by Andy Waddington NN1950 : Allt a' Chaorainn by Andy Waddington NY9302 : Eweleap Scar by Andy Waddington

Anne Burgess (139) 22

NO4643 : Drystane Dyke by Anne Burgess NJ3365 : Icy Patterns by Anne Burgess NJ6925 : Frosted Beech Leaves by Anne Burgess NT1473 : A Carpet of Cars by Anne Burgess NT0072 : Tartraven and Baresheil Knowe by Anne Burgess NJ3465 : Tugnet by Anne Burgess NJ3357 : River Spey by Anne Burgess NJ5339 : Jake Forbes Close by Anne Burgess NT2473 : Palmerston Place Church by Anne Burgess NO8992 : St Ternan's Episcopal Church Nave and Chancel by Anne Burgess NJ7320 : East Aquhorthies Recumbent Stone Circle (5) by Anne Burgess NJ2668 : Struggling Spruce by Anne Burgess NJ2668 : Pill Box on the Slant by Anne Burgess NM7212 : Fladda Lighthouse by Anne Burgess NO4297 : River Dee at Cambus o' May by Anne Burgess NO4396 : River Dee near Haugh by Anne Burgess NO4497 : Conifer Forest by Anne Burgess NJ5925 : Dormers in line by Anne Burgess NJ8465 : Fish on the Line by Anne Burgess NJ6142 : Into the Light by Anne Burgess NH6546 : Merkinch Nature Reserve by Anne Burgess NY7088 : Wintering Boats by Anne Burgess

Anthony Foster (28839) 1

TL1923 : Hitch Wood by Anthony Foster

Anthony O'Neil (41966) 11

ST5772 : Dragon Boat drum by Anthony O'Neil SJ6677 : Catering for Dummies by Anthony O'Neil SJ8498 : Manchester Buskers by Anthony O'Neil SJ8195 : Consternation at Old Trafford by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Triangles by Anthony O'Neil ST6172 : Bridges of the Avon Cut (13/15) by Anthony O'Neil ST5673 : Iconic View by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : More than a woodshed! by Anthony O'Neil ST5773 : Stopping the leak by Anthony O'Neil TQ2881 : Perfect Geometry by Anthony O'Neil TQ2780 : At the Fair (5) by Anthony O'Neil

Anthony Parkes (45586) 4

SK0598 : Torside Reservoir by Anthony Parkes SW8465 : Watergate Beach from a cave below Trevarrian Hill by Anthony Parkes SW8575 : Anchor from the SV Carl by Anthony Parkes SJ2778 : The Boat House - Parkgate by Anthony Parkes

Arthur C Harris (81352) 2

SH5834 : Merioneth County Show 2015 by Arthur C Harris SH6138 : Pylons in Snowdonia face removal by Arthur C Harris

Ashley Dace (29497) 4

TM4290 : House Fire - New Market Beccles by Ashley Dace NY3233 : Carrock Fell Mine - Harding Vein by Ashley Dace NX9413 : Triassic sandstones at Fleswick Bay by Ashley Dace NY5636 : Watermill - Pit gearing by Ashley Dace


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