Images shortlisted for POTY, 2015

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

D: David Hallam-Jones to Derek Bennett

David Hallam-Jones (61991) 3

SK6151 : Gorse Covert, North West of Oxton Bogs, Notts. by David Hallam-Jones SK5760 : Oak Tree Heath, Off Tansley Heath, Mansfield, Notts. by David Hallam-Jones SK5750 : Burnt Stump Inn, Arnold, NG5, Notts. by David Hallam-Jones

David Hawgood (560) 5

TQ2083 : Canal-side yard with caravan as office by David Hawgood TQ2581 : Curving corridor, Hallfield Primary School by David Hawgood TQ3680 : Gormley sculpture "Another Time" in The Thames at Limehouse by David Hawgood SU9585 : Burnham beeches, leaves changing colour by David Hawgood TQ1281 : Somersall, narrowboat on permanent mooring, Hayes by David Hawgood

David Howard (6358) 1

TQ1456 : Do they know it's Christmas? by David Howard

David Kemp (4217) 2

SU6200 : HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard by David Kemp TL2601 : Vintage buses in Potters Bar bus garage by David Kemp

David Lally (17441) 9

TQ0160 : Sands by David Lally SK5034 : A frosty morning in Manor Farm Park by David Lally SK5136 : Track across Bramcote Lane open space by David Lally SK5233 : Poplars on Barton Island by David Lally SK5335 : Narrowboat tiller by David Lally SK4935 : Morning light behind trees by David Lally SK5335 : Mist on the Trent by David Lally SY4291 : Boat on the beach at Seatown by David Lally SK5740 : Benches around the Emett clock by David Lally

David Martin (aka DaveM) (13502) 14

TQ1059 : Old houses by St Andrew's Church, Cobham by David Martin SK3586 : Charles Street Car Park by David Martin SK2479 : View over Oxhay Wood by David Martin NY2903 : View across Blea Moss by David Martin SD3598 : Hawkshead churchyard by David Martin SD3598 : Hawkshead rooftops from the churchyard by David Martin NY3704 : Church Street, Ambleside by David Martin NY2904 : Blea Tarn road and Side Pike by David Martin SJ6475 : Moored narrowboats at Anderton by David Martin ST8622 : Gold Hill, Shaftesbury by David Martin SU4725 : M3 near Shawford by David Martin SU1661 : Two trees in evening light near Inlands Farm by David Martin SU9672 : Statue of George III on Snow Hill by David Martin TQ1569 : Avenue of trees in Bushy Park by David Martin

David Medcalf (180) 2

SH7961 : The Riverside Café by David Medcalf SH5337 : Winter sunset by David Medcalf

David P Howard (43368) 22

TF5763 : The Pier, Skegness by David P Howard TF3244 : River Witham, Boston by David P Howard SD3034 : Stroll along the beach by David P Howard TQ2780 : Ornamental Pond, Marble Arch by David P Howard TL5562 : Church of St Mary the Virgin, Swaffham Bulbeck by David P Howard SN5882 : Sunset on the sea front, Aberystwyth by David P Howard NN2013 : Glen Fyne by David P Howard NS1994 : Loch Goil from Carrick Castle by David P Howard NN2307 : View down Glen Croe by David P Howard SO7679 : Arley Signal Box by David P Howard SP0532 : Ready to leave by David P Howard SP2656 : Fallow deer at Charlecote Park by David P Howard SP2054 : Just messing about on the river by David P Howard SP2754 : Garden Spider Araneus diadematus by David P Howard SK5805 : Bridge over the River Soar, Abbey Park by David P Howard TG5307 : Beach by moonlight by David P Howard TG5205 : The Norfolk Monument by David P Howard TQ3078 : Millbank Pier at night by David P Howard TQ3077 : St George Wharf and Tower at night by David P Howard SP3433 : Brewery Dray, Hook Horton by David P Howard SP2772 : Kenilworth Castle by David P Howard SP3165 : The ornamental pond, Jephson Gardens by David P Howard

David Purchase (43416) 1

SU5495 : Clifton Hampden Bridge by David Purchase

David Smith (708) 3

SY1287 : The shingle beach at Sidmouth's western end by David Smith SX9292 : Bedford Square and Princesshay, Exeter by David Smith SX6193 : Wall at the edge of the moor at Belstone by David Smith

David Wright (1782) 2

TA0615 : Combining near Wootton Grange by David Wright TA0314 : Observation Post by David Wright

Debbie J (31898) 1

TF0647 : Common Garden Spider by Debbie J

Debbie Turner (13867) 1

NX8872 : Way to Whiteyard by Debbie Turner

Deborah Tilley (22705) 11

SN0413 : Downriver at Minwear Woods by Deborah Tilley SM8840 : Reeds in the Valley above Pwll Arian by Deborah Tilley SM8941 : Strumble Head Lighthouse by Deborah Tilley SM9515 : New Bridge at Haverfordwest by Deborah Tilley SN4700 : Train West by Deborah Tilley SM8031 : Beach at Traeth Llyfn near Abereiddy by Deborah Tilley SM8616 : Viewing Point At Haroldston Chins by Deborah Tilley SM8105 : Dale - A Fishing Trip Into The Unknown! by Deborah Tilley SM8821 : Golden Fields Near Roch by Deborah Tilley SM9515 : St Mary's Church by Deborah Tilley SM7923 : Natural Arch On Gewni Islet by Deborah Tilley

Derek Bennett (22254) 2

TR3571 : Harbour building by Derek Bennett SP0686 : Branches & spokes by Derek Bennett


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