Images shortlisted for POTY, 2016

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

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Helen (118263) 1

SN9302 : Wind Turbine by Helen

Hugh Venables (3176) 10

TG0445 : Berms on Blakeney Point by Hugh Venables TL2562 : Horse paddock by Yelling by Hugh Venables TL3470 : Holywell Ferry Road by Hugh Venables TL1964 : Gravel compound, Paxton Pits by Hugh Venables TG1543 : Pale band in the cliffs near Sheringham by Hugh Venables TF7545 : Low tide flock of birdwatchers by Hugh Venables TF7545 : Great Knot twitch, Titchwell RSPB by Hugh Venables TG1543 : Boats at Sheringham by Hugh Venables TF7544 : Peat and razor shells by Hugh Venables TL3139 : Bridleway to Morden Grange Farm by Hugh Venables

Humphrey Bolton (1712) 5

SY3391 : Fishing at The Cobb, Lyme Regis by Humphrey Bolton SE0034 : Stairs Lane crossing the catchwater conduit, Oxenhope by Humphrey Bolton SD9633 : Reservoir perimeter wall, Walshaw Dean Lower Reservoir, Wadsworth by Humphrey Bolton TL1922 : The Chiltern Way at the entrance to the churchyard, St Paul's Walden by Humphrey Bolton SE0236 : Carving near site of old coal shaft, Penistone Hill, Haworth by Humphrey Bolton

Hywel Williams (850) 1

SJ1243 : A locomotive with a face on its front, near Carrog station by Hywel Williams

Iain Russell (35240) 3

NT1113 : Towards Hart Fell summit by Iain Russell NN3333 : Lochan on Beinn Odhar by Iain Russell NN4844 : Lochan nan Cat by Iain Russell

Iain Smith (30829) 1

NU1913 : Weir on the River Aln by Iain Smith

Ian Calderwood (13873) 3

SK5222 : Survivors from an avenue of trees by Ian Calderwood SK5221 : Bishop's Meadow Nature Reserve in May by Ian Calderwood SK1043 : An overgrown stile and sheep by Ian Calderwood

Ian Capper (16999) 17

TQ2750 : Redhill from Reigate Hill by Ian Capper TQ2452 : Hollow, Colley Hill by Ian Capper TQ2452 : Colley Hill by Ian Capper TR3543 : South Foreland Lighthouse by Ian Capper TV5895 : Beachy Head Lighthouse by Ian Capper TQ2550 : High Street by Ian Capper TQ1649 : Dorking by Ian Capper TQ1748 : Dorking Golf Club by Ian Capper TQ1649 : Flats, Cotmandene by Ian Capper TQ1649 : Chequers Place by Ian Capper TQ1448 : Crooked Acre by Ian Capper TQ1650 : Grape harvesting at Denbies Vineyard by Ian Capper TQ1649 : Ranmore Road by Ian Capper SY8279 : Lulworth Cove soon after sunrise by Ian Capper SY3492 : Herring gull on lamppost by Ian Capper SS5532 : Long Bridge by Ian Capper TQ2451 : Sunrise from The Saddle Knob by Ian Capper

Ian Coleby (10853) 1

ST3027 : Cogload Farm from Currymoor Drove by Ian Coleby

Ian Greig (9857) 8

SJ5275 : A bridleway to Mickledale off Manley Road with a fine view of the Mersey Estuary by Ian Greig SJ5080 : A long lens view of Runcorn's chemical plants by Ian Greig SD8135 : The River Calder by Ian Greig SD3303 : No definitive bond is evident by Ian Greig SD7224 : South Lane towards Lower Eden Farm by Ian Greig SD7522 : Calf Hey Reservoir dam by Ian Greig SJ8299 : Adelphi Bridge by Ian Greig SD8303 : A squirrel at Heaton Park by Ian Greig

Ian Paterson (13639) 6

SU6404 : The lake at 1000 Lakeside by Ian Paterson SJ2899 : Sand hills on the shore by Ian Paterson TF4144 : Lunch break by Ian Paterson TF4244 : Snaking silently seawards by Ian Paterson TF4343 : Meandering by Ian Paterson TF5557 : Reflecting Nature by Ian Paterson

Ian S (48731) 16

TV6299 : Sea fishing on Eastbourne Beach by Ian S TA0325 : Former jetty at Hessle Haven by Ian S SE9217 : Opencast Way towards Roxby by Ian S SK0360 : Millennium Beacon at the former Mermaid Inn by Ian S SJ8629 : 1st day  of trains running by Ian S SJ6908 : Water Park by Ian S TA0828 : Passageway off Wellstead Street, Hull by Ian S TA0928 : Regeneration works on King Edward Street, Hull by Ian S SK5739 : Nottingham Train Station by Ian S SE0414 : Kirklees Way at Watermans House by Ian S TA0928 : Hull FC Welcome Home Party by Ian S SE9343 : Memorial Seat to Jean Longin by Ian S SE5629 : Path leading to Gateforth New Road by Ian S TA0928 : Piling Rig at the Venue, Hull by Ian S TA1030 : Looking north from Chapman Street Bridge, Hull by Ian S TA0928 : Hull City Hall by Ian S

ian shiell (27184) 1

NT4202 : New track in Castleweary woodland near Hawick by ian shiell

Ian Taylor (aka IanMT) (9148) 21

SD5176 : Bridge 143, Lancaster Canal by Ian Taylor SD5275 : Farmland near Deerslet by Ian Taylor SD5869 : Where do these stones go? by Ian Taylor SD4254 : Plover Scar Lighthouse by Ian Taylor NN1768 : Water of Nevis by Ian Taylor NG5335 : Camas a' Mhòr-bheòil by Ian Taylor NG5727 : Bog south of Am Meall by Ian Taylor SD4764 : Heysham to M6 link road construction by Ian Taylor SE6051 : York Crown Court by Ian Taylor SE5951 : Skylight, the York Tap by Ian Taylor SD4980 : Dallam Park by Ian Taylor SD8332 : Heron, Burnley Canal Festival by Ian Taylor SD4264 : Watching the lifeboat by Ian Taylor TQ3877 : Street entertainer, Greenwich by Ian Taylor TQ3382 : Village Underground, Shoreditch by Ian Taylor SD4964 : M6 bridge over River Lune by Ian Taylor SD4980 : Bracket fungus by Ian Taylor SD4757 : Narrow boat, Lancaster Canal by Ian Taylor SD4751 : Bridge 78, Lancaster Canal by Ian Taylor SD4850 : Lancaster Canal, Forton by Ian Taylor SD5329 : Mural,  Adelphi Street by Ian Taylor


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