Images shortlisted for POTY, 2016

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

J: John Sutton to Jonathan Wilkins

John Sutton (38492) 40

TL4860 : Fen Ditton: down to the river by John Sutton TL4457 : The Cam at Newnham in January by John Sutton TL4656 : Slowing on arrival  by John Sutton TL4457 : Newnham: St Mark's Church and The Red Bull by John Sutton TL4458 : Clare and King's in February by John Sutton TL4458 : Along Queens' Lane by John Sutton TL4248 : Hoffer Brook by John Sutton TL4048 : King's Cross train at Foxton Station by John Sutton TL5338 : Saffron Walden: Gold Street by John Sutton TL4654 : New houses reflected by John Sutton TL4556 : Shaftesbury Road: part of Accordia by John Sutton TL2938 : The 12.02 approaching Ashwell & Morden by John Sutton SK5739 : A Toton tram in Cheapside by John Sutton SK5844 : Arnot Hill Park in the rain by John Sutton TL4554 : Clay Farm (Great Kneighton): Abode by John Sutton TL4554 : Addenbrooke's Road Bridge by John Sutton SK6139 : Holme Sluices by John Sutton SK5838 : Trent Bridge: a floodlit One Day Cup match by John Sutton TL4656 : Lichfield Road: a summer downpour by John Sutton SK5640 : Lord Byron passing Peel Street by John Sutton SK5433 : The end of the line at Clifton South by John Sutton SK5739 : Two trams at Nottingham Station by John Sutton SK5739 : Poultry and Cheapside by John Sutton SK5837 : A big crowd at Trent Bridge by John Sutton TA0488 : Scarborough: Leading Post Street by John Sutton NZ2742 : Durham: Silver Street by John Sutton SK3636 : Watching County cricket at Derby by John Sutton TL4940 : Bridle way to Chesterford by John Sutton TL2871 : Hemingford Abbots High Street by John Sutton TL2971 : Hemingford Grey: trees and clouds reflected by John Sutton TL4052 : Haslingfield: Church Way by John Sutton TL4458 : Silver Street Bridge by John Sutton TL4458 : Queueing for chauffeur punts by John Sutton TL3171 : St Ives: the statue of Oliver Cromwell by John Sutton TL7154 : Towards Cowlinge Church by John Sutton TL6751 : Little Thurlow: Pound Green in autumn by John Sutton TL5375 : Little Thetford: working the land in November by John Sutton TL4656 : Frosted Chinese lanterns by John Sutton TL4258 : On the West Cambridge Site by John Sutton TL4567 : Bright colours on Cottenham High Street by John Sutton

John Walton (46544) 3

SD7186 : Ford and Stepping Stones at Low Flats by John Walton NU1228 : Ford at Twizell by John Walton NY2514 : Ford and Stepping Stones at Rosthwaite by John Walton

John Welford (120319) 1

L8467 : Doo Lough by John Welford

John Winder (68333) 2

SJ5864 : Surfin' USA by John Winder SP2118 : Karts at Rissington Kart Club by John Winder

Jonathan Billinger (8569) 35

SO3849 : View from the B4230, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO5924 : River in flood at Ross-on-Wye, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO3141 : Dawn over the Dore by Jonathan Billinger SO0737 : Bridleway signpost, Llandyfalle Hill by Jonathan Billinger SO4706 : Monmouthshire lane by Jonathan Billinger SO6023 : Hoar frost subjects, 3 by Jonathan Billinger SO5923 : Snowdrops and windfall apples by Jonathan Billinger SO6023 : Erysimum linifolium 'Bowles' Mauve' by Jonathan Billinger SO5732 : Galanthus nivalis f. pleniflorus 'Flore Pleno' by Jonathan Billinger SO2045 : Battered pre-Worboys road sign by Jonathan Billinger SO5039 : Hereford Old Bridge and Cathedral by Jonathan Billinger SO7121 : Wild daffodils by Tuns Lane, 2 by Jonathan Billinger SO4840 : Tree and potato ridges, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO4522 : Wildflowers at St. Michael's church Garway by Jonathan Billinger SO6023 : Sweet Peas in the rain, 8 by Jonathan Billinger SO6023 : Globe Thistle, 2 by Jonathan Billinger SO8813 : Part of a monastery garden by Jonathan Billinger SO6024 : Evening sky over May Hill by Jonathan Billinger SO6622 : West from Crews Hill, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO2342 : Within Hay Antiques Centre, 2 by Jonathan Billinger SJ8070 : Multi-coloured hydrangeas by Jonathan Billinger SO6023 : Rose after a rainy night by Jonathan Billinger ST5872 : Around Bristol Harbour, 4 by Jonathan Billinger SO6621 : View from Crews Hill, September 2016, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO8727 : Golden October by Jonathan Billinger SO7531 : Rectory gates by Jonathan Billinger SO6023 : An autumnal walk around Ross-on-Wye, 4 by Jonathan Billinger SO6212 : November morning, Forest of Dean, 2 by Jonathan Billinger SO6212 : November morning, Forest of Dean, 4 by Jonathan Billinger TQ1876 : The pagoda at Kew by Jonathan Billinger SO7127 : Venus and May by Jonathan Billinger SO3821 : Footpath west by Jonathan Billinger SO9422 : Christmas Market, Cheltenham, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO7127 : December sunset, 1 by Jonathan Billinger SO6425 : Hartleton seat by Jonathan Billinger

Jonathan Clitheroe (19028) 1

SK6694 : Flood Bank and Public House at Newington by Jonathan Clitheroe

Jonathan Hutchins (35615) 5

SJ7453 : Partly flooded field alongside railway line by Jonathan Hutchins SJ8442 : Westbury Park: electricity substation by Jonathan Hutchins SJ8846 : Hanley Park: Caldon Canal by Jonathan Hutchins SJ8846 : Hanley Park: steps down to lake by Jonathan Hutchins TQ2479 : Olympia: the London International Horse Show by Jonathan Hutchins

Jonathan Thacker (46229) 6

TA1444 : Cobble Hall Farm by Jonathan Thacker TM2732 : Container ship and cranes by Jonathan Thacker SK7440 : Dawn's Lane, Aslockton by Jonathan Thacker W8976 : Abandoned house by Jonathan Thacker TF0666 : Barff Farm by Jonathan Thacker SK9860 : Stubble and darkening sky by Jonathan Thacker

Jonathan Wilkins (7090) 4

SH7679 : Conwy sands by Jonathan Wilkins SH7747 : Glacially-derived boulders by Jonathan Wilkins SH9471 : Above the road by Jonathan Wilkins SH8479 : No more taxes 2 by Jonathan Wilkins


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