Images shortlisted for POTY, 2016

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.


Neil Owen (aka trigS1516) (47623) 15

ST6569 : The chimney in the Avon by Neil Owen ST6264 : Looking down from on high by Neil Owen ST6566 : Holy doors by Neil Owen ST3451 : No trains running by Neil Owen ST5821 : At the end of the furrows by Neil Owen ST5859 : Bishop Sutton Mill by Neil Owen ST7069 : St Martin's benchmark by Neil Owen ST5545 : Reflecting on the wares by Neil Owen ST8424 : More than a tractor by Neil Owen ST8424 : Phat air in a JCB by Neil Owen SY6778 : No chance of crossing now by Neil Owen ST4128 : Staying on the lower slopes by Neil Owen ST5452 : The Belt by Neil Owen ST5050 : Watery tump by Neil Owen ST6456 : Dropped by ten by Neil Owen

Neil Theasby (40672) 69

SK3688 : Rear of industrial premises - Carlisle St, Sheffield by Neil Theasby SK2582 : Stanage Edge in January by Neil Theasby SK6759 : Whip Ridding farmland with shed and tree by Neil Theasby TQ2376 : The cottage at Craven Cottage by Neil Theasby SK6067 : Under Centre Tree, Sherwood Forest by Neil Theasby SK5978 : Wall of old gravestones - Worksop Priory by Neil Theasby SK6173 : By The River Poulter at Carburton by Neil Theasby SK2582 : Preparing to launch by Neil Theasby SK2483 : Three paragliders at Stanage Edge by Neil Theasby TF1963 : Station Road, Woodhall Spa by Neil Theasby TF3574 : Path, fence and Willow Bank Wood by Neil Theasby SK3852 : Trees on a ridge west of Pentrich (II) by Neil Theasby SK3752 : Old farm building west of Wingfield Park Hall by Neil Theasby SK2382 : Hood Brook Valley from Ridgeway Side by Neil Theasby SK3386 : Mother and daughter in the gardens by Neil Theasby SK1752 : St Mary's Church, Tissington by Neil Theasby SK1852 : Wibben Hill near Tissington by Neil Theasby SK1850 : Bentley Brook Valley - old farm building by Neil Theasby SK1750 : Weathered top of Fenny Bentley phonebox by Neil Theasby SK1784 : Wall and moon above Twitchill Farm by Neil Theasby NX4604 : Point of Ayre Foghorn Installation by Neil Theasby SC4087 : Ruin and spoil heap - Snaefell Lead Mine by Neil Theasby SK2077 : Earth and sky at Bretton by Neil Theasby SK2381 : Hathersage Church in a pool of sunlight, by Neil Theasby SE1416 : Busker on New Street, Huddersfield by Neil Theasby SK3185 : Grey heron stalking prey by Neil Theasby SE1800 : Lunky hole by Hordron Road by Neil Theasby TQ3181 : Lunchtime drinker in "The Old Red Cow" by Neil Theasby SK5169 : Reflections of Upper Langwith by Neil Theasby SK0759 : The triangulation pillar on Revidge Moor by Neil Theasby TA4213 : Groynes by Wyke Bight, Spurn Head by Neil Theasby TA3427 : Where Withernsea pier used to be by Neil Theasby SK2582 : Head of an old sheep near Stanage Edge by Neil Theasby SK2787 : A view of The Rivelin Needle, Rivelin Rocks by Neil Theasby SK9490 : The old water tower at RAF Hemswell by Neil Theasby SK1155 : Farming south of Ashbourne Road, Wetton by Neil Theasby SK0956 : View towards Dale Farm and Sugarloaf by Neil Theasby SE0203 : View of the memorial cairn on The Fox Stone by Neil Theasby SE0203 : At Bramley's Cot above Dove Stone Reservoir by Neil Theasby SK4762 : Head of a miner by Neil Theasby SK0190 : Sheep on Cown Edge by Neil Theasby SD3806 : By Mill Lane looking to West Tower by Neil Theasby SD2900 : Chilling out at Crosby Beach by Neil Theasby SD2708 : Dune fencing by the sandy path to Mad Wharf by Neil Theasby SK2582 : Sundown at Stanage by Neil Theasby SE3318 : Wakefield view from Sandal Castle by Neil Theasby SP8539 : In The Centre - Milton Keynes by Neil Theasby TQ3280 : Underneath the Arches by Neil Theasby TQ3180 : Georgia O'Keeffe and St Paul's by Neil Theasby SK2883 : Gate and country view at Sheephill by Neil Theasby SK2781 : Exposed millstone on Houndkirk Moor by Neil Theasby SK2691 : Fox Holes Farm above the Loxley Valley by Neil Theasby SK2883 : Triangulation pillar on Burbage Moor by Neil Theasby SK2783 : One of The Ox Stones by Neil Theasby SK2284 : Beware of Flying Motorcyclists by Neil Theasby SK2384 : Gate with view to The Buck Stone and Stanage Edge by Neil Theasby SK2383 : Sheep above North Lees Hall (I) by Neil Theasby SK0967 : View of Hindlow limestone works by Neil Theasby SK2282 : Tree near Upper Hurst by Neil Theasby SK3667 : Boat house - The Great Pond of Stubbing by Neil Theasby TQ2774 : Wandsworth Common gulls by Neil Theasby TQ2773 : Gulls of Wandsworth Common by Neil Theasby SP4871 : View from "The Dun Cow", Dunchurch by Neil Theasby TQ2198 : Fence in the fog - north of Summerswood Farm by Neil Theasby TF0307 : "Big Issue" seller on Stamford High Street by Neil Theasby TF0307 : Stamford Rooftops by Neil Theasby TF0307 : Charity carol singer in Stamford by Neil Theasby SK3484 : Urban mural in Sheffield by Neil Theasby SK3389 : Rawson Spring Container Bar by Neil Theasby

Nick Chipchase (35018) 2

ST2604 : Cattle at Membury by Nick Chipchase ST2902 : Churchill and Churchill Lane by Nick Chipchase

Nigel Brown (15376) 9

SN6179 : View north over the Rheidol valley by Nigel Brown SH7311 : Horse chestnut avenue leading to Dol-y-cae by Nigel Brown SN7688 : Drosgol farm by Nigel Brown SN6777 : Kite on pole by Nigel Brown SN7788 : The eastern end of Nant-y-moch reservoir by Nigel Brown SN5881 : The Ystwyth below Trefechan Bridge by Nigel Brown SN5781 : South Beach, Aberystwyth by Nigel Brown SN7077 : Grazing in a winter's sun, Bwlch Crwys by Nigel Brown SN7277 : Grazing in the sun, above the Nant y Fawnog by Nigel Brown

Nigel Corby (14140) 5

NO2895 : Abergeldie Castle after the flood by Nigel Corby NO1477 : Car park at Glenshee Ski Centre by Nigel Corby NO1484 : The A93 in Glen Clunie by Nigel Corby NO1379 : Slopes of Carn Aosda above the A93 by Nigel Corby NO6186 : Clachnaben at sunset by Nigel Corby

Nigel Mykura (14584) 3

SY3792 : Charmouth Beach Below Cain's Folly by Nigel Mykura SY4690 : Big Brother on East Pier by Nigel Mykura SY0984 : Rockpools, Smallstones Point by Nigel Mykura

Norman Caesar (69202) 5

SD3804 : A pair of Alpacas at Robins Bridge Nurseries by Norman Caesar NS0965 : Chimney pots and tower on Mountstuart Road by Norman Caesar SJ3398 : Heron (Ardeidae) seen on the Leeds to Liverpool canal by Norman Caesar SJ3398 : An old bike has been dredged from the Leeds Liverpool canal by Norman Caesar SO9463 : Welcome to Hanbury Hall by Norman Caesar


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