Images shortlisted for POTY, 2016

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

P: Peter McDermott to Peter Trimming

Peter McDermott (14194) 41

NZ2814 : Priestgate by Peter McDermott SJ8297 : Castlefield by Peter McDermott SK1092 : Snake Road by Peter McDermott SK1092 : Lady Clough by Peter McDermott SD4762 : St George's Quay by Peter McDermott SJ8298 : Hampson Street by Peter McDermott SD8401 : Woodlands Road by Peter McDermott SK0295 : Top o' Th' Hill Farm by Peter McDermott SD7356 : Stocks Reservoir by Peter McDermott TQ4329 : Ashdown Forest by Peter McDermott SD9139 : Trawden by Peter McDermott SE0326 : Pin Hill Lane by Peter McDermott SE0324 : High Lee by Peter McDermott SD9524 : Shaw Wood by Peter McDermott SE0226 : Midgley by Peter McDermott NS5964 : City Union Railway Bridge by Peter McDermott SJ8398 : River Irwell by Peter McDermott TQ2278 : King Street by Peter McDermott SK1846 : Ashbourne by Peter McDermott SK1958 : Mouldridge Lane by Peter McDermott SJ8398 : Trinity Way by Peter McDermott SJ8498 : Anita Street by Peter McDermott SD5192 : Kendal by Peter McDermott SD5283 : B6385 by Peter McDermott SD7072 : Cemetery by Peter McDermott SD7469 : Tunnels by Peter McDermott SD8075 : Scale Pasture by Peter McDermott SD8016 : Fletcher Bank Quarry by Peter McDermott SJ9860 : Meerbrook by Peter McDermott SK0059 : Thorn Croft by Peter McDermott SK0664 : The Hills by Peter McDermott SJ8398 : Princess Street by Peter McDermott SK0161 : Knowles by Peter McDermott SD8368 : Sannet Hall Farm by Peter McDermott SD5704 : Poolstock by Peter McDermott SJ2453 : B5430 by Peter McDermott SD6063 : Middle Salter by Peter McDermott SK1788 : Ladybower Reservoir by Peter McDermott SD4950 : West Coast Main Line by Peter McDermott SJ8296 : Pomona Lock by Peter McDermott SJ8297 : River Irwell by Peter McDermott

Peter Moore (39786) 21

NH8639 : Road leading away from Drynachan Lodge by Peter Moore ND0315 : Breakwater at Helmsdale Harbour by Peter Moore NH7544 : Standing Stone by the eastern cairn by Peter Moore NH5198 : Abandoned croft at Achnahanat by Peter Moore ND1933 : Abandoned croft west of Latheron by Peter Moore NC0530 : Clashnessie Falls by Peter Moore NH8423 : Freight service hauled by loco 68002 (Intrepid) crossing Slochd viaduct by Peter Moore ND1163 : Aimster falling into ruin by Peter Moore ND1456 : Pylons and cows by Peter Moore NG8579 : A832 descending down to Poolewe by Peter Moore NJ2129 : The Croft Inn by Peter Moore NC5603 : Ruin fading into the undergrowth by Peter Moore NC3170 : Weak bridge on the U70 by Peter Moore NH4691 : Looking east along the road near Forrest Farm by Peter Moore NZ9011 : The top of the 199 steps by Peter Moore NZ8911 : Whitby Pier at Dawn by Peter Moore NC8300 : Fountain Road Church Hall by Peter Moore NC7507 : Looking down the minor road at Tannachy by Peter Moore NC8942 : Forsinard Station by Peter Moore NC6305 : A839 in Upper Strath Fleet by Peter Moore NH6683 : B9176 road over the Struie by Peter Moore

Peter S (19276) 3

TQ3179 : Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Waterloo Station by Peter S TQ2882 : Frieze Sculpture Park 2016 - second skin by Peter S TQ0584 : Parexel reflected in the Grand Union Canal by Peter S

Peter Trimming (34298) 31

SD1499 : 'Cedric' by Peter Trimming SD1399 : 'Camilla' by Peter Trimming SD1399 : 'Caroline' by Peter Trimming TQ0312 : Amberley Museum by Peter Trimming TQ3381 : Leadenhall Market by Peter Trimming SD1399 : "I'm not going out in that!" by Peter Trimming SD1399 : Table for one by Peter Trimming SU9776 : The Queen at 90 by Peter Trimming TQ3165 : Steam Special to Southampton by Peter Trimming NY1404 : Wasdale by Peter Trimming TQ2668 : Morden Hall Park by Peter Trimming SD1399 : Siskin by Peter Trimming SD0896 : Anchor at Ravenglass by Peter Trimming TQ4123 : "Where's the food?" by Peter Trimming SD1499 : 'River Irt' by Peter Trimming TL4401 : Epping Forest by Peter Trimming TQ1452 : 'Brian' the Snail by Peter Trimming SU9032 : Haslemere by Peter Trimming SU9032 : Haslemere 0 Miles by Peter Trimming SZ4996 : Cowes Week 2016 by Peter Trimming TQ0139 : Nore Hanger by Peter Trimming SD1399 : 'Derek' by Peter Trimming SZ0287 : Brownsea Island Squirrel by Peter Trimming SD1399 : "Did someone say 'hazelnuts'?" by Peter Trimming TQ3103 : Watching the Veteran Cars by Peter Trimming NY1101 : Autumn at Santon Bridge by Peter Trimming TQ5255 : 'Tornado' at Sevenoaks by Peter Trimming TQ3280 : Street Entertainment in London by Peter Trimming TQ3380 : Morris Dancing on the South Bank by Peter Trimming TQ0058 : Festive Cheer From South West Trains by Peter Trimming TQ1878 : London Museum of Water & Steam by Peter Trimming


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