Images shortlisted for POTY, 2016

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

S: Sandra Humphrey to Stephen McKay

Sandra Humphrey (116842) 1

TF3902 : Guyhirn Wash near Rings End by Sandra Humphrey

Sandy B (18677) 1

SU5550 : Access drive for Oakley Hall by Mr Ignavy

Sarah Charlesworth (26528) 1

SZ0377 : The Globe on Durlston Head by Sarah Charlesworth

Scott Robinson (5892) 2

SE8185 : Pickering Wood by Scott Robinson NZ9101 : Ling Hill Plantation by Scott Robinson

Shazz (28338) 3

TQ1536 : Footpath junction at Woodbarn by Shazz TQ2706 : The top of West Blatchington Windmill by Shazz TQ1520 : Deer posing for photographer on the Knepp estate by Shazz

Simon Bonney (115179) 1

NB0737 : South west edge of Camas na Clibhe by Simon Bonney

Simon Carey (1833) 12

TQ3702 : Whiteway Lane by Simon Carey TQ3801 : Undercliff Walk, Saltdean by Simon Carey TQ1812 : Greenfields by Simon Carey TQ1711 : Steyning Grammar School, Church Street, Steyning by Simon Carey TQ1711 : Rice Pudding Cottage, Charlton Street, Steyning by Simon Carey TQ1819 : Copyhold Field by Simon Carey TQ1820 : Little Pond Field/Pond Field (2) by Simon Carey TQ1719 : House Meadow by Simon Carey TQ1819 : Lone Oak Tree by Simon Carey TQ3004 : Observation Pod, i360, Brighton by Simon Carey TQ2704 : Beach Huts 277-279, Western Esplanade, Hove by Simon Carey TQ2704 : Beach Huts 346-350, Western Esplanade, Hove by Simon Carey

Sparte (119721) 1

TQ7782 : Thames Giant by Sparte

Stefan Czapski (19114) 23

TQ2073 : A path across Lawn Field, in January by Stefan Czapski TQ1478 : Trees against the evening sky, Osterley Park, February by Stefan Czapski TQ1872 : At Pembroke Lodge in early February by Stefan Czapski TQ2072 : Three oaks by the Lower Pen Pond by Stefan Czapski TQ0943 : Path through the Hurtwood by Stefan Czapski SU8641 : Frensham Little Pond: dam wall at the north-east end by Stefan Czapski SU1449 : Tithe barn at Fittleton Manor: northern aspect by Stefan Czapski TL2141 : New Spring Waterworks revisited (1) by Stefan Czapski TQ7871 : Sailing barge Ena (of Ipswich) hulked on Hoo saltings by Stefan Czapski TL9406 : Sailing barge in the Blackwater estuary: 'Mirosa' by Stefan Czapski SU3787 : Farmland south of West Challow by Stefan Czapski SU5981 : A riverside scene at Goring by Stefan Czapski TR0567 : The Swale Match, 2016: fishing-smack CK21 'Maria'  off Shellness by Stefan Czapski TR0567 : The Swale Match, 2016: fishing-smack F14 'Emeline' tacking into the mouth of the Swale by Stefan Czapski TR0567 : The Swale Match, 2016: sailing barges off Shellness by Stefan Czapski TR0567 : The Swale Match, 2016: fishing-smack CK348 'My Alice'  tacking off Shellness by Stefan Czapski SU9129 : On Blackdown (1) by Stefan Czapski TR0518 : Across the Dungeness shingle by Stefan Czapski TQ1773 : Virginia creeper in early November, Ham Street by Stefan Czapski TQ2073 : The Lower Pen Pond in November by Stefan Czapski TQ1972 : The Upper Pen Pond in December, partly frozen over by Stefan Czapski TQ0546 : Foggy day at Albury (6) by Stefan Czapski TQ1971 : The sky over High Wood: what would Turner have made of vapour-trails? by Stefan Czapski

Stephen Burton (446) 5

SK1276 : Hay Dale by Stephen Burton SJ9892 : Far Woodseats Farm by Stephen Burton SK1381 : Hurd Low by Stephen Burton SK0787 : Exposed rock on the edge of Kinder Plateau by Stephen Burton SK1273 : Chee Tor Tunnel by Stephen Burton

Stephen Craven (6597) 12

SE2933 : Globe Iron Works, Leeds by Stephen Craven TA0928 : The sun sets on the Empire by Stephen Craven TA0928 : Roof of the Paragon Arcade, Hull by Stephen Craven SE3031 : Longroyd Avenue, Hunslet Moor by Stephen Craven SE3170 : Fording the River Skell by Stephen Craven SD9952 : Ramsons in Skipton Castle Woods (2) by Stephen Craven SD9852 : Sheep on Park Hill, Skipton by Stephen Craven SD9852 : View from Park Hill towards Embsay Moor by Stephen Craven SD9852 : Fields above Skipton by Stephen Craven SK1814 : National Memorial Arboretum: Shot at Dawn by Stephen Craven SJ9062 : Quarry below the Cloud ridge by Stephen Craven SJ5471 : A shaft of sunlight in the forest by Stephen Craven

Stephen Elwyn RODDICK (4246) 2

SH2184 : Northern Tip of Holy Island by Stephen Elwyn RODDICK O1634 : River Liffey by Stephen Elwyn RODDICK

Stephen McKay (1621) 21

SK2165 : River Lathkill from Coalpit Bridge by Stephen McKay TQ3381 : Fire escape - Exchange House by Stephen McKay NZ3669 : Tynemouth metro station by Stephen McKay SP2054 : L'Occitane en Provence, Stratford upon Avon by Stephen McKay SO8554 : Fort Royal Park, Worcester by Stephen McKay SO8454 : The Michael Baker Boathouse by Stephen McKay SO8454 : Former Fire Station, Worcester by Stephen McKay TQ3281 : Mason's Avenue, City Of London by Stephen McKay SK5903 : Looking out of the Old Horse by Stephen McKay SK8608 : The Butter Cross, Oakham by Stephen McKay TQ3281 : Lothbury, City of London by Stephen McKay SK5361 : Monster Shop and Maid Marian by Stephen McKay SO8269 : Leaving Lincomb Lock by Stephen McKay SO8071 : The Sky Flyer by Stephen McKay TL4903 : North Weald Station by Stephen McKay SX4358 : Royal Albert Bridge by Stephen McKay TL2313 : Under the White Bridge, Welwyn Garden City by Stephen McKay TQ1891 : Canons Park Station by Stephen McKay SO6204 : Santa Special at Norchard by Stephen McKay SO6204 : Railway south of Norchard by Stephen McKay TQ4088 : George Green, Wanstead by Stephen McKay


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