Images shortlisted for POTY, 2016

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

D: D M Wilmot to David Dixon

D M Wilmot (44460) 3

SO9445 : Substantial Support by D M Wilmot J3272 : Manual Drive by D M Wilmot TQ3381 : Told To Wait Here by D M Wilmot

Dave Bevis (18186) 1

SK4467 : Heath - The Elm Tree by Dave Bevis

Dave Dunford (1974) 1

SJ4666 : Nextboxes on former Conservation Path by Dave Dunford

Dave Kelly (84364) 1

TR2638 : The North Downs Way near Abbott's Land Farm by Dave Kelly

Dave Pickersgill (13635) 5

TA1028 : Reflected Church by Dave Pickersgill SK3587 : 01 Elephant in the Hive - Ponds Forge by Dave Pickersgill SK2589 : A foggy day in August by Dave Pickersgill SK5639 : Nottingham Beer Festival 2016 by Dave Pickersgill SK3488 : Bottling day by Dave Pickersgill

Dave Thompson (119975) 9

SP9795 : Bridleway to Hostage Wood by Dave Thompson SP9991 : Bridleway from Crossway Hand Cottages by Dave Thompson SP6798 : Bridleway view by Dave Thompson SJ7805 : RAF Cosford - by Dave Thompson NH6049 : Gallowhill Wood by Dave Thompson NH6644 : Southside Road by Dave Thompson SP7393 : Track to Stonton Wyville by Dave Thompson TG1729 : On Weaver's Way by Dave Thompson SK7313 : Path around Thorpe Satchville by Dave Thompson

David (29868) 4

NO2714 : Gate on Collessie to Lindores Loch path by David NN7633 : Sheep enclosure in Glen Almond by David NN7733 : Lechrea, an abandoned cottage in Glen Almond by David NO2319 : The Silvery Tay by David

David Brown (9573) 5

NY6546 : Tom Smith's Stone by David Brown NY6647 : Grey Nag by David Brown NB1007 : Gleann Miabhaig by David Brown NG1195 : Lochan on Stoicleit an Ear by David Brown SD5171 : Kellet Lane Bridge by David Brown

david cameron photographer (114318) 2

NS4763 : Territorial Army Centre Paisley by david cameron photographer NS4863 : Paisley Fireworks display 2016 by david cameron photographer

David Dixon (43729) 74

SD7808 : New Year's Day 2016, Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal by David Dixon SD7914 : Flying Scotsman on the East Lancashire Railway by David Dixon SD8109 : Roch Valley from Pilsworth by David Dixon SJ8498 : Back Turner Street by David Dixon SJ8097 : Bridge to MediaCityUK by David Dixon SD8110 : 34092 City of Wells at Pimhole by David Dixon SD8010 : Flying Scotsman at Bury, January 2016 (Scotsman in Steam Weekend) by David Dixon SD2608 : Formby Beach, Mad Wharf by David Dixon SJ3590 : The Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool by David Dixon SJ3590 : Cathedral View by David Dixon SJ3590 : High Altar, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral by David Dixon SJ3490 : Liverpool, Lime Street by David Dixon SJ8498 : Manchester Victoria Station Booking Hall by David Dixon SJ8398 : Albert Square by David Dixon SJ8497 : Chinese New Year Dragon Parade, Princess Street by David Dixon SJ8497 : Manchester Dragon Parade, Princess Street by David Dixon SD3710 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Hulme's Bridge by David Dixon SD7807 : Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal on a Foggy Morning by David Dixon SD8304 : The Temple, Heaton Park by David Dixon SD6513 : Wilder's Moor by David Dixon SD6512 : Heading West Across Smithills Moor by David Dixon SD7915 : Goods Train at Brooksbottoms by David Dixon SD8400 : Manchester Irish Festival Parade, Queen's Road by David Dixon SD6811 : Footpath Alongside Dean Brook by David Dixon SD6618 : Track Towards Turton Moor (Tacklers' Trail) by David Dixon SJ8499 : Earth Tubes, Angel Square by David Dixon NZ2563 : Walkway Across the Tyne Swing Bridge by David Dixon NZ2563 : Baltic Flour Mill, Gateshead Quay by David Dixon NZ2563 : Gateshead Sage at Night by David Dixon NZ2563 : Newcastle City Marina and Gateshead Millennium Bridge by David Dixon SJ8399 : Refurbished Restaurant at Manchester Victoria Station by David Dixon SD4214 : Asian Otter (Amblonyx cinerea) Feeding at Martin Mere by David Dixon SD4214 : Asian Otter (Amblonyx cinerea) at Martin Mere by David Dixon SD4314 : Mandarin at Martin Mere by David Dixon SD4314 : Chilean Flamingos (Phoenicopterus chilensis) by David Dixon SD4517 : Leeds and Liverpool Canal, Narrowboat Near Spark Bridge by David Dixon SD7707 : Trametes versicolor, (Turkeytail Fungus) by David Dixon SD7915 : Brooksbottoms, View from the Viaduct by David Dixon SO0660 : Serpent in the Mist, Llandrindod Lake by David Dixon SO0571 : Abbey-Cwm-Hir, Church of St Mary by David Dixon SO0560 : Rock Park, Arlais Brook by David Dixon SN9264 : Caban Coch Reservoir by David Dixon SJ8397 : Beyer-Garratt Locomotive Cab by David Dixon SD9716 : Blackstone Edge Trig Pillar by David Dixon SD5525 : New War Memorial and Peace Garden by David Dixon SJ7293 : Manchester Ship Canal, Irlam Container Terminal by David Dixon SZ0589 : Canford Cliffs Beach Huts by David Dixon SD8022 : Hughes Crab Locomotive at Rawtenstall by David Dixon SD8022 : Turning the Wheels by David Dixon SD9520 : Warland Reservoir, Walkway and Control Tower by David Dixon SD9519 : Pylons across Wicken Lowe by David Dixon SJ8383 : River Bollin at Quarry Bank Mill Lower Garden by David Dixon SJ4182 : Coming in to Land (1) by David Dixon SD6909 : Bolton Steam Museum, Diamond Ropeworks Engine by David Dixon SJ8398 : West from Victoria by David Dixon SD7009 : Black Headed Gulls at Queen's Park by David Dixon SD7009 : Bolton, Queen's Park by David Dixon SJ4171 : Narrowboats on the Shropshire Union Canal by David Dixon SJ8397 : Planet Outside the Power Hall at the Museum of Science and Industry by David Dixon SU4112 : Modern Development on Above Bar Street by David Dixon SU4415 : Mansbridge by David Dixon NW9953 : Old Lighthouse at Portpatrick Harbour by David Dixon SD7914 : Summerseat, Lane Behind Queen's Place by David Dixon SJ8397 : Experiment! Museum of Science and Industry by David Dixon SJ8397 : Former Great Western Warehouse (Museum of Science and Industry) by David Dixon SD7915 : Flying Scotsman at Brooksbottoms Viaduct by David Dixon TQ2981 : The Palace Theatre, London by David Dixon TQ2376 : Thames Path, Bishop's Park by David Dixon TQ3784 : Olympic Park, ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower by David Dixon SJ8097 : MediaCity Footbridge in Green by David Dixon SJ8499 : Earth Tube Poppy by David Dixon SD8010 : The War Memorial, Bury by David Dixon SD7916 : Santa Special - City of Wells by David Dixon SJ8097 : Lightwaves Festival 2016 - A Postcard From Blackpool by David Dixon


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