Images shortlisted for POTY, 2017

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: Adam Ward to Alan Reid

Adam Ward (6363) 5

ND0725 : Heading for Scaraben by Adam Ward NT4070 : Distant Lammer Law by Adam Ward NT6087 : Bass Rock Regatta by Adam Ward NN3442 : On the Ridge by Adam Ward NN3644 : Approaching Chreachain by Adam Ward

Adrian Dust (97490) 2

SS1901 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust SK9771 : Ordnance Survey 1GL Bolt by Adrian Dust

Adrian S Pye (46997) 5

TL7183 : Part of Lakenheath cemetery by Adrian S Pye TM5492 : Gone are the golden sands of the south beach by Adrian S Pye TF0246 : North Rauceby Second World War Memorial by Adrian S Pye TF7632 : Man harvests the sugarbeet, seagulls harvest the worms by Adrian S Pye TF7826 : Victorian three wheeled wicker bath chair by Adrian S Pye

Alan Bowring (8255) 2

SO1012 : Sinkhole at low water by Alan Bowring SO1617 : Carreg Waun Llech by Alan Bowring

Alan Hughes (121420) 19

SS8890 : Farm Machinery by Alan Hughes SM8737 : Penbwchdy Headland by Alan Hughes SS7782 : Remains of a Boat by Alan Hughes SM7023 : Bitches Turbulence by Alan Hughes ST1380 : Radyr Weir Hydroelectric Scheme by Alan Hughes SO0514 : Pontsticill Reservoir by Alan Hughes TQ2980 : Statue of Eros by Alan Hughes TQ3681 : Residential Flats by Alan Hughes TQ3079 : Crane Salute by Alan Hughes SS8476 : Newton Bay by Alan Hughes SM9040 : Wild horses by Alan Hughes SM9040 : Barriers on Cnwc Degan by Alan Hughes SS9494 : Footpath to Ton Pentre by Alan Hughes SS9696 : Ty'n y Bedw Treorchy by Alan Hughes SM7225 : St.Justinian's Lifeboat Station by Alan Hughes SM7424 : Mooring posts by Alan Hughes SS8994 : Trig point on Llyndwr Fawr by Alan Hughes TQ3075 : Brixton Town Hall by Alan Hughes TQ3382 : "I don't get no satisfaction" by Alan Hughes

Alan Murray-Rust (9181) 24

SK7519 : Former coach house19 and 21 High Street, Melton Mowbray by Alan Murray-Rust SK9136 : The old swimming pool, Wyndham Park by Alan Murray-Rust SP3166 : After the rain by Alan Murray-Rust SP3165 : Former Public Library, main entrance by Alan Murray-Rust SP3166 : Balcony balustrade, 41 Parade, Royal Leamington Spa by Alan Murray-Rust SE0925 : O, the Corona chimney by Alan Murray-Rust SE0825 : Corona Chimney, Dean Clough, Halifax (detail) by Alan Murray-Rust SJ8969 : Gawsworth New Hall by Alan Murray-Rust SK3447 : 26-37 Short Row by Alan Murray-Rust ST5873 : Leonard Lane  1 by Alan Murray-Rust SK3448 : Gear and weir by Alan Murray-Rust SK4741 : Green's Lock, Ilkeston by Alan Murray-Rust SK4642 : Fingerpost, Bath Street, Ilkeston by Alan Murray-Rust SE1565 : Stone and slates by Alan Murray-Rust SE2070 : Standing stone on Coal Hill, Skelding by Alan Murray-Rust SE3457 : Railings and stacks by Alan Murray-Rust SE2467 : Track to Green Farm by Alan Murray-Rust SD8585 : Valley of Bank Gill by Alan Murray-Rust SK7790 : Deep plough near Beckingham by Alan Murray-Rust SK8381 : Church of St Margaret, Marton by Alan Murray-Rust NT2071 : Tram leaving Saughton by Alan Murray-Rust NT2474 : Hill Street, New Town, Edinburgh by Alan Murray-Rust SK3034 : 5  8 The Hollow, Mickleover by Alan Murray-Rust SK5739 : Helter-skelter, Long Row East by Alan Murray-Rust

Alan O'Dowd (34944) 25

NX7295 : Striding Arch on Bail Hill by Alan O'Dowd NS8808 : Winter scene, Lowther Hills by Alan O'Dowd NS8506 : Fenceline on Cairn Hill by Alan O'Dowd NT1557 : North Esk Reservoir by Alan O'Dowd NS8911 : Access road between Green Lowther & Lowther Hill by Alan O'Dowd NN6911 : Summit 'feature' on Uamh Bheag by Alan O'Dowd NN3767 : Islands in Loch Ossian by Alan O'Dowd NN3669 : Ceann Caol Beinn na Lap by Alan O'Dowd NJ4004 : Cromar farmland viewed from lower slopes of Morven by Alan O'Dowd NS9620 : River Clyde from Corbury Hill by Alan O'Dowd NS2298 : Beinn Reithe from Cnoc Coinnich by Alan O'Dowd NS8565 : Boulder on rough ground above Papperthill Craigs by Alan O'Dowd NT2062 : Looking across the col between Carnethy Hill and Turnhouse Hill by Alan O'Dowd NX6998 : Striding Arch on Colt Hill by Alan O'Dowd NN9307 : St. Mungo's Farm, Glen Eagles by Alan O'Dowd NN3500 : Rainbow over Loch Lomond by Alan O'Dowd NT0122 : Reflections in the Camps Reservoir by Alan O'Dowd NO3020 : Summit of Norman's Law by Alan O'Dowd NS9335 : Lochlyoch Reservoir by Alan O'Dowd NS6619 : Meanders in the Glenmuir Water by Alan O'Dowd NT0535 : Snow on Pyatknowe Hill by Alan O'Dowd NS6719 : Abandoned farmhouse at High Dalblair by Alan O'Dowd NS8712 : Snow and sheep in Wanlockhead by Alan O'Dowd NS9718 : Turbine in the sky? by Alan O'Dowd NS9015 : Track by Risping Cleuch by Alan O'Dowd

Alan Reid (45856) 13

NS0081 : River Ruel at Ormidale by Alan Reid NN0231 : Power line and railway line near Inverawe by Alan Reid NR9384 : Quay on Loch Fyne at Otter Ferry by Alan Reid NM9762 : Sgeirean Shallachain by Alan Reid NM7679 : A summit beyond a summit on A830 by Alan Reid NS2496 : HURST POINT Ro-Ro Cargo vessel at Glenmallan jetty by Alan Reid NN2605 : The Cobbler from Arrochar by Alan Reid NN0104 : Peaty lochan below Beinn Dearg by Alan Reid NS1859 : Tomont End, looking towards Bute by Alan Reid NS1659 : Intertidal rock and shingle near Stinking Bay by Alan Reid NS1455 : Great Cumbrae, west coast by Alan Reid NS5463 : Cycling in Bellahouston Park by Alan Reid NO4127 : Jetty and Tay Bridge by Alan Reid


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