Images shortlisted for POTY, 2017

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, February 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

C: cefngyfelach to Chris Whippet

cefngyfelach (124213) 1

SN6609 : Abandoned Minibus by cefngyfelach

Ceri Thomas (10875) 3

SH5163 : Coed Ffawydd / Beech Trees by Ceri Thomas SH4359 : Twyni Dinas Dinlle / Dinas Dinlle dunes by Ceri Thomas SH7661 : Ffens ar ogwydd / A leaning fence by Ceri Thomas

Chris (79357) 10

TF1696 : Thoresway: aerial 2017 by Chris SK8171 : Along the pylons from High Marnham towards Cottam Power Station by Chris TA0641 : Scarecrow Day in Tickton (2) by Chris TF5459 : Wainfleet Clough: aerial 2017 (1) by Chris TM3491 : Gone fishing: Broome Heath by Chris TF1068 : Grain crop (for birds?) lit by evening sunlight by Nocton Fen Road by Chris TF0758 : Powerlines against a stormy sky in Scopwick by Chris TF0053 : Farm buildings at Temple Farm, Temple Bruer by Chris TF3593 : Snow-strafed cows by Chris TF4280 : Great Eau east of Toot Hill: aerial 2017 by Chris

Chris Allen (4264) 7

SK5612 : Gaslight and gloom - Rothley Station by Chris Allen SD8010 : I'm on the train - home in twenty minutes by Chris Allen SO5300 : Wireworks bridge over the River Wye by Chris Allen SK2406 : Smokey - Statfold Barn Railway by Chris Allen SK2406 : Statfold Barn Railway - incongruous by Chris Allen NY5635 : Little Salkeld Flour Mill by Chris Allen SO8554 : Worcester Victorian Market - gallopers by Chris Allen

Chris Andrews (16152) 12

SH5822 : Dyffryn Ardudwy Burial Chamber by Chris Andrews ST5475 : Railway Bridge, Sea Mills by Chris Andrews SH5654 : Llyn Cwellyn by Chris Andrews SS9596 : A Fish Called Rhondda by Chris Andrews SH3963 : Kite Surfers, Llanddwyn Bay by Chris Andrews SH6380 : Penmon Priory by Chris Andrews H9675 : Daybreak Over Lough Neagh by Chris Andrews SX5877 : Moorland on Black Dunghill by Chris Andrews SX5975 : Moorland Above The Cowsic River by Chris Andrews SK0048 : Consall Station by Chris Andrews ST1739 : Minor Road at Walford's Gibbet by Chris Andrews SH5560 : Incline Head Above Pen-y-bwlch by Chris Andrews

Chris Downer (14700) 12

SZ0990 : Bournemouth: pastel beach huts by Chris Downer SZ0890 : Bournemouth: the winter sun reflecting off the sea by Chris Downer SZ0890 : Bournemouth: solitary man on the foggy beach by Chris Downer ST7182 : Yate: former Tesco signage sees the light of day again by Chris Downer SZ0894 : Winton: under a ventilation outlet on footpath L01 by Chris Downer SZ0894 : Winton: concrete slope on footpath L01 by Chris Downer SH4762 : Caernarfon: boats moored opposite the castle by Chris Downer SZ1291 : Southbourne: a breaking wave by Chris Downer SZ0991 : Bournemouth: southern subway under the Station Roundabout by Chris Downer SZ0990 : Bournemouth: fresh footprints in the sand by Chris Downer ST9648 : Imber: London buses await departure by Chris Downer SY6768 : Portland Bill: spectacular seaspray at Pulpit Rock by Chris Downer

Chris Gunns (13385) 1

SU6907 : Path in Littlepark Wood by Chris Gunns

Chris Heaton (aka Penguincharmer) (3298) 26

SD6752 : Beside the Boundary Wall on Burn Slack by Chris Heaton SY3492 : View towards The Cobb by Chris Heaton SD9992 : Beldon Beck by Chris Heaton SD9692 : Stone Man and Beacon on Woodhall Greets by Chris Heaton SE4341 : Headley Lane looking South East by Chris Heaton SE4441 : Headley Hall by Chris Heaton SD5874 : Docker Lane (1) by Chris Heaton SE3638 : Bramley Grange Farm by Chris Heaton SE4346 : Former Thorp Arch Railway Station by Chris Heaton SD8830 : Middle Pasture Farm by Chris Heaton SD8929 : In Shedden Clough by Chris Heaton SD8929 : Bridleway running through Shedden Clough Hushings by Chris Heaton NZ0216 : Access Lane leading away from The Raygill Riding Centre (1) by Chris Heaton SD9393 : Track on Whitfield Fell (2) by Chris Heaton SD6543 : River Hodder from Doeford Bridge by Chris Heaton SD9929 : View over Pecket Well Clough by Chris Heaton TQ3783 : Lea Navigation near the London Stadium by Chris Heaton TQ4299 : Small Clearing within Epping Forest by Chris Heaton SE1887 : Approaching West Marriforth Plantation by Chris Heaton SE1989 : Ruswick Manor Farm by Chris Heaton SD8020 : Sand Beds Lane by Chris Heaton SD8020 : Heading West down Sand Beds Lane by Chris Heaton SE0693 : Memorial to Fourth Baron Ashcombe by Chris Heaton SE0096 : Moorland between High Carl and Gibbon Hill by Chris Heaton SE0398 : Farm off Swale Hall Lane by Chris Heaton SD9098 : River Swale North of Ramps Holme Bridge by Chris Heaton

Chris Holifield (21337) 3

SM8402 : Remains of the East Blockhouse, Angle Peninsula by Chris Holifield TM4873 : Westwood Marshes Mill by Chris Holifield TL9748 : Track to the north of Chelsworth Woodland by Chris Holifield

Chris Morgan (69729) 14

SK2679 : Snowy day at Longshaw by Chris Morgan SK1344 : On the Limestone Way near Ashfield Farm by Chris Morgan SK9176 : Broxholme Lane by Chris Morgan TA3009 : TransPennine Express Class 185 beside the sea at Cleethorpes by Chris Morgan NZ7120 : Skinningrove Harbour by Chris Morgan NZ7219 : Seat by a cross paths on the English Coastal Path by Chris Morgan NZ8205 : British Railways Class 4MT No 76079 sets off towards Goathland by Chris Morgan SE8223 : Mill Farm, Yokefleet by Chris Morgan SE7626 : Old Chapel facing the River Ouse at Kilpin Pike by Chris Morgan NU2423 : Embleton Beach by Chris Morgan SE7131 : Leaving Wressle by Chris Morgan SJ8383 : Quarry Bank House by Chris Morgan SK4587 : Ulley Reservoir at peace by Chris Morgan SK4787 : 3 wind turbines from Penny Hill Wind Farm by Chris Morgan

Chris N Illingworth (40419) 1

SU6201 : HMS Queen Elizabeth by Chris N Illingworth

Chris Thomas-Atkin (124265) 4

TQ2005 : Memorial on the Old Shoreham Bridge by Chris Thomas-Atkin TQ0232 : Lock Restoration at Gennets Bridge by Chris Thomas-Atkin TQ4323 : Fields near Fletching by Chris Thomas-Atkin TQ3632 : Churchyard at West Hoathly by Chris Thomas-Atkin

Chris Whippet (27922) 3

TR3744 : St. Margaret's Bay Beach by Chris Whippet TR3241 : Seafront Shelter, Marine Parade, Dover by Chris Whippet TQ7655 : Jubilee Square, Maidstone by Chris Whippet


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