Images shortlisted for POTY, 2019

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, December 2022 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: Adam Ward to Alan Murray-Rust

Adam Ward (6363) 16

NN5738 : Nearly There by Adam Ward NS5299 : Native Bluebell Woodland by Adam Ward NT5461 : Bleak Law Burn by Adam Ward NT3637 : Commercial Forestry Plantation by Adam Ward NN4706 : Trossachs Treat by Adam Ward NT4170 : Bend in the Barley by Adam Ward NM8540 : Last Boat of the Day by Adam Ward NT4470 : Phacelia tanacetifolia by Adam Ward NN8771 : Bridge, Track and Trees by Adam Ward NT1760 : Woody Detritus by Adam Ward NT4470 : Recent Harvesting, Boggs by Adam Ward NN1953 : View to Stob na Broige by Adam Ward NT3969 : Cor B-Lime-y by Adam Ward NN6888 : Looking to the Cairngorms by Adam Ward NN7187 : Meall Chuaich Summit and View by Adam Ward NN0445 : Glen Etive View by Adam Ward

Adrian Cable (aka Geographer) (2639) 1

TL8217 : Entering Rivenhall on Church Road by Geographer

Adrian Dust (97490) 1

SN0100 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust

Adrian S Pye (46997) 8

TL9097 : Gatehouse at Merton Hall by Adrian S Pye TG0012 : Chaffinch searching out a tidbit by Adrian S Pye TG0113 : Shelter in Dereham's new cemetery by Adrian S Pye TG2027 : Manikin on a motor bike hanging from a derelict barn by Adrian S Pye TL8682 : Maharajah Duleep Singh Memorial Statue (close look) by Adrian S Pye TM5292 : Marsh harrier swooping on innocent pedestrian by Adrian S Pye TM5393 : Dragonfly painting - just finished by Adrian S Pye TG5203 : The interior of Gorleston Methodist church by Adrian S Pye

AJD (50660) 1

SP3155 : Holy Cross, Moreton Morrell by AJD

Alan Bowring (8255) 1

NC3217 : Solifluction terraces on Carn nan Conbhairean by Alan Bowring

Alan Hughes (121420) 45

SS4385 : Headland above Paviland by Alan Hughes SS9594 : Mynydd Ton by Alan Hughes SS9998 : Forestry and wall by Alan Hughes SS5388 : Three Cliffs Bay by Alan Hughes SS5898 : Catholic Church by Alan Hughes SN3701 : Cast ashore by Alan Hughes SN3701 : Ripples in the Sand by Alan Hughes SS8399 : Energy landscape by Alan Hughes SM7806 : Panoramic view of Marloes Bay by Alan Hughes SM7807 : Rock outcrop by Alan Hughes SO0121 : Cribyn by Alan Hughes SS9394 : Bwlch y Clawdd by Alan Hughes SN8021 : Llyn y Fan Fach by Alan Hughes SN9103 : Old signpost by Alan Hughes ST1083 : Burial mound by Alan Hughes TQ2979 : The Home Office by Alan Hughes SN6909 : Four horses by Alan Hughes SN8701 : Stone track by Alan Hughes SP5206 : Tree tranquillity by Alan Hughes SN8520 : Tawe waterfall by Alan Hughes SS4189 : A mushroom with a view by Alan Hughes SS4090 : Aphrodite aculeata - a ‘sea mouse’ by Alan Hughes SS4199 : Cefn Sidan by Alan Hughes SS4188 : Incoming tide by Alan Hughes ST0183 : Autumn light on track towards Coed Cae Farm by Alan Hughes TQ1977 : Barges moored at Kew Pier by Alan Hughes SS8997 : Gathering storm at Blaengwynfi by Alan Hughes ST1974 : Y Senedd by Alan Hughes ST0483 : Cobbled street by Alan Hughes ST0483 : Un dau tri by Alan Hughes SM8422 : Driftwood on pebbles by Alan Hughes SM8422 : Man and Dalmatian by Alan Hughes SM7525 : St David’s Cathedral and the Bishop’s Palace by Alan Hughes SS9168 : Coastline from Nash Point towards Southerndown by Alan Hughes SS9070 : Henry Moore’s studio? by Alan Hughes SS9168 : Limestone shelf by Alan Hughes SS9070 : Monknash Brook by Alan Hughes SS8376 : Newton Point by Alan Hughes SS8477 : Seaweed on Newton beach  by Alan Hughes SS8477 : Shoreline at Newton Bay by Alan Hughes SS8477 : Silver and gold by Alan Hughes SS5387 : Three Cliffs by Alan Hughes SS5388 : Seaweed-covered limestone by Alan Hughes SS5488 : Sunlight on water by Alan Hughes SS5387 : Three Cliffs by Alan Hughes

Alan Murray-Rust (9181) 24

SK5903 : 55, 57 London Road, Leicester – detail by Alan Murray-Rust SK5903 : Evington Footway, Leicester by Alan Murray-Rust SO8318 : Subway under Gloucester Railway Station by Alan Murray-Rust SK5537 : On the Beeston Canal by Alan Murray-Rust SK5739 : Council House Lion by Alan Murray-Rust SK5739 : Imperial Building, Fletcher Gate, Nottingham by Alan Murray-Rust SK5639 : 1 & 2 Park Terrace, Nottingham by Alan Murray-Rust SK5639 : 26 Regent Street, Nottingham by Alan Murray-Rust SO8218 : “Please be careful how you lean on me” by Alan Murray-Rust SK4626 : Airport Trail by Alan Murray-Rust SK4626 : East Midlands Gateway – Big Box 1, loading bays by Alan Murray-Rust NS5566 : Glasgow Harbour Terraces by Alan Murray-Rust NS5965 : Italia and cupola by Alan Murray-Rust SK5641 : Rock or Church Cemetery, Nottingham by Alan Murray-Rust TL4458 : Botolph Lane by Alan Murray-Rust TL4558 : Dinky Doors - 10 (and a quarter) Downing Street by Alan Murray-Rust SK5453 : Newstead Abbey Gardens – Japanese Garden by Alan Murray-Rust NJ2172 : Halliman Skerries by Alan Murray-Rust SK6139 : High water at Colwick Sluices by Alan Murray-Rust SE5327 : Maize stubble, Birkin by Alan Murray-Rust SE5951 : Platform 2, York Station by Alan Murray-Rust SE5945 : The Ouse at Naburn by Alan Murray-Rust TF0207 : Barn Hill House, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust TF0306 : Church of St Martin, Stamford by Alan Murray-Rust


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