Images shortlisted for POTY, 2022

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: A J Paxton to Ajay Tegala

A J Paxton (24602) 5

SP0686 : The Sentinels by A J Paxton SP0786 : When rock was young: Black Sabbath mural, Rea Street by A J Paxton SP3378 : The secret life of the ring road by A J Paxton SP3379 : This is the City: Here comes the sun by A J Paxton SP3582 : Riley mural, Riley Square, Bell Green by A J Paxton

Adam Forsyth (126445) 2

NB5547 : Traigh Mhòr Beach by Adam Forsyth NB5449 : Waves at Traigh Mhòr beach, Isle of Lewis by Adam Forsyth

Adam Ward (6363) 34

NN5609 : A Moment to Savour by Adam Ward NT5462 : Atmospheric Hopes by Adam Ward NU1143 : Moon Reflected by Adam Ward NT4363 : Stubble Field near Windy Mains by Adam Ward NT2064 : The Upper Limit by Adam Ward NT7671 : Through the Arch by Adam Ward NT1019 : Hills Reflected by Adam Ward NT1018 : Boats by the Water by Adam Ward NC0525 : Very Gneiss by Adam Ward NC1518 : It's a Dog's Life by Adam Ward NM8498 : Gleann Meadail by Adam Ward NM8097 : Rough Bounds of Knoydart by Adam Ward NG8858 : Footbridge over the Abhainn Coire Mhic Nobuill by Adam Ward NN0299 : Gairich Grandeur by Adam Ward NG5321 : Rum View by Adam Ward NG5421 : Waterfall on the Allt na Dunaiche by Adam Ward NG4625 : Bla Bheinn Through the Gap by Adam Ward NT5585 : Windy Day, North Berwick by Adam Ward NT5781 : Field at Old Stonelaws by Adam Ward NG9312 : Forcan Ridge by Adam Ward NG9514 : Five Sisters View by Adam Ward NG7831 : Highland Cow, Duirinish by Adam Ward NM4038 : Highlands at Cragaig by Adam Ward NH4927 : At the foot of the Falls by Adam Ward NH2025 : Pot of Gold? by Adam Ward NT5462 : Witches' Brooms by Adam Ward NT3259 : Autumn at Arniston by Adam Ward NN3748 : Window at Gorton by Adam Ward NT2265 : An Autumn Sunset by Adam Ward NN5313 : Summit View by Adam Ward NT2061 : Winter on Carnethy Hill by Adam Ward NN5215 : High above Balquhidder by Adam Ward NT2162 : Carnethy Hill, Winter by Adam Ward NN3685 : The Final Slopes by Adam Ward

Adrian Diack (88793) 1

TV5595 : A small cave viewed over  wave-cut platform and cusps, Birling Gap by Adrian Diack

Adrian Dust (97490) 3

SD2469 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust SN7928 : Gateway & Stile by Adrian Dust SN6205 : Gateway NW of Twyn Tyle Farm by Adrian Dust

Adrian S Pye (46997) 3

TM5292 : Railway line passing through a former fabrication workshop by Adrian S Pye TM5494 : Detail of the doorway by Adrian S Pye TM5493 : The underside of the Rotterdam Road bridge by Adrian S Pye

Adrian Taylor (8185) 11

NY6409 : Wind blown hawthorns by Adrian Taylor NX9718 : Whitehaven Tunnel by Adrian Taylor NX9720 : Tanyard Bay by Adrian Taylor NZ4618 : Old River Tees by Adrian Taylor NU2405 : Warkworth Castle by Adrian Taylor NY4055 : The Old Town Hall, Carlisle by Adrian Taylor SD6582 : Blindbeck Bridge, Barbondale by Adrian Taylor SD0896 : Loco Shed, Ravenglass by Adrian Taylor SD0896 : Man at work by Adrian Taylor SZ2984 : The Needles by Adrian Taylor SD2895 : Wall near Scale Haw by Adrian Taylor

Ajay Tegala (20422) 1

SK1550 : View towards Thorpe Cloud from Lin Dale by Ajay Tegala


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