Images shortlisted for POTY, 2022

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: Alan Murray-Rust to Andrew Curtis

Alan Murray-Rust (9181) 33

SK6237 : Rainwater head on the old school at Bassingfield by Alan Murray-Rust SK5438 : Eurydice prevails  2 by Alan Murray-Rust SK5438 : The tube at QMC  2 by Alan Murray-Rust SK6436 : A reed not swayed with the wind by Alan Murray-Rust SK6432 : Stream in Cotgrave Forest by Alan Murray-Rust SK6035 : Tipping both ways by Alan Murray-Rust TL9370 : Gable shadows by Alan Murray-Rust SK4933 : 10 not-so-silver chimneys  2 by Alan Murray-Rust SK5632 : View across Ruddington Moor to Ratcliffe Power Station by Alan Murray-Rust SK5438 : Bands across by Alan Murray-Rust SK5437 : Horse Chestnut bud, Highfields Park by Alan Murray-Rust SK5236 : Barton Quarter, Chilwell, March 2022  4 by Alan Murray-Rust SD8610 : Shining in the sunlight by Alan Murray-Rust SD8611 : Mutual Mills, Heywood  7 by Alan Murray-Rust SK5335 : Canalside Heritage Centre, Beeston Lock by Alan Murray-Rust SK5436 : Building D6 at Boots Factory Site by Alan Murray-Rust NH7459 : Lichen variety at Rosemarkie by Alan Murray-Rust NJ7820 : Urie Bridge, Keithhall Road, Inverurie by Alan Murray-Rust NJ5463 : Steamed potatoes by Alan Murray-Rust NJ8065 : Looking down on Crovie by Alan Murray-Rust NJ5866 : Lugworm casts, Old Harbour, Portsoy by Alan Murray-Rust SK2406 : Waiting for clear signals by Alan Murray-Rust SK3454 : Crich Tramway Museum, the traverser in operation by Alan Murray-Rust SU1484 : 4  3  2 by Alan Murray-Rust TR3968 : Beach huts at Stone Bay by Alan Murray-Rust TR3864 : Chimney pots at Kent Terrace by Alan Murray-Rust SK5739 : Former Trent Navigation warehouse reflected . . . by Alan Murray-Rust SK6041 : Cyclamen study  4 by Alan Murray-Rust SK5639 : Dancing to reflections by Alan Murray-Rust SK5439 : Architectural studies, Jubilee Campus, October 2022  18 by Alan Murray-Rust SK5439 : Architectural studies, Jubilee Campus, October 2022  5 by Alan Murray-Rust SK5641 : From Green to Gold 'n' Brown  2 by Alan Murray-Rust TQ3083 : Keystone Crescent, Islington by Alan Murray-Rust

Alan O'Dowd (34944) 9

NS7147 : Snow on minor road near Whitecraigs by Alan O'Dowd NS7147 : Snow at Heads of Glassford by Alan O'Dowd NT1218 : Narrow path on Erie Hill by Alan O'Dowd NS9729 : View towards Tinto and the River Clyde from Startup Hill by Alan O'Dowd NS7493 : Bales in field near West Carse by Alan O'Dowd NS7792 : Cambusbarron Quarry (disused) by Alan O'Dowd NS8339 : Mist, snow and the setting sun, near Devonburn by Alan O'Dowd NS8339 : Snow and mist near Boreland by Alan O'Dowd NS8331 : Patterns and reflections in loch, Douglas Estate by Alan O'Dowd

Alan Pickup (133042) 1

SP5006 : Worcester College Gardens by Alan Pickup

Alan Reid (45856) 3

NC4356 : Prevailing wind at work, Eriboll Farm by Alan Reid NH8479 : The farmhouse of Rhynie by Alan Reid NC8257 : Allt Rèidhean a' Bhainne by Alan Reid

Alan Richards (48504) 3

SO1407 : Ar lethrau Mynydd Bedwellte / On the slopes of Mynydd Bedwellte by Alan Richards SN8041 : Traphont Cynghordy / Cynghordy Viaduct by Alan Richards SN8423 : Rhostir a choedigaeth / Moorland and forestry by Alan Richards

Alastair Harkiss (137079) 1

NH6791 : Sunset behind Cnoc Dubh Beag by Alastair Harkiss

AlastairG (22952) 3

NN2241 : Track towards Loch Dochard by AlastairG NC1841 : Lochan in possible Scourie dyke by AlastairG NS9973 : Early autumn colours in Beecraigs Country Park, Linlithgow by AlastairG

Alec MacKinnon (28330) 1

NS3843 : Looking along the Glazert Burn by Alec MacKinnon

Aleks Scholz (127435) 7

NT1698 : Tree on the edge by Aleks Scholz NT1696 : Sheep west of Ballingry by Aleks Scholz NO1685 : Footbridge over Callater Burn by Aleks Scholz NO2254 : View across the valley by Aleks Scholz NO4700 : Parked for a long time by Aleks Scholz NO6006 : Coastal Path at the Pans by Aleks Scholz NO5104 : Kellie Castle, entrance by Aleks Scholz

Alex McGregor (45095) 2

NN9903 : Castlehill Reservoir by Alex McGregor NS5965 : Wellington with cone by Alex McGregor

Andrew Abbott (45714) 10

SJ6452 : Wilbraham's Almshouses by Andrew Abbott SK1514 : Evening light by Andrew Abbott SK2019 : Aggregate Industries Concrete Burton upon Trent by Andrew Abbott SK2221 : Branston Lock by Andrew Abbott TQ2983 : Somers Town Bridge by Andrew Abbott TQ3083 : Grand Union Canal by Andrew Abbott SO8984 : Former entrance to the Iron Works by Andrew Abbott NT2573 : Brown's Place, The Vennel, Edinburgh by Andrew Abbott NT2763 : Rosslyn Chapel by Andrew Abbott NO3928 : The Tay Bridge by Andrew Abbott

Andrew Abbott (129177) 4

SJ5206 : Cantlop Mill and Cound Brook by TCExplorer SJ5006 : Condover Solar Farm by TCExplorer SJ5102 : Stockbatch Solar Farm by TCExplorer SJ6006 : Orchard Cottage by TCExplorer

Andrew Curtis (32242) 26

NZ1365 : The sky flows down to the sea by Andrew Curtis NZ1265 : Mist over Tyne valley by Andrew Curtis NZ1266 : Burning off the morning mist by Andrew Curtis NZ1565 : Storm Malik stirs up waters of Tyne by Andrew Curtis NZ1265 : Holly tree, Close House by Andrew Curtis NZ1265 : Fountain, Close House by Andrew Curtis NY7669 : Caw Burn west of Greenlee Lough by Andrew Curtis NZ1265 : Yellow fields near The Rift by Andrew Curtis NZ1365 : Great Horsetail (Equisetum telmateia) by Andrew Curtis NZ1266 : Greater Stitchwort (Stellaria holostea), Heddon Common by Andrew Curtis NZ1265 : Close House by Andrew Curtis SE3368 : Bridge, Ripon Canal by Andrew Curtis TQ9418 : Norton's Hut, Rye Harbour Nature Reserve by Andrew Curtis TQ9118 : Ruined buildings near Camber Castle by Andrew Curtis SK9105 : Rutland Water by Andrew Curtis NZ1365 : Cobweb in the morning haar by Andrew Curtis NY9948 : Remains of flue & chimney, Feldon Lead Smelt Mill by Andrew Curtis NX8453 : Rough Firth by Andrew Curtis NY8355 : Museum of Classic Sci-Fi, The Peth, Allendale Town by Andrew Curtis NY7843 : Site of Lead Smelt Mill, Nenthead Mines Heritage Centre by Andrew Curtis NY9528 : Skears Hushes over Hudes Hope by Andrew Curtis NY8944 : Groverake Mine by Andrew Curtis NZ1265 : Fungus, Close House by Andrew Curtis NZ1366 : Misty & cold November morning in Tyne Valley by Andrew Curtis NZ1365 : Frozen puddle by Andrew Curtis NZ1265 : Oak tree, Close House Golf Course by Andrew Curtis


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