Images shortlisted for POTY, 2022

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: Anne Burgess to Arthur C Harris

Anne Burgess (139) 46

NO8695 : Hoar Frost by Anne Burgess NJ3356 : Sunset at the Earth Pillars (3) by Anne Burgess NJ3265 : Reappeared Pillbox by Anne Burgess NJ3546 : Hill of Towie Wind Farm by Anne Burgess NO2227 : Fingask Castle by Anne Burgess NO2227 : Fingask Statuary (6) by Anne Burgess NJ5233 : Early Crocus (Crocus tommasinianus) by Anne Burgess NJ3358 : Undermined Trees by Anne Burgess NJ1803 : Loch Builg by Anne Burgess NJ1618 : Tomintoul by Anne Burgess NJ6862 : Robin (Erithacus rubecula) by Anne Burgess NJ3746 : Turbines in a Rainbow by Anne Burgess NJ2225 : Crombie Water by Anne Burgess NJ2049 : Sphagnum with Snow by Anne Burgess NJ4961 : Lazing Lambs by Anne Burgess NJ3559 : Bald Eagle by Anne Burgess NH7867 : Nigg Ferry by Anne Burgess NJ7820 : Inverurie Cemetery by Anne Burgess NJ7722 : Former Locomotive Works by Anne Burgess NJ5866 : Old Harbour Wall by Anne Burgess NJ5866 : Thrift Gu Leòir by Anne Burgess NJ5866 : Portsoy Harbour by Anne Burgess NJ7428 : Loanhead of Daviot by Anne Burgess NH8856 : May Blossom by Anne Burgess NJ3462 : Spey Shingle Banks by Anne Burgess NO6952 : Cliffs at Buckie Den by Anne Burgess NO6945 : Old Red Sandstone by Anne Burgess NO6948 : Crow Garlic (Allium vineale) by Anne Burgess NJ3232 : River Fiddich by Anne Burgess NJ4462 : Craigmin Bridge by Anne Burgess NJ4556 : Waymarker by Anne Burgess NJ3045 : New Pond by Anne Burgess NJ5764 : Peacock Butterfly by Anne Burgess NJ2508 : Corgarff Castle by Anne Burgess NO3085 : River Muick by Anne Burgess NO2782 : Drystane Dyke by Anne Burgess NJ0147 : Fungi by Anne Burgess NJ0242 : Dava Way by Anne Burgess NJ1570 : Sandstone Fold by Anne Burgess NJ2060 : Quarry Pond by Anne Burgess NT4477 : Sunset over Edinburgh by Anne Burgess NT2762 : Riding the Railway by Anne Burgess NJ0050 : Logie House by Anne Burgess NJ3461 : Swirling Foam by Anne Burgess NT5035 : Frosted Nettles by Anne Burgess NY3871 : Kirkandrews House by Anne Burgess

Anthony Foster (28839) 4

NY3915 : Goldrill Beck by Anthony Foster NT2473 : Water of Leith, Dean Village by Anthony Foster NZ2563 : River Tyne and The Sage by Anthony Foster SD4096 : Brant Fell Summit by Anthony Foster

Anthony O'Neil (41966) 21

SJ6580 : Around Arley (9) by Anthony O'Neil SJ8679 : Around Wilmslow (23) by Anthony O'Neil TQ3080 : St Martin's in the Sun by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Poole's Wharf Bridge by Anthony O'Neil ST5671 : Bristol in Bloom (10) by Anthony O'Neil ST5672 : Running Repairs by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Sundowners by Anthony O'Neil SJ8397 : Jubilee Arch by Anthony O'Neil SJ8398 : Floral Arch by Anthony O'Neil ST5872 : Rails in the Sun by Anthony O'Neil ST5872 : Phoenix Wharf by Anthony O'Neil SJ7177 : Ladies of the W.I. (3) by Anthony O'Neil SJ7177 : Shire Horses (4) by Anthony O'Neil NT2540 : At the ready! by Anthony O'Neil NT2540 : Peebles Festival Biker by Anthony O'Neil NT2648 : Western shoulder of Dundreich by Anthony O'Neil ST3161 : Boxed set! by Anthony O'Neil ST3161 : Around Weston (7) by Anthony O'Neil ST3162 : Around Weston (2) by Anthony O'Neil ST3161 : Pier (3) by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Maintaining 'The Matthew' by Anthony O'Neil

Anthony Parkes (45586) 14

SD7400 : Boathouse on the Bridgewater Canal by Anthony Parkes SD9985 : The Street Head Inn by Anthony Parkes NY2704 : Summit Cairn on Pike of Blisco by Anthony Parkes NY2604 : The Slopes of Brown Howe by Anthony Parkes SJ7099 : Bridgewater Canal near Whitehead Hall Bridge by Anthony Parkes SD7300 : Alliums at RHS Bridgewater by Anthony Parkes SH6215 : Mawddach Estuary from Barmouth Bridge by Anthony Parkes SH7111 : The Minffordd Path above Llyn Cau by Anthony Parkes SE0103 : Dove Stone Reservoir in drought by Anthony Parkes SE0205 : Dam Wall at Greenfield Reservoir by Anthony Parkes SH4490 : Parys Mountain Copper Mine at Sunset by Anthony Parkes TQ2880 : Berkeley Square by Anthony Parkes TL4860 : Long Reach at Fen Ditton by Anthony Parkes SK2084 : The Top of Great Tor by Anthony Parkes

Arash Yousifzai (137153) 1

SE0540 : Disused Fountain (in Lund Park) by Arash Yousifzai

Arthur C Harris (81352) 2

SH5738 : Premier Inn by Arthur C Harris SJ5785 : Moore Lane Swing Bridge by Arthur C Harris


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