Images shortlisted for POTY, 2023

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

Alan Murray-Rust to Andrew Curtis

Alan Murray-Rust (9181) 19

SK6443 : Chisel marks by Alan Murray-Rust SK6247 : The Bungalow  take 2 by Alan Murray-Rust SK5437 : Who needs to think of a title when the sign says it all by Alan Murray-Rust SK5436 : Glint-sulators by Alan Murray-Rust SK5030 : Sunset at Ratcliffe Power Station  1 by Alan Murray-Rust SK4743 : Me and my shadow at the itching post by Alan Murray-Rust SK6242 : Gedling House Meadows  11 by Alan Murray-Rust SK5739 : Under the tramway by Alan Murray-Rust SJ9978 : On Windgather Rocks by Alan Murray-Rust SJ9479 : Church of St Christopher, Pott Shrigley by Alan Murray-Rust SD5805 : Knocking down the shops by Alan Murray-Rust SX4852 : Wild clematis by Alan Murray-Rust SX4854 : Crane and craft by Alan Murray-Rust SX4853 : The Leviathan, West Pier, Plymouth by Alan Murray-Rust SX5153 : Church of St Mary and All Saints, Plymstock by Alan Murray-Rust SD9311 : Ellenroad Steam Museum by Alan Murray-Rust SE4843 : John Smith's Tadcaster Brewery, chimney by Alan Murray-Rust SK2625 : Back to Claymills -2, in the Claymills workshop by Alan Murray-Rust SE6052 : Minster Yard by Alan Murray-Rust

Alan O'Dowd (34944) 12

NS8447 : Tree-lined path near Braidwood by Alan O'Dowd NS8411 : Hardy trees by the Glendyne Burn by Alan O'Dowd NS7125 : The Steel, Cairn Table by Alan O'Dowd NS5636 : Trees by the Dyke Path near Darvel by Alan O'Dowd NH6804 : Coire na Caillich by Alan O'Dowd NT0130 : The bottom of Cowgill Rig by Alan O'Dowd NN9511 : Looking towards Craig Rossie by Alan O'Dowd NS8620 : Snar Farm viewed across the eastern slopes of Cairn Hill by Alan O'Dowd NS8932 : Sheep grazing east of Robert Law by Alan O'Dowd NT0735 : Small plantation on Goseland Hill by Alan O'Dowd NT0631 : Narrow path on Cardon Hill by Alan O'Dowd NS6037 : Loudoun Hill  A December afternoon view by Alan O'Dowd

Alan Pickup (133042) 1

SD7969 : Track below Lower Bark House by Alan Pickup

Alan Reid (45856) 5

NC5740 : Loch Staing and Ben Loyal by Alan Reid NS3234 : Ayrshire Coastal Path by Alan Reid ND1351 : Westerdale Mill on the River Thurso by Alan Reid NY3996 : Burnfoot Cottage by Alan Reid NY3885 : Moorland dropping into Whitshiels Bog and Ewes Water valley by Alan Reid

Alan Richards (48504) 5

SN7043 : Llwybr ceffyl i Fynydd Mallaen / Bridleway to Mynydd Mallaen by Alan Richards SN9633 : Llwybr i Dynycwm / Path to Tynycwm by Alan Richards SN7651 : Cwm Doethïe by Alan Richards SN3702 : Llongdrylliad / Shipwreck by Alan Richards SN9123 : Heol yn mynd i lawr y waered / Road descending the hill by Alan Richards

AlastairG (22952) 1

NS8399 : Forestry planting preparation in the Ochils by AlastairG

Alec MacKinnon (28330) 2

NS3222 : Ayr South Pier and lighthouse by Alec MacKinnon NS6576 : Closed Milton of Campsie station by Alec MacKinnon

Aleks Scholz (127435) 13

NO1676 : Steep drop by Aleks Scholz NO1577 : Not quite a Brocken spectre by Aleks Scholz NO4809 : Brewsterwells Crematorium by Aleks Scholz NO4700 : Parked here for another year by Aleks Scholz NM6693 : Camas Àird nam Fiasgan at low tide by Aleks Scholz NO6107 : Rain over the Forth by Aleks Scholz NO5132 : Buddon Burn, mouth by Aleks Scholz NO6309 : Lochaber Rocks by Aleks Scholz NO4719 : Coastal defenses at Shelly Point by Aleks Scholz NN9258 : Loch Faskally by Aleks Scholz NN4656 : Dam at Gaur power station by Aleks Scholz NX2979 : Highway to Creeside by Aleks Scholz NX2877 : Another view across Drumlamford Loch by Aleks Scholz

Alpin Stewart (105493) 1

HY4547 : Rocky shore at Bay of Brough, Westray by Alpin Stewart

Andrew Abbott (45714) 12

SK4832 : Erewash Canal in Long Eaton by Andrew Abbott SK2360 : St John the Baptist's Church, Winster by Andrew Abbott SK1969 : Old Mill House, Ashford in the Water by Andrew Abbott SP6282 : Bridge 42 on the Grand Union Canal by Andrew Abbott TQ3281 : Reflection garden near St Paul's Cathedral by Andrew Abbott TQ3780 : State Street by Andrew Abbott SK2958 : Wayside, 26 High Tor Road by Andrew Abbott NT5434 : Abbey House, Abbey Street, Melrose by Andrew Abbott NR3996 : Track alongside Loch Fada by Andrew Abbott NR2558 : Houses on Lower School Street, Port Charlotte by Andrew Abbott TR2335 : Folkestone Harbour station by Andrew Abbott SO3222 : Looking south from Trewyn by Andrew Abbott

Andrew Curtis (32242) 14

NZ1266 : Sun & fresh snow, Broomy Hill by Andrew Curtis NY9578 : St Aidan's Church, Thockrington by Andrew Curtis NZ1365 : Along the morning riverbank by Andrew Curtis NZ1365 : Low pond, Close House Golf Course by Andrew Curtis SE3270 : Reflection in the canal by Andrew Curtis TQ9120 : Windmill, Rye by Andrew Curtis NX8451 : White Port by Andrew Curtis NZ1266 : Close House Golf Course from Broomy Hill by Andrew Curtis NZ1266 : Water drops on a fallen oak leaf by Andrew Curtis NZ1266 : Heddon Common by Andrew Curtis NZ0963 : Mushroom cloud above Prudhoe by Andrew Curtis NZ1266 : Nacreous clouds at sunrise by Andrew Curtis NZ2894 : Wood of 7,000 year old tree trunk, Cresswell beach by Andrew Curtis NZ2894 : Cresswell Foreshore Nature Reserve by Andrew Curtis


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