Images shortlisted for POTY, 2023

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

Anne Burgess to Arthur C Harris

Anne Burgess (139) 38

NY1961 : The Gallery by Anne Burgess NY2061 : Dead Tree by Anne Burgess NT1380 : North Queensferry by Anne Burgess NJ3359 : Netted Iris (Iris reticulata) by Anne Burgess NJ3558 : Hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) by Anne Burgess NJ3660 : Soft Rush (Juncus effusus ) by Anne Burgess NJ2256 : Almost Ready for Take-off by Anne Burgess NT2473 : Scillas by Anne Burgess NJ2848 : River Spey by Anne Burgess NJ4349 : A Gnarled Beech by Anne Burgess NO6948 : Surf at Lunan Bay by Anne Burgess NJ7325 : Pitcaple Railway Bridge by Anne Burgess NT6182 : Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) by Anne Burgess NJ3050 : Yellowhammer (Emberiza citronella) by Anne Burgess NJ1870 : Sea-sculpted Sandstone by Anne Burgess NJ1870 : Gow's Castle by Anne Burgess NJ2068 : Red Arrows over Moray by Anne Burgess NF9268 : MV 'Cuma' by Anne Burgess NF9567 : Madadh Mòr by Anne Burgess NO6859 : Rush Beds at Montrose Basin by Anne Burgess NO6859 : Drainage Ditch and Sea Defence by Anne Burgess NJ4651 : Boundary Ditch by Anne Burgess NJ3426 : Track to Dead Wife's Hillock by Anne Burgess NJ2256 : Europa Club Fly-in by Anne Burgess NT1179 : Bridges over the Forth by Anne Burgess NJ2369 : Wild Rose Hips by Anne Burgess NJ2369 : Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) by Anne Burgess NJ2468 : Scots Pine and Heather by Anne Burgess NT1978 : Barnacled Scallop Shell by Anne Burgess NT2374 : Dutch Gable by Anne Burgess NS9371 : Bridgehouse Community Hall by Anne Burgess NS9070 : Drumtassie Coarse Fishery by Anne Burgess NJ3357 : Yellow Fungi by Anne Burgess NJ3257 : Beech Leaves by Anne Burgess J5259 : Sunrise at Ballymorran by Anne Burgess NO5536 : Roe Deer by Anne Burgess NO5734 : Fishing Tackle by Anne Burgess NO6440 : Lifeboat Station by Anne Burgess

Anthony Foster (28839) 10

NZ3575 : St Mary’s Island by Anthony Foster NU1913 : Alnwick Garden: The Grand Cascade by Anthony Foster NU2410 : Alnmouth Beach by Anthony Foster TQ3380 : River Thames by Anthony Foster NY3408 : Greenhead Gill by Anthony Foster NY2603 : Red Tarn by Anthony Foster TQ3083 : King’s Cross Concourse by Anthony Foster TQ3783 : ABBA Arena by Anthony Foster NY2022 : Sleet How by Anthony Foster NZ2464 : Northern Lights Newcastle: Aurora Rising by Anthony Foster

Anthony O'Neil (41966) 36

ST5672 : View of Clifton by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Contemporary Housing by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : A profusion of ochre by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Hotwells and Baltic Wharf by Anthony O'Neil SJ7687 : Luxury Apartments by Anthony O'Neil SJ7786 : Living in Hale (3) by Anthony O'Neil SJ7885 : Along the Bollin (4) by Anthony O'Neil SJ8383 : At Quarry Bank (2) by Anthony O'Neil SJ8383 : At Quarry Bank (8) by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Along the Harbour (5) by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Harbour arch by Anthony O'Neil ST5872 : Victorian heritage by Anthony O'Neil ST7565 : In Bath (3) by Anthony O'Neil ST7564 : St John's Evangelist by Anthony O'Neil NT2540 : Along the Tweed (3) by Anthony O'Neil NT2641 : Soonhope Burn by Anthony O'Neil NT2640 : View over Tweeddale by Anthony O'Neil NT3337 : Kirklands and Lee Pen by Anthony O'Neil SJ7786 : Hale celebrates (10) by Anthony O'Neil SJ8398 : Stranded! by Anthony O'Neil SJ8397 : Ever upwards! by Anthony O'Neil SJ8398 : Barton Arcade by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Here be Dragons! (5) by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Fire update by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : In the evening sun by Anthony O'Neil ST5771 : Evening flight by Anthony O'Neil ST5772 : Houses on Southernhay Avenue by Anthony O'Neil ST5672 : Brunel Swing Bridge by Anthony O'Neil TQ2778 : Looking at Art by Anthony O'Neil TQ2881 : London's most beautiful bookshop by Anthony O'Neil TQ2781 : A floral welcome by Anthony O'Neil ST5872 : Creating a new street by Anthony O'Neil ST5873 : Beacon (2) by Anthony O'Neil TQ2980 : At the Portrait Gallery, London by Anthony O'Neil TQ2881 : At Hertford House (5) by Anthony O'Neil TQ2880 : Christmas morning ride by Anthony O'Neil

Anthony Parkes (45586) 13

SJ2642 : Gate Road Bridge over the River Dee by Anthony Parkes SO6922 : Sunshine and Fog in Woodland on May Hill by Anthony Parkes SH6671 : Path under the Pylons by Anthony Parkes SD5558 : Boundary Stone and Ladder Stile on Grit Fell by Anthony Parkes NU2521 : Great Keep -  Dunstanburgh Castle by Anthony Parkes NU2417 : Howick Hall by Anthony Parkes NU2326 : Beadnell Bay by Anthony Parkes SE2854 : Allium Bed - RHS Harlow Carr by Anthony Parkes SD8041 : Trig Point at the Summit of Pendle Hill by Anthony Parkes SD4097 : Propeller at Windermere Jetty Museum by Anthony Parkes SD3997 : Rough Holme Island from Windermere Jetty Museum by Anthony Parkes SJ8397 : Manchester Skyline by Anthony Parkes SD7100 : Frosty Re-wilded Area off Vicars Hall Lane by Anthony Parkes

Anthony Vosper (40134) 1

SX1251 : Approaching the Esplanade from Daglands Road by Anthony Vosper

Arthur C Harris (81352) 2

SH6035 : Mink trap by Arthur C Harris SH5738 : Llyn Bach, Porthmadog by Arthur C Harris


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