Images shortlisted for POTY, 2023

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

D M Wilmot to david coombes

D M Wilmot (44460) 1

SK2001 : Undergoing Renewal by D M Wilmot

Dani (139657) 2

SH6769 : Afon Goch waterfall by Dani SH7562 : View of afon Crafnant by Dani

Dave Croker (22311) 10

SJ4912 : Steps to Shrewsbury Cathedral by Dave Croker SO4494 : The Shropshire Hills by Dave Croker SO5174 : Rain on the way, Broad Street, Ludlow by Dave Croker NO5016 : Sunshine and showers on South Street, St. Andrews by Dave Croker NO5016 : Abbotsford Crescent, St. Andrews by Dave Croker NO5116 : Inside the mine at St. Andrews Castle by Dave Croker SO3495 : Cairn on Black Rhadley Hill by Dave Croker NX8452 : Trying to get to the Spring Stones by Dave Croker NY1966 : Birds over Annan by Dave Croker SJ4912 : St Julian's Friars, Shrewsbury by Dave Croker

Dave Pickersgill (13635) 10

SE4202 : Old Moor RSPB Reed Beds by Dave Pickersgill SK3871 : St. Mary and All Saints Church, Chesterfield by Dave Pickersgill SK2595 : Broomhead Reservoir in the winter sunshine  by Dave Pickersgill SE3406 : Coronavirus Memorial, Barnsley by Dave Pickersgill SE2602 : Willow Bridge, Oxspring by Dave Pickersgill SK2999 : The Wortley Leppings by Dave Pickersgill SK3587 : The sun sets on Scotland Street by Dave Pickersgill SK2498 : Wind Hill Wood, Stocksbridge by Dave Pickersgill SK2696 : The view from Heads Lane by Dave Pickersgill SK2399 : Midhopestones: Tour de France 2014 by Dave Pickersgill

Dave Thompson (119975) 11

NH7797 : Quite a good sunrise by Dave Thompson NH1595 : Exiting Loch Achall by Dave Thompson NC2617 : View from the Bone Caves of Inchnadamph by Dave Thompson NH5150 : Glen Ord Still House Number 2 by Dave Thompson NH6573 : Minor road at Croichail by Dave Thompson NC8301 : Path into the Backies by Dave Thompson NC8309 : View over Loch Brora by Dave Thompson ND3754 : Stacks and a Geo by Dave Thompson NH7929 : Wash still in Tomatin Distillery by Dave Thompson NH8029 : Bridges across the Findhorn by Dave Thompson NH8089 : Dornoch Beach by Dave Thompson

David Bremner (134868) 37

ND2838 : Ruin at Mid Clyth by David Bremner ND2738 : Chimney View, Spion Kop by David Bremner ND0747 : Dubhlochans, Blar nam Faoileag by David Bremner NC9662 : View from a Ruin by David Bremner ND1430 : A Few Trees by David Bremner ND1334 : Allt an Learanaich by David Bremner ND3345 : Pond, Thrumster House by David Bremner ND0064 : Drystone Wall,  Hill of Shebster by David Bremner ND0416 : Driftwood on the Shore by David Bremner ND1651 : Photograph of a Pylon by David Bremner ND0265 : At Baillie Windfarm by David Bremner NC9565 : Sandside Bay by David Bremner ND3548 : Northern Lights by David Bremner ND3355 : Northfork by David Bremner NH6647 : On the Kessock Bridge by David Bremner TL8564 : Abbey Gardens by David Bremner ND1628 : Sea Coast by David Bremner ND1741 : Loch Rangag by David Bremner NC9418 : River Helmsdale by David Bremner NN9098 : View from Sgor Gaoith by David Bremner NN8893 : Coire Garbhlach by David Bremner NH7085 : Balblair Distillery by David Bremner NC7933 : River Helmsdale by David Bremner NC7660 : Loch Gaineimh by David Bremner NC7659 : Caol Loch by David Bremner NC8465 : Strathy Bay by David Bremner NC6461 : Loch Modsarie by David Bremner NH6844 : Study of a Gasoline Station by David Bremner NY4352 : Study of a Gasoline Station by David Bremner TQ2771 : Our Lady by David Bremner NS7574 : Carron House by David Bremner ND2233 : Forse Shore by David Bremner NC9816 : Frozen Lochan by David Bremner ND3650 : Christmas Lights by David Bremner NC9956 : Lochan Dubh nan Clachan Geala by David Bremner ND0157 : Broubster Forest by David Bremner ND1070 : Genesis A19 by David Bremner

David Brown (9573) 2

NM7514 : Luing Ferry, Cuan Sound by David Brown SE9208 : Boardwalk on the lake by David Brown

david coombes (20255) 1

SU2014 : Grand Slam by david coombes


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