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Published: 17 September 2010
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And here is a table
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... and some tags...

Tag:canals (130 images)
SK1414 : Housing by Junction Lock near Fradley, Staffordshire by Roger  Kidd
SK1115 : Working narrow boat Hadar moored near King's Bromley by Keith Lodge
SJ6889 : Manchester Ship Canal by John Fielding
SP0585 : Canal and railway near Church Road, Edgbaston by Michael Westley

[tag=River images=12] (choose how many images - at most - may still be less)
Tag:River (15994 images)
NZ2463 : Sun on the Tyne by Colin Kinnear
SE1899 : River Swale by Sandy Gerrard
SO5639 : River Frome, Longworth by Richard Webb
SX8178 : Bovey Bridge by Derek Harper
SK1904 : River Tame link to Flood Relief Channel by Rob Farrow
TL5393 : The Hundred Foot Washes by Gerald England
NU2505 : The weir on the Coquet river near Warkworth Castle by Pauline E
SP1779 : Ravenshaw ford by Tiger
NZ2463 : Federation Brewery by Stanley Howe
SU0725 : Old Tree and Hatches by Maigheach-gheal
SD9372 : Meadow at Arncliffe by Stephen Craven
SX6472 : Swincombe Ford by Derek Harper

[tag=listed building images=0] (shows no images)
Tag:listed building (17896 images)

[tag=top:Uplands gr=SH images=6] (only shows images in that myriad)
Tag:top:Uplands (302197 images)
SH2227 : Well-worn path on Mynydd y Graig by Eirian Evans
SH2227 : Bracken and foxgloves, Mynydd y Graig by Eirian Evans
SH6315 : Cattle on Salt Rock, Mawddach estuary by E Gammie
SH6311 : Cairn & Cist in Forest Clearing by Barry Hunter
SH8440 : Llyn Celyn by E Gammie
SH7658 : Trees and sky by Keith Evans

[tag=top:Uplands gr=NT65 images=20] (only shows photos in that hectad - count is all images tho)
Tag:top:Uplands (302197 images)
NT6156 : Bog pool by Richard Webb
NT6156 : Rescued lamb by Richard Webb
NT6256 : Fence, Dunside Hill by Richard Webb
NT6258 : Upgraded road, Byrecleugh by Richard Webb
NT6356 : Cairn, Dunside Hill by Richard Webb

[tag=railway gr=TQ2775] (includes nearby squares)
Tag:Railway (2971 images)
TQ2674 : Waterloo - Alton/Portsmouth train west of Clapham Junction by Ben Brooksbank
TQ2876 : Culvert Place, Battersea by Stephen Craven
TQ2976 : Stewarts Lane depot by Stephen Craven

And a photo, just because I can!

SH6644 : Looking Down on Llyn Stwlan by Barry Hunter

/The end
Creative Commons License Text by Barry Hunter, September 2010 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
With contributions by Geographer. (details)

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