National Cycle Network

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Route 1-4 Mileposts

Route 1 Mileposts
Dover to the Shetlands
HU4063 : Voe: millennium milepost by Chris DownerVoe, ShetlandHU4063Rowe-
ND1167 : A Special Mile Post at Thurso Station by Mary and Angus HoggThursoND1167Mills, Fossil TreeMP994
NH9558 : National Cycle Network Signpost by Alan HodgsonBankhead, MorayNH9558Mills, Fossil Tree-
NJ0359 : Millennium Milepost, National Cycle Route 1 by JThomasForres, MorayNJ0359Rowe-
NJ0461 : National Cycle Network Sign by Anne BurgessSpringfield, MorayNJ0461Mills, Fossil Tree-
NJ1564 : National Cycle Network Sign by Anne BurgessArdgye, MorayNJ1564Rowe-
NJ2863 : Millennium milepost by Richard WebbLochill, MorayNJ2863Rowe-
NJ3364 : Millennium Milepost by Anne BurgessGarmouth, MorayNJ3364Mills, Fossil Tree-
NJ4064 : Moray Coast Railway by Richard WebbPortgordon, MorayNJ4064McColl, Cockerel-
NJ4064 : Millennium milepost by Richard WebbPortgordon, MorayNJ4064Mills, Fossil TreeMP521
NJ4366 : Millennium milepost by Richard WebbRathven, MorayNJ4366Mills, Fossil Tree-
NJ4768 : A Millennium milepost by Walter BaxterFindochty, MorayNJ4768Mills, Fossil TreeMP523
NJ5067 : Millennium milepost, Seatown by Richard WebbCullen, MorayNJ5067Mills, Fossil Tree-
NJ4366 : Millennium milepost by Richard WebbLintmill, MorayNJ5265Mills, Fossil Tree-
NJ9247 : Millennium milepost, Maud by Richard WebbMaud, AberdeenshireNJ9247McColl, CockerelMP770
NJ8914 : Millennium milepost by Richard WebbDyce, AberdeenshireNJ8914Mills, Fossil Tree-
NJ8812 : Bike sign by Bill HarrisonDyce, AberdeenshireNJ8812Rowe-
NO8686 : A millennium project marker outside Stonehaven Station by Stanley HoweStonehaven, AberdeenshireNO8686Mills, Fossil Tree-
NO7257 : National Cycle Network signpost, Montrose Links by Richard WebbMontrose Links, AngusNO7257RoweMP499
NO7157 : Cycle route marker, Montrose Railway Station by JThomasMontrose Station, AngusNO7157Mills, Fossil TreeMP498
NO6852 : National Cycle Network Signpost by Alan MorrisonLunan, AngusNO6852Mills, Fossil TreeMP500
NO6340 : National Cycle Network mile post by Richard WebbArbroath Station, AngusNO6340Mills, Fossil TreeMP989
NO6440 : National Cycle Network route 1 signpost by Richard WebbArbroath, AngusNO6440Rowe-
NO5634 : That way to Dundee by Bill NichollsCarnoustie, AngusNO5634Rowe-
NO4029 : Millennium milepost by Richard WebbDundeeNO4029Mills, Fossil TreeMP986
NO4420 : National Cycle Network milepost by Richard WebbLeuchars, FifeNO4420Mills, Fossil TreeMP920
NO2408 : Millennium milepost, Pillars of Hercules by Richard WebbFalkland, FifeNO2408Dudgeon, Trackways-
NT1985 : Half Owre Half Owre to Aberdour... by Simon JohnstonAberdour, FifeNT1985Mills, Fossil Tree-
NT1383 : Inverkeithing railway station by Thomas NugentInverkeithing, FifeNT1283Mills, Fossil Tree-
NT1278 : National Cycle Network sign, Queensferry by Peter BarrQueensferry, EdinburghNT1278Rowe-
NT2075 : National cycle route 1 at Cramond Road South by Christine JohnstoneCramond, EdinburghNT2075Mills, Fossil Tree-
NT2274 : Sustrans Cycle Route 1 milepost by michael elyGranton, EdinburghNT2274Rowe-
NT2473 : Millennium Milepost by Anne BurgessHaymarket, EdinburghNT2473Mills, Fossil Tree-
NT3553 : National Cycle Network milepost, Broad Law by Richard WebbHeriot, BordersNT3553McColl, Cockerel-
NT5135 : National Cycle Network signpost near Galashiels by Jim BartonGalashiels, BordersNT5135RoweMP917
NT8341 : National Cycle Network signpost near Coldstream by Jim BartonColdstream, BordersNT8341Rowe-
NU2131 : Millennium milepost, North Sunderland by Richard WebbNorth Sunderland, NorthumberlandNU2131Mills, Fossil Tree-
NU2310 : National Cycle Network milepost near Alnmouth by Dave DunfordAlnmouth, NorthumberlandNU2310Mills, Fossil TreeMP697
NZ2799 : Road through Druridge Bay Country Park by Oliver DixonDruridge Bay, NorthumberlandNZ2799Mills, Fossil Tree-
NZ2989 : NCN signpost and windmill by DS PughWoodhorn, NorthumberlandNZ2989Mills, Fossil Tree-
NZ2888 : National Cycle Network milepost at Woodhorn by Oliver DixonWoodhorn, NorthumberlandNZ2888Rowe-
NZ2985 : National Cycle Route 1 sign on path adjacent to A189 by Clive NicholsonNorth Seaton, NorthumberlandNZ2985Mills, Fossil Tree-
NZ2782 : National Cycle Network route 1, Palace Road, Bedlington by Oliver DixonBedlington, NorthumberlandNZ2782Mills, Fossil Tree-
NZ3666 : Millennium Milepost, South Shields by Richard WebbSouth Shields, TynesideNZ3666McColl, Cockerel-
NZ2664 : Millennium Milepost at the Mouth of the Ouseburn by David DixonByker, TynesideNZ2664Rowe-
NZ4063 : Millennium milepost near Whitburn by Richard WebbWhitburn, TynesideNZ4063McColl, Cockerel-
NZ4161 : Millennium milepost, Whitburn by Richard WebbWhitburn, TynesideNZ4161Rowe-
NZ4060 : National Cycle Network milepost at Seaburn by Oliver DixonSeaburn, SunderlandNZ4060Mills, Fossil Tree-
NZ4058 : Millennium milepost , North Pier by Richard WebbRoker, SunderlandNZ4058Mills, Fossil Tree-
NZ4053 : Millennium milepost, Ryhope by Richard WebbRyhope, SunderlandNZ4053Rowe-
NZ4028 : Millennium Milepost by Richard WebbWynard Village, Stockton on TeesNZ4028Mills, Fossil Tree-
NZ4921 : Milepost on National Cycle Network Route 1 by John MMiddlesborough Transporter BridgeNZ4921RoweMP236
NZ8910 : Millennium signpost, Whitby by Humphrey BoltonWhitby, North YorkshireNZ8910Rowe-
NZ9405 : Millennium signpost, Robin Hoods Bay by Humphrey BoltonFylingthorpe, North YorkshireNZ9405Rowe-
NZ9801 : Sustrans signpost, Ravenscar, Stainton Dale by Humphrey BoltonRavenscar, North YorkshireNZ9801Rowe-
NZ9801 : Millennium signpost at Station Square by Humphrey BoltonRavenscar, North YorkshireNZ9801Mills, Fossil Tree-
TA0194 : Millennium Milepost, National Cycle Route 1. Cloughton by JThomasCloughton, North YorkshireTA0194Mills, Fossil Tree-
TA0192 : Millennium Milepost, National Cycle Route 1, Burniston by JThomasBurniston, North YorkshireTA0192Rowe-
TA0517 : Yellow Signpost by David WrightBurnham, North LincolnshireTA0517Mills, Fossil Tree -
TF1595 : National Cycle Network milepost on the Lincolnshire Wolds by Oliver DixonThoresway, North LincolnshireTF1595RoweMP736
TF1495 : Route 1 by Richard CroftNormanby le Wold, North LincolnshireTF1495Rowe-
TF1493 : Walesby Top, Lincolnshire by David HebbWalesby, North LincolnshireTF1493Rowe-
TF1186 : Sustrans Route Marker by Tony ThomasLinwood, North LincolnshireTF1186Mills, Fossil Tree MP532
TF0771 : Sustrans Milepost by the Witham on National Route 1 by Ian PatersonFiskerton, North LincolnshireTF0771Mills, Fossil Tree -
TF0170 : Sustrans waymark by Richard CroftWashingborough, North LincolnshireTF0170Mills, Fossil Tree MP16
TF3145 : Milepost on route 1, National Cycle Network by Michael TroloveBoston, LincolnshireTF3145RoweMP491
TF4609 : National Cycle Network milepost by Barbara CarrWisbech, CambridgeshireTF4609Rowe-
TF6726 : National Cycle Network 1 signpost by Mat FascioneBabingley, NorfolkTF6726Mills, Fossil Tree-
TF9724 : National Cycle Network signpost near Manor House by Zorba the GeekGateley, NorfolkTF9724Rowe-
TG2308 : National Cycle Network Milepost, Norwich by Oast House ArchiveNorwich, NorfolkTG2308McColl, Cockerel -
TG2507 : Whitlingham Park milepost looking north across the Great Broad at Whitlingham Park by pam frayTrowse Newton, NorfolkTG2507McColl, Cockerel -
TG3204 : Marker Sculpture, Rockland Staithe Cycle Route No 1 by Paul ShreeveRockland Staithe, NorfolkTG3204Mills, Fossil TreeMP553
TM3495 : Footpath and cycleway marker in Ingloss Lane by Evelyn SimakThwaite St Mary, NorfolkTM3495Rowe-
TM3891 : National cycle route marker, Geldeston by Evelyn SimakGeldeston, NorfolkTM3891Mills, Fossil Tree-
TM1944 : National cycle route marker post by Ipswich hospital by OxymoronIpswichTM1944Mills, Fossil Tree-
TL4611 : Milepost by David MaltGilston, HertfordshireTL4611Rowe-
TQ3682 : The south side of the Green Bridge in Mile End Park by David SmithMile End Park, StepneyTQ3682McColl, Cockerel-
TQ3880 : Milepost on the Greenwich Meridian, North Greenwich. by Colin SmithGreenwichTQ3880Dudgeon, Trackways-
TQ4580 : Sustrans milepost, Tripcock Ness by Stephen CravenTripcock NessTQ4580Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ4980 : Cycle finger post behind bars by David AnstissBexleyTQ4980Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ5080 : Sustrans milepost, Belvedere by Stephen CravenBelvedereTQ5080Rowe-
TQ5078 : Sustrans milepost, Erith by Stephen CravenErithTQ5078McColl, Cockerel-
TQ5378 : Sustrans milepost, Crayford Ness by Stephen CravenCrayford NessTQ5378Dudgeon, Trackways-
TQ5974 : Millennium Milepost, Alkerden Lane, Swanscombe by MarathonSwanscombe, KentTQ5974McColl, Cockerel -
TQ6574 : National Cycle Network sign by Oast House ArchiveGravesend, KentTQ6574Rowe-
TQ6773 : Eastcourt Marshes, near Gravesend by Malc McDonaldChalk, KentTQ6773Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ7469 : Millennium Milepost by Ian CapperFrindsbury, MedwayTQ7469Rowe-
TQ7570 : National Cycle Route 1 signpost, Upper Upnor by N ChadwickUpper UpnorTQ7570Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ7669 : Cycle Network Mile Post in Chatham by David AnstissChatham, MedwayTQ7669Rowe-
TQ7869 : Saxon Shore Way Signpost, The Strand by N ChadwickGrange, MedwayTQ7869Rowe-
TQ9065 : National Cycle Network milepost by Richard DorrellKemsley, KentTQ9065Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ9564 : National Cycle Network Milepost, Conyer Creek by N ChadwickConyer Creek, KentTQ9564Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ9962 : Milepost on the corner of Colegates Road and the lane to Luddenham by pam frayOare, KentTQ9962Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR1265 : National Cycle Route Milepost, South Street by N ChadwickChestfield, KentTR1265Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR1264 : Gate, Signpost and Junction of Cycle Path with South Street by shirokazanWhitstable, KentTR1264Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR1261 : Crab and Winkle Way Cycle path crosses Chapel Lane by David AnstissBlean, KentTR1261Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR1260 : National cycle network 1 sign post on the crab and winkle way by Nick SmithBlean, KentTR1260Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR1759 : Milepost by the Great Stour by pam frayFordwich, KentTR1759Mills, Fossil TreeMP312
TR2860 : Cycle Network Milepost in Westmarsh by David AnstissWestmarsh, KentTR2860Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR3258 : National Network Cycle Milepost near Sandwich by David AnstissSandwich, KentTR3258Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR3358 : National Cycle Network sign, Sandwich by Penny MayesSandwich, KentTR3358Rowe-
TR3457 : National Cycle Network sign, Guilford Road near Sandwich by Ian CapperSandwich, KentTR3457Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR3754 : National Cycle Network sign, Golf Road by Ian CapperDeal, KentTR3754Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR3752 : National Cycle Network Milepost by N ChadwickDeal, KentTR3752Rowe-
TR3750 : National Cycle Network 1 Milepost near Walmer by David AnstissWalmer, KentTR3750Rowe-
TR3747 : National Cycle Network Route 1 Milepost by N ChadwickKingsdown, KentTR3747Rowe-
TR3457 : National Cycle Network Milepost near New Cut Bridge by David AnstissSandwich, KentTR3547Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR3645 : Signpost on footpath by Nick SmithSt Margarets at Cliffe, KentTR3645Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR3242 : National Cycle Network milepost at Dover by Ron StruttDoverTR3242Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR3241 : Cycle Network Milepost in Dover by David AnstissDoverTR3241Mills, Fossil Tree-

Route 2 Mileposts
Dover to St Austell
SX4753 : National Cycle Network Signpost by Ian SPlymouth, DevonSX4753Rowe-
SY0483 : Sculptured signpost, Cycleway 2 by N ChadwickKnowle, DevonSY0483Mills, Fossil Tree-
SU8404 : Emperor Way - National Cycle Network Milepost by Peter TrimmingFishbourne, West SussexSU8404Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ2704 : Millennium Milepost, Hove, Sussex by Peter TrimmingHoveTQ2704Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ3103 : National Cycle Network 2 Milepost, King's Road by Oast House ArchiveBrightonTQ3103Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ3303 : Millennium Cycle Route Milepost, Brighton, Sussex by Peter TrimmingBrightonTQ3303Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ6402 : National Cycle Network Milepost, Sovereign Harbour by Oast House ArchiveSovereign HarbourTQ6402Rowe-
TQ5805 : National Cycle Network Milepost by Oast House ArchivePolegateTQ5804Mills, Fossil Tree-
TQ6004 : National Cycle Network Milepost, Polegate by Oast House ArchivePolegateTQ601044McColl, Cockerel -
TQ8411 : National Cycleroute Milestone, Barley Lane by N ChadwickOre, East SussexTQ8411Dudgeon, Trackways-
TQ9120 : NCN2 at Rye by Malc McDonaldRye, East SussexTQ9120Rowe-
TQ9320 : National Cycle Network Route 2 between Rye and Camber by shirokazanRye Harbour, East SussexTQ9320Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR0119 : National Cycle Network 2 Milepost by Oast House ArchiveKent/Sussex borderTR0119Dudgeon, Trackways MP1009
TR0223 : National Cycle Network 2 Milepost by Oast House ArchiveOld Romney, KentTR0223Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR0728 : National Cycle Network milepost by D-G-SeamonSt Mary in the Marsh, KentTR0728Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR0731 : National Cycle Network 2 Milepost by Oast House ArchiveBurmarsh, KentTR0731Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR0732 : National Cycle Network Route 2 near Chapel Bridge by shirokazanNewchurch, KentTR0732Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR1233 : National Cycle Network Milepost near Botolph's Bridge by David AnstissBotolph's Bridge, KentTR1233Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR1534 : National Cycle Network Route 2 Milepost by David AnstissMilitary Canal, HytheTR1534Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR1634 : Route 2, Cycle Network Milepost by Oast House ArchiveMilitary Canal, HytheTR1634Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR1634 : Route 2, Cycle Network Milepost by Oast House ArchiveMilitary Canal, HytheTR1634Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR2335 : National Cycle Network Milepost, Route 2 by Oast House ArchiveFolkestone, KentTR2335Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR2436 : Folkestone, Wear Bay Road by Helmut ZozmannFolkestone, KentTR2436Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR2338 : Cycle path marker by Barry EphgraveCapel le Ferne, KentTR2338Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR2538 : National Cycle Network milepost by Rose and Trev CloughCapel le Ferne, KentTR2538Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR2638 : National Cycle Network Route 2 Milepost near Capel-le-Ferne by David AnstissCapel le Ferne, KentTR2638Mills, Fossil Tree-
TR2738 : National Cycle Network Route 2 Milepost by David AnstissAbbot's Cliff, KentTR2738Mills, Fossil Tree-

Route 3 Mileposts
Bristol to Land's End
SW3525 : Milepost at Mayon Cliff by Ron StruttSennen, CornwallSW3525McColl, CockerelMP345
SW4627 : National Cycle Network, Route 3 milepost by Tim HeatonNewlyn, CornwallSW4627Mills, Fossil TreeMP319
SW8240 : National Cycle Network signpost. by Fred JamesPenelewey, CornwallSW8240Rowe-
SX0864 : Millennium Milepost near Halgavor Plantation by John MHalgavor Plantation, CornwallSX0864Mills, Fossil Tree
SX0048 : Sustrans signpost on National Cycle route 3 by Rod AlldayNanstallon, CornwallSX0048Rowe-
SS9612 : Tiverton : Cyclepath Signpost by Lewis ClarkeTiverton, DevonSS9612RoweMP831
SS4819 : Sustrans signpost on cycleway by David SmithGreat Torrington, DevonSS4819RoweMP120
SS5133 : Cycle route marker by Eirian EvansFremington Pill, DevonSS5133Mills, Fossil Tree-
SS5532 : Sustrans Milepost in 'Claret and Blue' by Row17Sticklepath, DevonSS5532Mills, Fossil TreeMP36
SS5533 : A Milepost on the Tarka Trail at Barnstaple by Roger A SmithBarnstaple, DevonSS5533RoweMP343
SS5533 : A mile post on the Tarka Trail near the Yeo Bridge by Roger A SmithYeo Bridge, DevonSS5533Mills, Fossil Tree-
SS6636 : Bratton Fleming: by Ditch End Cross by Martin BodmanBratton Fleming, DevonSS6636Mills, Fossil Tree-
ST2224 : Looks fishy by Neil OwenTaunton, SomersetST2224Mills, Fossil TreeMP28
ST3036 : Cyclepath marker in Blake's Gardens by Neil OwenBridgewater, SomersetST3036McCollMP704
ST4839 : Marker on National Cycle Route, Somerset by Patrick MackieGlastonbury, SomersetST4839RoweMP122
ST6364 : Sign Post in Woolard by Rick CrowleyWoolard, SomersetST6364Mills, Fossil TreeMP602
ST6172 : Fossil Tree milepost, Netham Park by Derek HarperNetham Park, BristolST6172Mills, Fossil Tree-
ST6071 : National Cycle Network signpost, Sparke Evans Park by Christine JohnstoneKnowle, BristolST6071Rowe-

Route 4 Mileposts
London to Fishguard
SU9477 : Cycleway Sign by Des BlenkinsoppBoveney, BuckinghamshireSU9477Mills, Fossil Tree-
SS5993 : Signpost on the Clyne Trail by john bristowDunvant, SwanseaSS5993RoweMP131
SS6692 : National Cycle Network sign by Ian PatersonSwanseaSS6692Rowe-
SS6993 : Sustrans Milepost between Port Tennant and Jersey Marine by Nigel DaviesPort Tennant, Neath Port TalbotSS6993Mills, Fossil Tree-
SS7394 : Confuse the Cyclists by Nigel DaviesBriton Ferry, Neath Port TalbotSS7394Rowe-
SS8383 : Millennium milepost beside National Cycle Route 4, Kenfig Hill by eswalesKenfig Hill, BridgendSS8383Mills, Fossil TreeMP753
SS8783 : Millennium Milepost beside National Cycle Route 4, Parc Slip Nature Park, near Cefn Cribwr by eswalesCefn Cross, BridgendSS8783Mills, Fossil TreeMP748
SS8983 : Millennium Milepost by National Cycle Route 4, Sarn by eswalesSarn, BridgendSS8983Rowe
SS8984 : Millennium Milepost beside National Cycle Route 4, Tondu by eswalesTondu, BridgendSS8984RoweMP751
SS9084 : Millennium milepost beside National Cycle Route 4, Brynmenyn by eswalesBrynmenyn, BridgendSS9084Mills, Fossil Tree-
SS9386 : Celtic Trail near Blackmill by John LightBlackmill, BridgendSS9386RoweMP750
ST1988 : Bedwas to Machen Cycleway Marker & Rest Stop by Kev GriffinTrethomas, CaerphillyST1988Mills, Fossil Tree-
ST3485 : Cycle path milepost, Pye Corner by Robin DraytonPye Corner, NewportST3485Rowe-
ST4787 : Caldicot Station by Hywel WilliamsCaldicot Station, MonmouthshireST4787Mills, Fossil Tree -
ST5391 : Millennium milepost on NCN4 west of the Severn Bridge by Colin BellMathern, MonmouthshireST5391Mills, Fossil Tree-
ST5672 : Rowe Type Milepost by the Create Centre by Linda BaileyClifton, BristolST5672Rowe-
ST5972 : Millennium milepost in Straight Street by John MStraight Street, BristolST5972Mills, Fossil Tree MP59
ST7055 : Millennium Milepost, NCN 24 by Derek HarperRadstock, SomersetST7055Mills, Fossil Tree-
ST9373 : Cycleway junction by Trevor RickardChippenham, WiltshireST9373Rowe-
ST9970 : National Cycle Network Sign by John SparshattCalne, WiltshireST9970Mills, Fossil Tree-
SU2068 : Modern milepost, Marlborough, Wiltshire by Brian Robert MarshallMarlborough, WiltshireSU2068Rowe-
SU4767 : Cycle network sign by Bill NichollsNewbury, BerksSU4767Rowe-
SU6470 : National cycleway - route 4 sign by Mr IgnavySheffield Bottom, BerksSU6470Mills, Fossil Tree-
SU7171 : Cool signpost for National Cycle Network route 4 by Chris MatsonWhitley, ReadingSU7171Rowe-
TQ3678 : National Cycle Milepost in Pepys Park by David AnstissPepys Park, DeptfordTQ3678RoweMP547
TQ3678 : National Cycle Network Milepost by N ChadwickIsle of DogsTQ3678Rowe-


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