New Year's Day 2008

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There were 'Happy New Year' threads in the forum in 2008, but no forum-based collection of photos taken on New Year's Day. However, 108 contributors took and submitted photos of their outings on the day.

It was murky in the north of the Union with one instance of snow in the east, some blue skies in the extreme south.

I've arranged my selection from the images in more or less (map) north to south order, and added a brief description where there was none.

1 south of Loch Badanach

NC7731 : Agricultural Buildings by Calum McRoberts
These remote buildings look to be used for agricultural purposes. Badanloch in the distance.
by Calum McRoberts

NG9491 : Seal off Fraoch Eilean Mor by Matthew Lee
Looking back to the mainland - New Year's Day 2008
by Matthew Lee

NH0488 : Waterfall, Allt Airdeasaidh by Chris Eilbeck
The first of many waterfalls cascading down to Little Loch Broom.
by Chris Eilbeck

NH2400 : Clear fell by Richard Webb
New Year's Day and the tree eaters are resting. A large clear felled area in Glengarry.
by Richard Webb

NN1570 : Carn Dearg (south Top) on Ben Nevis by trevor willis
A rather misty New Year's Day
by trevor willis

NM9656 : Coastline with Corran ferry crossing in distance by Phil Jones
Coastline with boggy moor - otters reported to be seen nearby but we didn't catch sight of them.
by Phil Jones

NO1144 : Loch of Clunie by Tom Pennington

Southeast of Pitlochry, by the A932

NM4027 : First Foot, Fossil Tree by Adam Ward
Probably the first visitors of 2008 to Macculloch's Tree, LinkExternal link the figure and dogs give an idea of its size.
Also part of Ardmeanach SSSI, an important site for the sequence of lava flows which built the main cone of the Mull Volcano. LinkExternal link
by Adam Ward

NO1322 : Stone table by Lis Burke
A well-known landmark on the edge of the Kinnoull Hill cliffs. In better weather this spot provides stunning views over the Tay valley.
by Lis Burke

NN7800 : Allan Water by Jim Thornton
Upstream view from B8033 bridge over Allan Water
by Jim Thornton

NT1378 : The Forth Bridge by AlastairG
1.30 on New Year's morning and a blanket of mist hid the top of the bridge.
by AlastairG

NT2573 : The Royal Mile at a snowy Hogmanay by Kenneth Yarham
Snow starting to fall on the Royal Mile on New Year's Day looking down from Mylne's Court towards St Giles Cathedral in the distance.
by Kenneth Yarham

NS0173 : Forest Trail by Mark Connelly
This is on the forest trail from Rhubodach. I thought the rock formation on the left was a hut of some kind at first, but it's just a rock.
by Mark Connelly

NR2166 : Within WW2 Bunker by Alistair Campbell
Unusual that this bunker is open. View within bunker showing blue painted walls and a horse-drawn carriage! Looks like it has been there years. The entrance to the shelter suggests that the local sheep use this shelter for protection from the climate and have left much evidence of them being there...
by Alistair Campbell

NT3065 : Bonnyrigg Parish Church Pitcairn Centre by Mr H
Bonnyrigg Parish Church Pitcairn Centre, High Street, Bonnyrigg. Derived its name from their first minister Thomas Pitcairn.
by Mr H

NS5564 : Ibrox stadium by HUGH CRAIG
Probably the finest façade of any football stadium in Great Britain.

NS7143 : Confluence of the Avon Water and the Kype Water by Gordon Brown
Avon from the right, Kype from the left. Both in spate after a very wet few days.
by Gordon Brown

NS7332 : Priesthill Height by Raibeart MacAoidh
Looking towards Nutberry Hill from Priesthill Height.
by Raibeart MacAoidh

NX2367 : Pond and abandoned ATV on Artfield Fell by David Baird
Artfield Fell is the site of a windfarm, but on what was a very foggy day the wind turbines were virtually invisible in the mist, so instead I opted for this photo of an artificial pond and abandoned derelict all-terrain vehicle as a first geograph for the square.
by David Baird

NZ3263 : Roman Road in Jarrow by Vin Mullen
Roman Road looking from Brancepeth Terrace in Jarrow
by Vin Mullen

NX5960 : Castramont Wood by Callum Black
A carpet of dead bracken under well spaced mature trees in the nature reserve of Castramont Wood.
by Callum Black

NY5458 : Talkin Tarn, and hills towards Talkin Village by raydar

Talkin Tarn Country Park lies nine miles east of Carlisle. There is a 65 acre lake set amid 120 acres of farmland and woodland.


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