New Year's Day 2009

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There were several 'Happy New Year' threads in the forum in 2009, but no forum-based collection of photos taken on New Year's Day. However, 179 contributors took and submitted photos of their outings on the day.

It was icy in the north of the Union, mostly cold but dull elsewhere, blue skies were very rare.

I've arranged my selection from the images in more or less (map) north to south order, and added a brief description where there was none.

1 south of Durness

NC4366 : Pegmatite - Sangobeg by Uamhair
Pegmatite intrusions within the Lewisian Gneiss, reflecting 'Laxfordian' deformation and resultant injection of molten material.
by Uamhair

NC7464 : Kirtomy Bay by Mike Dodman
Looking West with Kirtomy Bay in the middle ground and Farr Point in the background.
by Mike Dodman

ND0442 : Track near Dalnaglaton by Calum McRoberts
One of a few buildings alongside the long track from Loch More to The Glutt and beyond to Braemore Lodge.
by Calum McRoberts

NB5445 : Gob Girdabirie by Donald Lawson
Not much land in this square but this composition caught my eye as I tried to negotiate the fence/cliff combination!
by Donald Lawson

NB4235 : Fenced grazing land by John Haynes
Two crofts with no houses growing reasonable grass which will probably be cut for haylage. If there are stock associated with these two holdings they are probably away on the community grazing.
by John Haynes

NG8075 : Walkers on Gairloch beach, midday New Year's Day 2009 by Dave Marley

Long shadows on the beach, even at midday at this latitude. Shadows, plus the blue reflection on the wet sand, indicate sunshine.

NG7674 : Trigpoint, Meall na h-Airde by Becky Williamson
Looking north-east towards Gairloch
by Becky Williamson

NF8278 : Sand Dunes at Traigh Iar by toodlesg
New Year's Day 1st Jan. 2009.
by toodlesg

NG4670 : Ice covered Lochan nan Dùnan by Dave Fergusson
On a cold first day of 2009. Compare with NG4670 : Lochan nan Dùnan and NG4670 : Lochan nan Dùnan.
by Dave Fergusson

NJ4250 : Duff Street by Anne Burgess
New Year's Day 2009. Dreich, dull, damp and drizzly in Duff Street. In addition there was sheet ice on some of the road and pavement surfaces. Not a day for being out and about.
by Anne Burgess

NG4152 : Sornaichean Coir' Fhinn by John Allan
Sornaichean Coir' Fhinn are the stones that supported Fingal's cooking pot in which whole deer were cooked over a fire.
The houses on the far side of Loch Snizort Beag are in Aird Bernisdale.
by John Allan

NG4335 : View from top of forest by Brian Cameron

The forest in question covers Glen Tungadal, behind the camera. The view is hard to see because of the sunshine. The peaks of The Cuillins are visible in the left background.

NG8827 : Conchra by Callum Black
Former hotel at Conchra viewed from Bundalloch across Loch Long.
by Callum Black

NH4724 : Black Loch, White Dog by Adam Ward
Jack Russell on the frozen Loch Dubh after days of sub zero temperatures - it would have been safe for the photographer to walk at the edge of the Loch too.
by Adam Ward

NH9022 : Old Bridge at Carrbridge by Robert Struthers
Ice and frost outline the bridge on a cold winter's day. The bridge is almost 300 years old.
by Robert Struthers

NH8719 : Icy Track by Dorothy Carse
Boggy sections of this rough track on the north side of Carn na Guaille have frozen solid after a week of hard frost.
by Dorothy Carse

NH2418 : A frozen Loch Carn a'Chaochain by Andrew Spenceley
The whole loch was covered in ice, of various thicknesses, on a day with an overcast sky and mist swirling around, making everything appear grey.
by Andrew Spenceley

NH3709 : Remaining pier of old railway bridge over River  Oich by djmacpherson
The railway from Fort William stopped at Fort Augustus. A steamer then provided a service up the loch.
by djmacpherson

NH3009 : Bog pools by Richard Webb
There are sinister blue blobs on the map and an uncomfortable lack of contours in the area. Fortunately the bogs that this signifies were frozen.
by Richard Webb

NH3705 : Looking Down to Loch Ness from Wade's Road by Sarah McGuire
The first sight I got of the water of Loch Ness in a week due to extensive fog over any body of water in the Great Glen caused by severe frost.
by Sarah McGuire

NN3288 : Towards Brunachan by Colin Kinnear
Looking down Leana Mhor's ridge towards Brunachan.
by Colin Kinnear

NN1081 : Confluence on Allt Coire an Lightuin above Glen Loy near Fort William by ian shiell

Much evidence of recent heavy rain in this set of images.

NM8167 : Stagg Cottage by Richard Laybourne
A lovely looking cottage just up-river from Loch Doilet. It's labelled Stagg Cottage on the 1:25000 OS map, but the same map says it sits next to Loch "Doilean", so who can tell?
by Richard Laybourne

NO2848 : Fields at Ruthven by Mike Pennington
Frosted bales and ploughed fields beside the Isla.
by Mike Pennington

NO4143 : Shelter on Hayston Hill by Dan
Ironharrow well is next to the shelter in a roofed enclosure.
Glamis Angus adds - It's a lunch hut for shooting parties. This hut has a division by means of which the landed gentry could be separated from the beaters. This hut has graffiti inscribed therein reputed to go back to between the wars.
by Dan

NO0846 : Cothole by Russel Wills
A derelict farm cottage with superb views over Loch of Butterstone and Loch of Lowes.
by Russel Wills

NN7925 : Moorland near Braefordie by Dr Richard Murray
The lochan is an artificial pond. Creag Each on the right, Torlum Hill in the distance.
by Dr Richard Murray

NM8223 : Minard Cottage (Tigh Beg) from Loch Feochan by Joan Kemp

An isolated property near the entrance to Loch Feochan.

NM8603 : Cup-marked rock by Patrick Mackie
This cup- and ring-marked surface lies adjacent to the line of the original track up the hill from Ford.
by Patrick Mackie

NS2389 : The Gare Loch from above Garelochhead by Alan White

A somewhat murky sunset, reflected in Gare Lock. Taken from the Three Lochs Way above Garelochhead.


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