New Year's Day 2010

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There was no forum-based collection of photos taken on New Year's Day, in 2010, apart from a few pics added to the 2009 thread. However, 198 contributors took and submitted photos of their outings on the day.

Much snow in the north and west of the Union, mostly cold and bright elsewhere.

I've arranged my selection from the images in more or less (map) north to south order, and added a brief description where there was none.

1 Scotland

NG0396 : Traigh Iar Harris looking south to Ceapabhal and Toe Head by John Masterson
At the start of January 2010 there was still enough snow - and some great light - around the Outer Hebrides to create some fascinating scenes. This was the moment to capture the rare combination of sky, sea, sand and snow in this early afternoon shot.
by John Masterson

NH7789 : New Year snow by Heather Barnett

Just west of Dornoch, with Dornoch Firth in the background.

NG7957 : Winter coastline near Diabaig by Andrew Spenceley
Looking across Loch Shieldaig to Ben Shieldaig on the first day of 2010. The ground is completely frozen and very icy. At the far left can be seen a cottage accessible only by path or boat.
by Andrew Spenceley

NJ3155 : Inchberry hall after the snow by Alastair Young
A view of the hall from the field to the North
by Alastair Young

NG4053 : River Romesdal by John Allan
A covering of ice near the mouth of the river is beginning to thaw, as several days of sub-zero temperatures come to an end.
by John Allan

NH4945 : Difficult roads above Broallan by Gordon Brown
The ploughs were out on New year's day to keep these roads open.
by Gordon Brown

NJ0330 : Some tractor action in the snow at Ballieward by Duncan Cain

Clearance of snow from minor roads is often tackled by local farmers or other contactors, rather than regular County Highways staff.

NJ9506 : A wintry North Sea lashes Aberdeen beach by Alan Reid
The groynes work their hardest to keep the sand in place
by Alan Reid

NH3303 : Bridge of Oich by Richard Webb
The new (1932) bridge over the River Oich at its outflow from Loch Oich in the Great Glen. Taken after a period of heavy snowfall, just before the arrival of a snow plough. The road sign refers to the swing bridge over the Caledonian Canal a bit further down the road.
by Richard Webb

NM4080 : Graves, Aird nan Uan, Muck by Becky Williamson
There are three graves, surrounded by a low dry stone wall, situated at the end of a peninsula on Muck's north coast overlooking Horse Island and Rum. A nice place to be buried.
by Becky Williamson

NN8765 : The road through Blair Atholl by Tom Pennington

Atholl Country Life Museum on the left, Tullach Hill in the background.

NN1955 : North east ridge of Stob Coire Raineach by Phil Jones
Looking towards Stob nan Cabar with the Blackwater Reservoir in the distance.
by Phil Jones

NO3138 : Stile on the old Railway by David Martin
Stile to cross a modern fence on the line of the old Dundee-Newtyle Railway
by David Martin

NM8526 : Chalets at Cologin by Margot Manson

Self-catering holiday accommodation in the hills southwest of Oban.

NN8723 : Top of Witches Craig by Eleanor Miller
Witch's Craig near Gilmerton witch pushed over here in a barrel if she survived she was guilty if she died she was not guilty !
by Eleanor Miller

NM9709 : Eredine Waterfall by Karl Pipes
Waterfall in the Forestry Commission Scotland's 'Eredine Forest'. The waterfall is on the Eredine Burn, above Eredine Village. Taken on New Years Day 2010, in freezing conditions.
by Karl Pipes

NM8604 : New Year's Day 2010 by Patrick Mackie
It's been a tradition for two years now to walk up Dun Dubh on New Year's Day. This year there was quite a bit of snow to deal with.
by Patrick Mackie

NS3979 : Vale of Leven Academy by Lairich Rig
Construction of the new Vale of Leven Academy began in 2008, close to the site of the previous building; see NS3879 : Vale of Leven Academy, which has a link to a view of the old Academy building.

The new school was officially opened on Monday, 9th November, 2009.

For a view from the other side, see NS3979 : Vale of Leven Academy.
by Lairich Rig

NT1378 : The Loony Dook by Calum McRoberts
The Loony Dook is an annual event that takes place on the 1st of January each year. Up to 600 hardy 'loons' take to the waters of the River Forth for a 'dook' that might last from a few seconds up to many minutes. A good deal of money is raised for charity and a good time is had by all. Volunteers from the RNLI can be seen in the water in case of any mishaps. The Forth Rail Bridge is visible in the background.
by Calum McRoberts

NT6678 : What's That Bridge Doing There? : New Year's Day at Belhaven by Richard West
No, the wind-surfer has not been superimposed or Photo-shopped onto this picture. My camera never lies. I strolled down to Belhaven on New Year's Day and this bloke was zipping around on his surfboard. Despite the wind I managed to hold the camera still enough to snap this view.
by Richard West

NT1977 : Drum Sands, with stranded fish by M J Richardson
A carved stone on the foreshore near Cramond, with Cramond Island in the background and Fife beyond.
by M J Richardson

NT2573 : Bringing in the New Year with a Bang by Matthew Hatton
Standing on Frederick Street, looking at the fireworks going off in Princes Street Gardens and the Castle.
by Matthew Hatton

NT2573 : Welcoming the New Year 2010 by Anne Burgess
The firework display at midnight over the city of Edinburgh. On the left is, I think, the display on Calton Hill, and on the right the Castle.
by Anne Burgess

NR7268 : Red hind below Cruach na Gaibhre by Keith Drynan

The red deer is Scotlandís largest land mammal. Their population has been rising steadily and they are blamed for damage to forests and rare plants.

NS5965 : George Square on New Year's Day 2010, Glasgow by Anthony O'Neil
The remnants of Hogmanay are evident. This area is the main focus of events for Glasgow's celebrations and admission to the square is by ticket only over this period. The City Chambers - originally opened by Queen Victoria - dominate the scene. The building consumed 10 million bricks in its construction!
by Anthony O'Neil

NS4956 : Glanderston Dam by Eileen Henderson
The reservoir, completely frozen over, on New Year's Day 2010.
by Eileen Henderson

NS6051 : Jackton Road Under Snow by Iain Thompson

Jackton Road forms the southwest perimeter of East Kilbride.

NS7143 : Avon Water by Dannie Calder
Avon Water - looking towards Craig Bridge
by Dannie Calder

NT1337 : The Broughton hills from Cademuir by Jim Barton
A snowy New Year's morning view westwards from the John Buchan Way on Cademuir, above Peebles. Trahenna Hill is near the centre with Penvalla on the right.
by Jim Barton

NS0332 : New Year fire by Alan Murray Walsh
Lamlash New Year fire on shore road at 1am (approx). Lamlash and Cordon in the background.
by Alan Murray Walsh

NT4127 : Howe Bottom by Iain Lees

Howe Bottom is part of a large woodland area around Pernassie Hill, west of Selkirk.

NT0106 : Brattleburn by Brian Barclay
New Year 2010
by Brian Barclay

NX0985 : Towards Bennane Lea by Mary and Angus Hogg
Looking along the beach to the north of Ballantrae towards the cottage at Bennane Lea. Viewed on a fine but chilly New Year's Day, with the snow-covered mountains of Arran providing a spectacular backdrop.
by Mary and Angus Hogg

NX7083 : Frozen Loch Howie by Bob Peace
This image was taken standing on the ice at the NE edge of the loch.
by Bob Peace


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