2. Ireland

New Year's Day 2010

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2 Ireland

H3494 : A snipe bog by Dick's Hill wood by Des Colhoun
This small patch was always a haven for snipe who favoured the cover and feeding found in the rushy quagmire.
by Des Colhoun

G9580 : Snowy Fields: Drumbarren by louise price
Taken in twilight looking towards Barnes from a high point along the old Eske road.
by louise price

H4771 : Roller and hay rake by Kenneth  Allen
Pictured at the Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital grounds
by Kenneth Allen

NY7913 : Trees from Leacett Lane by Bob Harvey
Take New Years Day 2010 during one of the worst snow falls for 25 years.
by Bob Harvey

O1029 : Winter has arrived at Tymon park by Alan James
Winter came to Tymon park to one of the lakes in the park the setting sun adding its colour to the sky.
by Alan James

N7804 : Motte, Ballyshannon Demesne by Prof Michael Rigby
Motte (marked on OS), S of lane from Ballyshannon Crossroads. Frosty clear day, New Year's Day 2010.
by Prof Michael Rigby

W8261 : Rock Formation Whitebay Strand by Tim FitzGerald

Not far from Whitegate Oil Refinery and Power Station, by the outer entrance to Cork Harbour.

~ south of Morpeth

NZ3174 : Hungry Robin by Christine Westerback
A welcome visitor in my back garden.
by Christine Westerback

NZ1265 : Close House Golf Course by Andrew Curtis
Wish I'd used one of those fluorescent balls.
by Andrew Curtis
Shared Description

NZ2464 : St Thomas the Martyr's Church by Peter McDermott
St Thomas the Martyr's Church on Barras Bridge.
by Peter McDermott

NZ2964 : River Tyne at Hebburn by Les Hull

With cranes on the wharfs on the Walker shore.

NY9363 : Winter wonderland by Joan Sykes
Snow covered trees in the grounds of Loughbrow House.
by Joan Sykes

NY9362 : Tobogganing on Causey Hill Road by Oliver Dixon
Fortunately not much traffic along this little-used hilltop road.
by Oliver Dixon

NY8455 : Lonkley Bank in the snow (5) by Mike Quinn

Just outside Allendale Town.

NY9546 : Sike Head Chimney and West Farm, Jeffrey's Rake by Elfrieda Waren
Both legacies of the North Pennines miner/farmer landscape, Sike Head Chimney is thought to be the one mentioned by WH Auden is his poem 'New Year Letter 1940'...
"The derelict lead smelting mill,
Flued to its chimney up the hill,
That smokes no answer any more,
But points, a landmark on BOLTS LAW
The finger of all questions."
West Farm was the family home of the Paull family, who moved from Devon in the mid 19th Century to Hunstanworth to mine lead. For more information go to LinkExternal link
by Elfrieda Waren

NZ0615 : Footpath through Abbey Farm by Andy Waddington
Footpaths from Cross Lanes and Castle Farm converge and head NNE to emerge on this track between the cowsheds of Abbey Farm. Usually it is particularly wet, muddy and smelly for this short section, but the covering of snow made it unusually pristine on New Year's day.
by Andy Waddington

NZ6811 : Gated track onto Haw Rigg (view SSE) by Philip Barker
This photograph shows a gated entrance onto Haw Rigg from the track that runs between the road at Three Howes Rigg and the road at Robin Hood's Butts. The picture was taken at grid reference {NZ 689 110} looking in a south-south-easterly direction towards Danby. The 'mist' in the background is a snow-storm heading across the moorland.
by Philip Barker

NZ8911 : Whitby West Cliff by mike
New Year's day 2010
by mike

NZ6907 : Old Boundary Marker on Castleton Rigg by D Garside
Parish Boundary Marker on Castleton Rigg 65 metres south of the wire fence of a reservoir and 40 metres west of Blakey Lane. On the boundary of Westerdale and Danby parishes. Inscribed D and W on opposite faces.

Milestone Society National ID: YN_WESDAN35pb
by D Garside
Shared Description
  • LinkExternal link/">National Survey of Wayside Features by The Milestone Society

SD1486 : Anna Crag by Rob Noble
Anna Crag and Horse Back from above Whitecombe Beck, with the summit of Black Combe beyond.
by Rob Noble

J1333 : Sunset looking towards Newry by Neil Mitchell
New Year's Day 2010
by Neil Mitchell

SE2778 : Ure Footpath by David Rogers
From Sleningford Water Mill towards Tanfield Bridge.
by David Rogers

SE7378 : Public footpath near Brawby by Phil Catterall
Image captured on New Years Day 2010 at 1513 hrs.
by Phil Catterall

SD7175 : Ingleton Granite Quarries (disused) by Karl and Ali
"Granite" is a misnomer as the rocks which were quarried are actually Pre-Cambrian slates and grits, the same series which form the Ingleton Waterfalls. This is still being quarried nearby.
by Karl and Ali

SE8574 : Coach and Horses at Rillington by SMJ

This Grade II listed Inn was originally an 18th century coaching house on the A64 Scarborough Road.

SE6870 : Ganthorpe Farm by Michael Jagger

Ganthorpe is a small hamlet with several farms and a 'big house' associated with nearby Castle Howard.

SE8448 : Bratt Wood from the road! Nunburnholme, East Riding, Yorkshire by Eamon Curry
Bratt Wood and the footpath being the Yorkshire Wolds Way and Wilberforce Way Paths. Situated near the village of Nunburnholme, East Riding, Yorkshire.
by Eamon Curry

SE0736 : Goitstock Waterfall, Hallas Beck by habiloid

Just east of Cullingworth, with the Millennium Way long distance path passing through the woods on the right.

TA1231 : Holderness Road, Kingston upon Hull by Bernard Sharp
The former clay extraction pit, The Willows Club, No.695A Holderness Road, now flooded and used as a fishing lake. Previously one of many in this area which served a number of local brick and tile works. Notable for being the last surviving relic of the industry in the locality. See also: TA1231 : Holderness Road, Kingston upon Hull
by Bernard Sharp

TA1724 : Paull Holme Strays by Paul Harrop
Showing the western end of the flood risk management scheme. One of the breaches in the original embankment can be seen on the horizon to the left of the picture. This allows an area of land to flood, reducing the risk of flooding elsewhere on the estuary while creating a habitat for wildlife. Full details here: LinkExternal link
by Paul Harrop

TA1715 : Killingholme from the Humber North Bank by Andy Beecroft
A pool of sunlight just happened to fall in the right place at the right time for this photograph!
by Andy Beecroft


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