5. south of Pontypool

New Year's Day 2010

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5 south of Pontypool

SS9494 : Forestry Entrance by John Finch

On Mynydd William Meyrick, above the Rhondda Valley.

TQ7194 : Village Sign by terry joyce
The Ramsden Bellhouse sign is located on the grass verge near to the entrance to St Mary's Church.
by terry joyce

ST7993 : Sheep near Ozleworth by Derek Harper
The sheep shown in ST7993 : Marlees Brook valley suddenly got the idea that we were bringing some food and started heading uphill towards the cattle grid on bridleway NOZ/2/3. Here, after a good look at me crossing their path, they are beginning to revise their opinion. Behind them is the Marlees Brook valley.
by Derek Harper

SS5892 : Duckpond just off Fairwood Lane by Hywel Williams
In the late 1980s a community conservation project was established to create a wildlife habitat encompassing the site of the former village pond. This project proved enormously successful and won a number of major national and international awards.

These rather vociferous residents who guard the pond now expect to be fed morsels of bread from every car that merely stops at this location.

The lake in the background is frozen over and had been so for a week or so.
by Hywel Williams

ST6391 : Thornbury Medieval Fishponds by Ruth Riddle
Taken on a frosty New Year's Day 2010
by Ruth Riddle

SU7690 : View across the Chilterns from above Turville village by David Hillas
Looking across fields from the footpath South of Turville towards Mousells Wood in the distance. The local telephone exchange can be seen in the middle of the photo.
by David Hillas

SU5989 : Split in the stream by Bill Nicholls
Better view of where the Millstream splits off to Bradford's Brook. This is quite an elaborate and costly set up so must have been worth doing for the mills to operate. Puzzling part is there is no weir on this bridge or at least no sign of one.
by Bill Nicholls

ST3089 : Redland Street, Newport by Jaggery
Houses on the west side of Redland Street, which descends steeply towards Malpas Road.
Redland Street is a continuation of Brynglas Avenue. The continuation is so seamless that 114 Redland Street is next door to 2 Brynglas Avenue in the same block of terraced houses - very confusing for the uninitiated!
by Jaggery

ST3187 : Lower Dock Street, Newport by Robin Drayton
Taken on New Years Day and unusually devoid of parked cars.
The building in the centre is occupied by King's Church.
In 1850 it was used by a coal proprietor and merchant.
by Robin Drayton

TQ2588 : Path from Meadway Close by David Howard
Leading to Hampstead Heath
by David Howard

TQ7888 : St Peters Thundersley by Glyn Baker
St Peters was built in the 12th Century, but the extension dates from 1966. From the outside this looks quite pleasing in that the extension does not pretend to be anything else but of its time, however it does blend well with the ancient structure. Learn more at LinkExternal link
by Glyn Baker

TQ8288 : Codgers Crossing, Pound Wood, Daws Heath, Benfleet by Reg Lambert
This crossing over a brook is constructed entirely out of timber taken from Pound Wood.
by Reg Lambert

SU7087 : Duck House Pond by Des Blenkinsopp
Ornamental pond in the grounds of Soundess House.
by Des Blenkinsopp

SS8377 : Church Street,  Newton by Colin Pyle
Looking east towards the Ancient Briton public house.
by Colin Pyle

TQ2775 : The old Arding and Hobbs department store at Clapham Junction by tristan forward

Now Debenhams, on the corner of Lavender Hill on the left and St John's Road on the right.

ST5871 : East Street, Bedminster by Nigel Mykura
This shows the ASDA and the McDonald's on the east side of East Street which is the A38 main route out of Bristol to the south west. Taken from near the junction with Philip Street.
by Nigel Mykura

TQ7367 : Shorts Brothers Tunnels, Rochester, Kent by Rob
On 23rd September 1941 Shorts Brothers contacted the Ministry of Aircraft Production regarding their seaplane works at Rochester seeking authority to build a new underground works in tunnels excavated under chalk cliffs behind their existing MAP extension factory on the south bank of the River Medway. Space was urgently required for 75 new machine tools as their works were full to capacity. The tunnels were intended to create 12,000 square feet of workshop space at a cost of £20,000 which, it was acknowledged was somewhat higher than a new surface building but stress was laid upon the vulnerability of the Medway estuary.

The project was given the go ahead and the tunnels were excavated consisting of two parallel tunnels, each one hundred metres in length, these were linked by four 75 metre long adits to the cliff face at the rear of the factory. The tunnels were for the most part cut from chalk and brick lined (one of the adits was unlined). There were also two 45 degree ventilation shafts extending to the surface.
by Rob

ST3366 : A Gap in the Wall by Colin Bews
Taken on farmland on Middle Hope - Woodspring Priory can be seen in the centre of the photo.
by Colin Bews

TQ3265 : Allders department store, North End by Dr Neil Clifton
Joshua Allder first opened his shop in North end about 1868, and soon expanded it. Allder was very well-respected in the town, where he served as a councillor. Allders remains very popular with Croydon shoppers, who always receive courteous and efficient service there.
by Dr Neil Clifton

TQ2965 : St.Mary's Church, Beddington by Peter Trimming
First photograph of the New Year; a favourite "local" scene. Despite the bright, and very cold weather, many people were walking in the parkland which adjoins this church.
by Peter Trimming

TR0364 : Castle Coote Bird Sanctuary, Swale estuary. by Martyn Ayre
The shingle bank that marks the western end of the bird sanctuary, in late afternoon winter sunshine, with Shellness Point, the easternmost point on the Isle of Sheppey, in the far distance across the Swale.
by Martyn Ayre

TQ7964 : The Flying Saucer, Hempstead by Chris Whippet
One of several pubs that had their licences transferred from pubs in Brompton as the 'slum clearances' took place. Large numbers of the Brompton population were re-housed in the newly developing areas of Hempstead and Twydall in the '50s. The original licence had belonged to the "Shipwrights Arms" at 22 Westcourt Street, Brompton. In March 1951 the licence was transferred to the premises at 140 Hempstead Road, Hempstead which opened under the name of the "Flying Saucer."

TQ1263 : The Lake, Claremont Landscape Garden by Ian Capper
Gardens originally dating from the early 18th century, now owned by the National Trust. Seen here on a cold New Year's Day morning, with patches of ice on the lake and a light dusting of snow on part of the surrounding grass. The Cedar on the left of the photo is considered to be one of the finest in the UK.
by Ian Capper

ST3461 : The Church of St Peter by Ant Basterfield
This church is alongside the Baytree Road and faces south on to the Locking Road, while its right hand side adjoins Baytree Rec where football games are abounding on some days.
by Ant Basterfield

SU8358 : Hawley and Hornley Commons by don cload
Typical heathland and scattered trees on this part of the common.
by don cload

TQ6053 : Cottages  at Yopps Green, Plaxtol by Rick Crowley

Elm Tree Cottage on the left and White Beam on the right.
Grade II listed Cottage row, possibly C17 LinkExternal link.

TQ7053 : Teston Bridge by Stacey Harris

Teston Bridge dates from about the 15th century and is one of a series of mediaeval bridges across the River Medway. The three outer arches were rebuilt in the early 19th century. The parapet has ashlar coping, and has possibly been renewed at a later date. Teston Bridge is Grade I listed LinkExternal link.

TR1952 : Snow covered field near Bishopsbourne by Nick Smith

Beside the A2, southeast of Canterbury. Bishopsbourne includes the grand mansion of Bourne Park House, built in the early 18th century for Dame Elizabeth Aucher, on the site of an older building built for the Bourne family. The mansion is hidden by the trees on the left.

TQ0250 : Church Hall, St John the Evangelist, Merrow by Christine Matthews
Looking across the graveyard towards the church hall.
by Christine Matthews

TQ1247 : Church of St John the Evangelist, Wotton by Jonathan Hutchins
Situated at the end of Church Lane below the North Downs. Of Saxon origin though with much Victorian restoration
by Jonathan Hutchins

TR3744 : New Year's Day at St Margaret's Bay by Andy Parrett
Showing the cliffs to the North East of the Bay and Noel Coward's House ('The White House')
by Andy Parrett

ST0743 : The Ancient Mariner, Watchet by N Chadwick
The Ancient Mariner statue in Watchet was commissioned in 2002 by the Market House Museum Society. Sculpted by Alan B Herriot of Penicuik, Scotland, it stands on the esplanade as a tribute to the poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who once lived in nearby Nether Stowey. The story goes that while on a walking tour in 1797, Coleridge visited Watchet and on seeing the harbour, was inspired to write the renowned poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
by N Chadwick

SU3940 : St. Mary the Less, Chilbolton by Andrew Mathewson

Chilbolton is a small village in the Test Valley, between Andover and Winchester. The church was built in the 12th century and extensive alterations have been made over the years.

TQ7340 : Bethany School Worms Hill by Peter Skynner
Looking West along Worms Hill Curtisden Green.
by Peter Skynner


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