New Year's Day 2014

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The collection of photos taken on New Year's Day, one from each contributor, has been run in the Themed Topic Forum for a number of years.
Some people take active part and add their photos to the forum thread, as well as attaching the shared description to their image. Many others take the photo and submit it to the site, but don't post to the forum. Others go out for lengthy walks with their cameras and take lots of photos.
I thought I'd bring all these groups together - a total of 84 contributors. I've arranged the images in more or less (map) north to south order and added a brief description where there was none.

1 Scotland

NB2544 : Working sheep on the side of Beinn na Cloich by Philip
Working sheep over New Year near the village of Shawbost
by Philip

NC0011 : Loch na Creige Duibhe by Dorothy Carse
On moorland east of Meall na Beiste.
by Dorothy Carse
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NH6650 : On the wall of Dun Lundie - a Black Isle fort by Julian Paren
By coincidence midday New Year's Day 2014 was spent enjoying the sunshine at the site of Dun Lundie fort to which six of us and a dog had walked.

The fort of Dun Lundie is perched at a decisive position on a steep conglomerate ridge. The local archaeological "bible" says

"On the highest point of ridge of conglomerate which runs NE to SW, a flat
rocky plateau is surrounded by a single earth and stone wall. On the SW side, where the natural defence is weakest, the wall consists of stones only, and these are of large size, forming a formidable barrier which is 5 ft high in places. The entrance appears to have been on the SE, where there are traces of a very steep access path. The fortified area measures 54 ft from NE to SW and 45 ft from SE to NW."

This view embraces typical Black Isle countryside with the Beauly Firth beyond.
by Julian Paren
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NH5041 : Fields and houses, by Post Office Brae by Craig Wallace
Looking west from Post Office Brae, towards a couple of houses on the edge of Kiltarlity village. The left house is Bruiach Mill, see NH5041 : Bruiach Mill

The Beauly-Denny Power Line is visible on the hills beyond. The snow topped Beinn a' Bhathach Àrd is in the distance to the left.
by Craig Wallace
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NJ9206 : Westburn Park by Robert Struthers
Part of the water feature in Westburn Park - a series of ponds, bridges, weirs and channels.
by Robert Struthers

NO7196 : Tesco, Banchory by Nigel Corby
Closed on New Year's Day
by Nigel Corby
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NN1875 : Race for the line by Doug Lee
Every year on the 1st of January Lochaber Athletic Club organize a race up Aonach Mor from the ski-centre car park at the bottom to the top gondola station. This year 108 people put aside their New Year hangovers and inevitable Christmas illnesses to run up the hill.

Here we see a final, no doubt very painful, sprint to the finishing line which lies just out of shot to the right of the image.
by Doug Lee
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NO1847 : Sheep at Bonnington, near Rattray by Mike Pennington

Looking west with the buildings of Bonnington Farm in the background.

NM7417 : Cottages At Ellenabeich by James T M Towill
Some of the beautiful whitewashed cottages at this small coastal settlement, dominated by the grey slate above, below and around.
by James T M Towill
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NM8604 : New Year's Day walk 2014 by Patrick Mackie
It's a bit of a tradition in the village of Ford to walk up Dun Dubh on New Year's Day, setting off at noon after a very late night at the ceilidh in the village hall. Both locals and visitors are unpacking coffee, whisky, cake and tablet to celebrate summitting the local hill.
by Patrick Mackie
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NT4899 : Coastal erosion by Sandy Gemmill
The view from Earlsferry towards Elie. The photo was taken shortly after high tide. This was a particularly high tide since the wind was blowing from the south/south east and the moon was close to conjunction with the sun.
by Sandy Gemmill

NS7999 : Wharry Bridge by Alpin Stewart
The road through Kippenrait Glen was closed to traffic some time ago as a result of landslips. It remains a popular route for walkers and cyclists.
by Alpin Stewart

NT0098 : Cauldron Linn and the River Devon by William Starkey
The waterfall Cauldron Linn on the River Devon west of Powmill. Heavy rain in the mild winter of 2013-14 has swollen the river, the falls can be heard several hundred metres away today. The spray from the waterfall encourages the growth of mosses in the surrounding semi-wild woodland, which resembles a temperate rain forest.
by William Starkey
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NS3975 : The Counting House by Lairich Rig
See NS3975 : The Counting House, Dumbarton for an earlier view. The building is on Dumbarton's Heritage Trail. It is now a public house, but it was originally built (1897-98) for the British Linen Company Bank, whose name appears above the entrance (they later became known as the British Linen Bank).
by Lairich Rig

NT3074 : Portobello Promenade by M J Richardson
Not much call for buses in Edinburgh on New Year's Day - a line up at the Craigentinny Depot of Lothian Buses.
by M J Richardson
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NT2274 : Empty Car Park by Anne Burgess
Nothing is moving today - one of only two days in the year when it is possible to take a shot like this when the supermarket is closed all day.
by Anne Burgess
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NS2072 : Kip Marina from Station Avenue by Thomas Nugent
The boatyards and The Chartroon bar & restaurant (with the red roof, which was originally red, then was white for around a year or so until being restored to red recently).
by Thomas Nugent
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NS6869 : Gardens in Muirhead by G Laird
The Muirhead Inn on Cumbernauld Road can be seen to the right of the photograph.
by G Laird

NR8468 : New Year's Day walk, Tarbert golf course by sylvia duckworth
A short walk for Tess - between the showers!
by sylvia duckworth
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NS5566 : Footbridge over the Clydeside Expressway by Alec MacKinnon
This smart, new footbridge enables pedestrians to cross the obstacle of the Clydeside Expressway, for instance as they travel between Partick stations and the Riverside Museum. The picture looks along the bridge from its north end.
by Alec MacKinnon

NT6465 : On Spartleton by Richard Webb
Wet moorland above Watch Cleuch. More rain approaching from the south.
by Richard Webb
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NS4763 : Sir James Coats, 1st Baronet of Auchendrane (1834-1913) by david cameron photographer
Sir James Coats was born April 12, 1834 and died January 20, 1913 Paisley, Scotland and buried on millionaires row across from the crematorium in Woodside cemetery. The large square stone marks his grave and you'll find many other Coats family stone here and down by the old garden of remembrance. His photo LinkExternal link Info p. 378 - 379: LinkExternal link
by david cameron photographer
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NT2539 : Victoria Park, Peebles by Jim Barton
New Year's Day, dry up to about 1pm when rain edged up from the south. The yellow loops are gas pipes awaiting resumption of the next phase of gas mains renewal.
by Jim Barton
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NS3219 : New Year's Walk by Mary and Angus Hogg
Several people were enjoying a New Year walk with the dogs in Ayr's Belleisle Park on 1 January. The weather forecast was accurate, with skies darkening and rain approaching fast.
by Mary and Angus Hogg
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