New Year's Day 2016

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The collection of photos taken on New Year's Day, one from each contributor, has been run in the Themed Topic Forum for a number of years.
Some people take active part and add their photos to the forum thread, as well as attaching the shared description to their image. Many others take the photo and submit it to the site, but don't post to the forum. Others go out for lengthy walks with their cameras and take lots of photos.
I thought I'd bring all these groups together - a total of 91 photographers. I've arranged the images in more or less (map) north to south order and added a brief description where there was none.

1 Scotland

NH6355 : New Year's Day snow, Bellton Wood by Julian Paren
The start of a 90 minute walk through our favourite paths in Bellton Wood. Local noon - 1215 for the Black Isle.
by Julian Paren
Shared Description

NH4545 : Approaching the hut circles on the Farley track by Gordon Brown

There are several hut circles and a field system in this area, most dated as prehistoric.

NH9239 : Waterfalls on the Leonach Burn by valenta

There are several waterfalls on this burn, as it makes its way down to join the River Findhorn.

NN3609 : The old military road by Malcolm Neal
The military road was built so that soldiers could move quickly during the time of troubles in the 1700's. It is only about a metre wide but was so well laid that it is still a good walkers' path and the modern road runs very close to it between Inversnaid and Trossachs Pier.
by Malcolm Neal

NT3173 : Porty Beach by Richard Webb
Looking along Portobello Beach from the Joppa end. Some out for a dip, even though the Summer temperatures of December 2015 had left for more traditional New Year's Day weather. (I was out for a run on the bike and am still thawing out as I type this at home).

The Portobello coastal rowing club are out as well (background).
by Richard Webb
Shared Description

NS2072 : Kip Marina Village by Thomas Nugent
The main entrance to the housing development and marina off the A78 Main Road at Inverkip.
by Thomas Nugent
Shared Description

NT6946 : Looking down the River Blackadder at Greenlawdean by Brian Turner
The River Blackadder flows through Greenlawdean in Berwickshire
by Brian Turner

NT2736 : Old Drove Road approaching Kailzie Hill by Jim Barton
A wintry look to New Year's Day on the drove road following the ridge over Kailzie Hill.
by Jim Barton
Shared Description

NT6136 : At the Brothers' Stones on New Year’s Day 2016 by Walter Baxter
It was the ideal day for a walk up to Brotherstone Hill in calm frosty conditions, but also a grey sky with the sun struggling to break through. According to folklore, two brothers went overseas in search of fame and fortune, and on their return each was unaware that they had followed different faiths, one being protestant and the other catholic. An argument over their respective religions resulted in the two brothers duelling, whereby they both died of sword wounds. The legend says that local people erected the two standing stones to mark where the brothers fell and were buried.
by Walter Baxter
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~ Ireland

J3775 : New Year's Day 2016, Belfast City Airport by Albert Bridge
The local suburbs were absolutely dead today but the airlines were offering quite a reasonable service (including KLM from/to Amsterdam). The flybe Dash 8 (G-PRPA) LinkExternal link had arrived from Leeds/Bradford the previous afternoon. Photograph taken at 13.45.
by Albert Bridge
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H4672 : Dog walkers pass along the Highway to Health Path, Mullaghmore by Kenneth  Allen
The approaching dog had its tail wagging which was a good sign

I've got the timing on the button too!
by Kenneth Allen
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