New Year's Day 2021

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Creative Commons Licence [Some Rights Reserved]   Text © Copyright January 2023, Penny Mayes; licensed for re-use under a Creative Commons Licence.
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The collection of photos taken on New Year's Day, one from each contributor, has been run in the Themed Topic Forum for a number of years.
Some people take active part and add their photos to the forum thread, as well as attaching the shared description to their image. Many others take the photo and submit it to the site, add the shared description, but don't post to the forum. Others go out for lengthy walks with their cameras and take lots of photos.
I thought I'd bring all these groups together. I've arranged the images in (map) north to south order and added brief descriptions where there was none.

See the shared description for 2021 here Link

1 Scotland

NC5514 : Track at Tirryside, Sutherland by Andrew Tryon
Strong colours in the low winter sunshine. This is one of the straight tracks created as part of the Duke of Sutherland's historic land improvement project at Tirryside in the wilderness of Sutherland. In the distance to the north is the snow covered shoulder of Ben Klibreck.
by Andrew Tryon

NJ2467 : Foraging along the Spynie canal by Des Colhoun
You can see from the colour of the water that there's been a lot of rain lately.
by Des Colhoun
Shared Description

NJ1662 : York Tower from the West by thejackrustles
York Tower from the West, easy walk up in Winter
by thejackrustles

NJ3458 : Woodside Place by Anne Burgess
Exactly 12 noon (I could hear the kirk clock striking as I press the shutter button) on Ne'er Day 2021. Woodside Place is a cul-de-sac of (mostly) bungalows built in the 1970s. The BBC forecast said there would be sunny periods and showers at noon. The Met Office said dull and overcast. As usual, the one predicting the worse weather was right, and it's not light enough to do without artificial light. Never mind, sunrise today was earlier than yesterday, and sunset is now 12 minutes later than it was two weeks ago.
by Anne Burgess
Shared Description

NH6055 : Croftland at Beehive, Black Isle by Julian Paren
A rather strained view of Ben Wyvis from the half way point of a popular walk of ours through Upper Knockbain Wood. The footpath ends abruptly at a barbed wire fence and to get a better view would mean crossing it. Ben Wyvis and surrounding mountains are well-covered in snow.
by Julian Paren
Shared Description

NG4452 : Track above the Lon Mor by John Allan
The crofters' track gives access to the moorland above Keistle, running to the north of the Lon Mor.
There is fresh snow on Hartaval, on the left, and the Storr.
by John Allan
Shared Description

NG2643 : Towards Orbost House by Richard Dorrell
Orbost House stands centrally in this image, with Healabhal Beag towering beyond.
The house was built c. 1835/40, and has been extended and altered several times. At one time, an hotel, the house has recently undergone extensive renovation, and is now a private dwelling house.
by Richard Dorrell
Shared Description

NN5237 : First Foot by Adam Ward
Glen Lochay and Ben Challum as seen from the lower slopes of Meall Ghaordaidh on the first day of 2021. Extremely challenging conditions with sub zero temperatures and gale force wind blowing.
by Adam Ward

NN0107 : Forestry road in Eredine Forest by Patrick Mackie
With one of the turbines of the An Suidhe wind farm peeking through the gap.
by Patrick Mackie
Shared Description

NN8601 : Blairdenon by TXM
View towards Ben Cleuch in winter.
by TXM

NS2075 : Cloch Lighthouse by Thomas Nugent
The distant snow capped hills are on the west side of Loch Lomond, near Luss.
by Thomas Nugent
Shared Description

NT7375 : Skateraw Beach On New Year’s Day 2021 by Jennifer Petrie
The little car park was overflowing. We just managed to get the last space. It was a bitterly cold day but the bright sunshine was lighting up the waves on an incoming tide. Plenty of people were walking their dogs and a few people braved the icy cold sea to take a quick swim!
We sat on the shingle with our portable gas camping stove heating up soup and brewing cups of tea.
This was our first picnic of the new year and the view was wonderful.
Torness Power Station is situated at the right hand side and Dunbar’s lifeboat can just be seen moored in the far distance.
by Jennifer Petrie
Shared Description

NS5573 : Craigdhu Burn by Richard Sutcliffe
The northern bank of the burn is man-made here, reflecting the history of this part of Bearsden. In the 19th Century the burn fed a small dam immediately downstream from this point, which provided a water supply for the Burnbrae Dye Works beside Milngavie Road.
by Richard Sutcliffe
Shared Description

NT2169 : Colinton Tunnel Mural (3) by Graeme Yuill

When complete this will be Scotland's biggest mural.

NT0163 : Old Pumping Station on Breich Water by Ian Dodds
I'm not sure when this dates from, but it may well have been operational until relatively recently as the shale mine which it served at Westwood was the last of all West Lothian's shale mines to close in 1962. It opened in 1915, but there were other mines nearby that opened and closed before the big mine at Westwood - responsible for the famous Five Sisters shale bings - came into being.
Breich Water is behind camera.
by Ian Dodds

NS6145 : Snowy day in Whitelee Wind Farm by Gordon Brown
The Whitelee Wind farm is the largest on-shore wind farm in the UK, generating (when the wind blows) 539MW of power from its 215 turbines. This is about equivalent to half the output of Torness Nuclear Power Station, so not insubstantial.
by Gordon Brown

NT2439 : Icy path to South Park Wood by Jim Barton
Yesterday's snowfall turned to rain later in the evening and overnight frost has brought icy hard-packed snow to paths, pavements and roads for New Year's morning.
by Jim Barton

NT4837 : Buckholm Tower by Walter Baxter
This 16th century ruined tower house is said to be haunted by a former Laird of Buckholm from the 18th century. This telephoto shot was taken at midday on Friday 1st January 2021 from Meigle Hill.
by Walter Baxter
Shared Description

NS2412 : A New Year's Day walk on Croy Shore by Mary and Angus Hogg
Crisp, cold weather brought out a few walkers at Croy Bay to start off 2021 in glorious sunshine.
by Mary and Angus Hogg
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