Images shortlisted for POTY 2021

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, December 2022 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: ad acta to Alan Hughes

ad acta (18677) 16

SU6452 : So few customers by Mr Ignavy SU5753 : Paddock fencing - Tangier estate by Mr Ignavy SU6452 : It didn't last long by Mr Ignavy SU6352 : A very misty morning by Mr Ignavy SU8656 : Rush hour travel post Covid-19 lockdown by Mr Ignavy SU6352 : Demise of Debenhams by Mr Ignavy SU8657 : Cycle track - Moor Road Recreation Ground by Mr Ignavy TL4555 : New builds in Hawkley Road by Mr Ignavy SU5847 : Bridleway towards Basingstoke by Mr Ignavy SU8756 : Crossing at Farnborough North by Mr Ignavy SU4111 : Arundel Tower - Southampton city walls by Mr Ignavy SU5850 : Path across Pack Lane Field (15 acres) by Mr Ignavy SU8756 : Post Covid pandemic traffic jam by Mr Ignavy SU5952 : Southeast corner of Wootton Copse by Mr Ignavy SU6351 : Early evening - London Street by Mr Ignavy SU6352 : A fine winter morning by Mr Ignavy

Adam Ward (6363) 16
NT4270 : East Lothian Wintry Landscape by Adam Ward NT4371 : Winter Walk by Adam Ward NT4271 : Fun in the Snow by Adam Ward NT2265 : Partially Covered Military Road by Adam Ward NH0508 : Snow Showers Approaching by Adam Ward NH0413 : Taking Care on the Brothers by Adam Ward NH0514 : North Ridge Sgurr an Fhuarail by Adam Ward NH0747 : Red Deer Stag by Adam Ward NT6184 : Across Car Rocks by Adam Ward NJ4968 : Furious Fiddling by Adam Ward NJ5067 : Red Roof Cullen by Adam Ward NJ5566 : Sandend Bay by Adam Ward NS5480 : Fly Agaric by Adam Ward NT4170 : Beech Reflected by Adam Ward NT2320 : It's Such A Perfect Day by Adam Ward NT1815 : Upper Falls by Adam Ward

Adrian Benn (50150) 1
TQ6079 : Lake in Grays Gorge by Adrian Benn

Adrian Diack (88793) 1
TV5496 : Coastal erosion resulting in a retreating coast at the Seven Sisters by Adrian Diack

Adrian S Pye (46997) 7
TM4874 : Walberswick village sign by Adrian S Pye TG0511 : Mattishall village sign (3) by Adrian S Pye TM2281 : Where Norfolk meets Suffolk by Adrian S Pye TM2951 : Sluice and weir on the millrace by Adrian S Pye TM4390 : Partial Solar eclipse -10:48 10th June 2021 by Adrian S Pye TM5192 : Banksy - We're all in the same boat by Adrian S Pye TM3864 : "Beef in Brief" vintage style OXO advertising by Adrian S Pye

Adrian Taylor (8185) 2
NT5585 : High Street and Market Place by Adrian Taylor SD2188 : Ornamental lake, East Park by Adrian Taylor

Ajay Tegala (20422) 2
TL4287 : Sixteen Foot Drain by Ajay Tegala SW3822 : Beach at Porth Curno near Percella Point by Ajay Tegala

Alan Hughes (121420) 66
SS7299 : Carreg Bica by Alan Hughes SN8704 : Gateway and track by Alan Hughes SN8704 : Frozen pebbles by Alan Hughes SS8984 : Lichen and rust by Alan Hughes SN9308 : Brecon Beacons panorama by Alan Hughes SN9408 : Pantcefnffordd Farm by Alan Hughes SN9308 : Trig point by Alan HughesSS8377 : Frost pattern by Alan Hughes SS8376 : Breaking waves by Alan Hughes ST0296 : Snow tracery by Alan Hughes SN4822 : Llanfihangel uwch Gwili by Alan Hughes SM7223 : Carreg yr Esgob by Alan Hughes SS8377 : Blackbird singing by Alan Hughes SS8376 : Dusk at Newton Bay by Alan Hughes SN8121 : Bannau Sir Gaer by Alan Hughes SN7921 : Waun Lefrith by Alan Hughes SN8019 : Shake holes by Alan Hughes SN7824 : Country lane and tree by Alan Hughes SN7922 : Bannau Sir Gaer by Alan Hughes SS4385 : Steep gully by Alan Hughes SS4286 : Thurba Head, Gower by Alan Hughes SS8377 : A study in fives and tens by Alan Hughes SS8376 : Newton Point by Alan Hughes SN9815 : Mare and foal by Alan Hughes ST7564 : Gull and daffodils by Alan Hughes SN9416 : Old signpost by Alan Hughes SN9417 : Ystradfellte Reservoir by Alan Hughes ST0665 : Rhoose Point by Alan Hughes SM8306 : Coastal defences by Alan Hughes SM7525 : St Davidís Cathedral by Alan Hughes SM7931 : Swimming in the Blue Lagoon by Alan Hughes SS8377 : Marram grass by Alan Hughes SN9209 : Walking behind Sgŵd yr Eira by Alan Hughes SN9210 : Sgŵd y Pannwr by Alan Hughes SN9209 : Sgwd yr Eira in full spate by Alan Hughes SO0226 : Ffrwdgrech waterfall by Alan Hughes SO0126 : Cilwhybert Motte by Alan Hughes TL1406 : Café Rouge, St Albans by Alan Hughes SN6332 : A carpet fit for an abbey by Alan Hughes SN6330 : Cwmdu Inn by Alan Hughes SS8377 : A birdís eye view of the building site by Alan Hughes SS4385 : Incoming tide at Foxhole Slade by Alan Hughes SS4187 : Crowning glory by Alan Hughes SO1607 : Wild horses on the skyline by Alan Hughes SS8376 : Sand worm cast by Alan Hughes SU0969 : St Jamesís Church, Avebury by Alan Hughes SS8576 : Driftwood sculpture by Alan Hughes SO2102 : Guardian - reflections on a mining disaster by Alan Hughes TQ3380 : HMS Belfast by Alan Hughes TQ3380 : Twin Shards by Alan Hughes SN9219 : Stone wall by Alan Hughes SN8714 : Forestry track by Alan Hughes SS8377 : Sunset photography by Alan Hughes SP3583 : Riveting by Alan Hughes SH3444 : Former quarry managerís house by Alan Hughes SJ0729 : Cascade by Alan Hughes SH5738 : Railway semaphore signals by Alan Hughes ST1666 : Grimaldi Lines by Alan Hughes ST1382 : Snow fungus - Tremella fuciformis by Alan Hughes ST1382 : Golden path through Fforest Fawr by Alan Hughes SS8476 : Waves breaking in Newton Bay by Alan Hughes SO0302 : Beech leaves and a mossy wall by Alan Hughes ST0499 : Gorsedd Circle, Mountain Ash by Alan Hughes ST5590 : Beachley Point by Alan Hughes ST5590 : Fisherman on the Severn Estuary by Alan Hughes SO5710 : Xmas tree near Coleford Clock Tower by Alan Hughes


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