Images shortlisted for POTY 2018

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: Adam Ward to Alan O'Dowd

Adam Ward (6363) 9

NB4232 : Boats and Buildings by Adam Ward NB1504 : Winging It by Adam Ward NN3010 : Ben Lomond View by Adam Ward NN3010 : Heading for the Ridge by Adam Ward NN2911 : North along the South Ridge by Adam Ward NN6418 : Big Ridges, Small Figure by Adam Ward NN6218 : Winter Summit Stroll by Adam Ward NT9167 : Widows and Children of the Disaster by Adam Ward NU0944 : Shipwreck by Adam Ward

Adrian Dust (97490) 1

SN8621 : Ordnance Survey Pivot by Adrian Dust

Adrian S Pye (46997) 9

TG2106 : The facade of the City of Norwich School by Adrian S Pye TG2208 : Norwich Market by Adrian S Pye TG5208 : Great Yarmouth St. Nicholas Minster by Adrian S Pye TL9490 : Halloween Moon by Adrian S Pye TG2302 : Teasel heads by Adrian S Pye TG1502 : Pond surrounded by trees in a sugarbeet field by Adrian S Pye TM0089 : 96th Bomb Group (H) memorial by Adrian S Pye TG1206 : Woodland, Coleseed Plantation by Adrian S Pye TG4615 : Pair of Black Headed gulls by Adrian S Pye

Ajay Tegala (20422) 1

TL5784 : River Great Ouse by Ajay Tegala

Alan Hodgson (43620) 2

NJ2535 : Summit of Ben Rinnes by Alan Hodgson NH1041 : Looking East along Loch Monar by Alan Hodgson

Alan Hughes (121420) 23

SM8520 : Sand, sea and pebbles by Alan Hughes SS8898 : Woodland track by Alan Hughes SS9395 : Hairpin bend above Cwmparc by Alan Hughes SN6612 : Farm track by Alan Hughes ST1871 : Crowds on the Esplanade by Alan Hughes SM7224 : Cliff-face flowers by Alan Hughes SM7224 : Rocks and boats by Alan Hughes SM8010 : Footbridge at St Bride's by Alan Hughes TQ3380 : Tower Bridge by Alan Hughes SS3987 : Inner Head by Alan Hughes SS3887 : Outer Head by Alan Hughes SS3887 : Walker crossing Devil's Bridge by Alan Hughes SS7297 : Derelict house by Alan Hughes SS8972 : Glamorgan Heritage Coastline by Alan Hughes ST1972 : Cardiff Bay Barrage by Alan Hughes SS7998 : Autumn colours by Alan Hughes SP2054 : View from Loxley's Coffee Shop by Alan Hughes SN7707 : Wall and power lines by Alan Hughes SN0039 : Pwll Cŵn by Alan Hughes SN0539 : Rainbow across Newport Bay by Alan Hughes ST2264 : Flat Holm and Steep Holm by Alan Hughes SN6308 : Ruin at Blaenffynhonnau by Alan Hughes SM7525 : Wrought iron gate by Alan Hughes

Alan Murray-Rust (9181) 27

SK4832 : Railway bridge over the Erewash Canal, Sawley (2) by Alan Murray-Rust SK4834 : The remains of Portland Mills, Bennett Street by Alan Murray-Rust SK4530 : Cattle drinking in the River Trent by Alan Murray-Rust SK4630 : Pipe bridge over the River Trent near Sawley by Alan Murray-Rust SK4530 : Swan's head by Alan Murray-Rust SK4430 : Shardlow Heritage Centre by Alan Murray-Rust SK4131 : Thurlaston Grange by Alan Murray-Rust SK3728 : The Grandstand or Pavilion, Swarkestone by Alan Murray-Rust SE2933 : “Will no one rid me of these turbulent beasts?” by Alan Murray-Rust SK5543 : Footsteps in the snow by Alan Murray-Rust SK5026 : View north east from Melton Lane by Alan Murray-Rust NY4055 : Guildhall Museum, Carlisle by Alan Murray-Rust SK4744 : Sunset at Bennerley viaduct by Alan Murray-Rust SK4351 : Former canal bridge at Ironville by Alan Murray-Rust SK4451 : Marshall's Lock, No.6, Cromford Canal by Alan Murray-Rust SE6051 : December sunset over the River Ouse by Alan Murray-Rust SE6052 : York Minster, north side after dark by Alan Murray-Rust SE2812 : Sunsparkle, Bretton Country Park by Alan Murray-Rust SE2813 : Yorkshire Sculpture Park - golden hand by Alan Murray-Rust SE6052 : . . . now you don't (at least nearly not) by Alan Murray-Rust SE6324 : Approaching Jacky Duffin Wood level crossing by Alan Murray-Rust SE6051 : Barclays Bank, Parliament Street, York, detail by Alan Murray-Rust SE6626 : Cooling towers, Drax Power Station by Alan Murray-Rust SE5951 : Portholes, York Station by Alan Murray-Rust SE5951 : Roofscape, York Railway Station by Alan Murray-Rust SE6526 : Sun-crossed by Alan Murray-Rust SE6325 : Water in the ruts by Alan Murray-Rust

Alan O'Dowd (34944) 22

NT1150 : Wheeltracks on Mendick Hill by Alan O'Dowd NS8417 : Looking towards Glenrae Dod from Slough Hill by Alan O'Dowd NS6383 : Track on Campsie Muir by Alan O'Dowd NT0157 : Wind turbines by Cobbinshaw Reservoir by Alan O'Dowd NT1557 : The dam at North Esk Reservoir by Alan O'Dowd NS8647 : Wall of trees, Cartland Muir Plantation by Alan O'Dowd NS8724 : Farmhouse at Blairhill, Crawfordjohn by Alan O'Dowd NS8709 : Deil's Barn Door by Alan O'Dowd NS8508 : Track to Glenim by Alan O'Dowd NO0103 : Summit cairn on Lendrick Hill by Alan O'Dowd NO0304 : Van/shed near Keerie Glen by Alan O'Dowd NS8441 : The Diffrick by Alan O'Dowd NX6996 : Mossy forest plantation, Back Burn by Alan O'Dowd NO4204 : Farmland below Largo Law by Alan O'Dowd NT0604 : Road north of Lawesknowe, Annandale by Alan O'Dowd NS7130 : Ponesk Burn by Alan O'Dowd NS6491 : Gate across the road near Keir Knowe by Alan O'Dowd NS6590 : Hill track leading to Spout of Ballochleam by Alan O'Dowd NS6887 : Derelict house at Cringate by Alan O'Dowd NT2166 : The dam at Bonaly Reservoir by Alan O'Dowd NT1866 : The old smiddy, Kinleith by Alan O'Dowd NT0539 : Scots pines on Bizzyberry Hill by Alan O'Dowd


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