Images shortlisted for POTY 2018

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.


G Laird (27852) 14

NY1955 : St John the Evangelist's Church, Newton Arlosh by G Laird SD1788 : Swinside Stone Circle by G Laird NM9081 : Glenfinnan Viaduct by G Laird SE3144 : Harewood House - South Façade by G Laird SE3457 : Railway Viaduct over the River Nidd, Knaresborough by G Laird SE7069 : The Obelisk, Castle Howard by G Laird SJ3389 : Waiting, Monument at Canning Dock, Liverpool by G Laird NZ4921 : River Tees, west of Tees Transporter Bridge by G Laird NZ3768 : Bend on South Pier, South Shields by G Laird NR2741 : American Monument and Cliffs at the Mull of Oa, Islay by G Laird NH8449 : Cawdor Castle and Flower Garden by G Laird SJ7971 : Lovell Telescope, Jodrell Bank by G Laird SJ8557 : Mow Cop Castle by G Laird TA2047 : Memorial Gardens, Hornsea by G Laird

Gareth James (32787) 21

ST1769 : Swans at Cosmeston Lakes by Gareth James SS9984 : Former mine buildings at the site of South Rhondda colliery by Gareth James TQ3079 : A splash of colour by Gareth James TQ3079 : Phone box near Lambeth Bridge by Gareth James TQ3078 : Snowy gates at the Tate Gallery by Gareth James SN7803 : Boiler house at Cefn Coed Colliery Museum by Gareth James TR0917 : Remains of a former fishing railway track at Dungeness by Gareth James SN1607 : Wild flowers above the beach at Amroth by Gareth James ST1875 : Steam locomotive at Cardiff Central by Gareth James SK1871 : Monsal Trail: eastern portal of Headstone Tunnel by Gareth James SK0573 : View towards Higher Buxton by Gareth James SN6210 : Passing the token at Pantyffynnon by Gareth James SU1484 : Steam locomotive moves in Swindon by Gareth James SH6253 : View towards Y Lliwedd from the summit of Snowdon by Gareth James SS9746 : Mind your Manors by Gareth James SS7249 : Lynmouth Harbour by Gareth James SS6846 : Lynton & Barnstaple Railway by Gareth James SS6746 : Lynton & Barnstaple Railway by Gareth James ST1882 : Rail-Head Treatment Train near Llanishen by Gareth James O1237 : Swans on the Royal Canal, west of Broomebridge by Gareth James ST1875 : Railtour at Cardiff Central by Gareth James

Garry Cornes (120370) 1

NX9928 : Brush and Comb hairdresser in Workington by Garry Cornes

Gary Rogers (1) 11

SD5903 : Under the railway bridge South of Liverpool Junction by Gary Rogers SD6316 : Wilkinson Bullough by Gary Rogers SD3820 : Path from Back Drain Bridge to Sluice Covert by Gary Rogers SD3217 : The Red Arrows at Southport Pier by Gary Rogers SY3391 : The Cobb, Lyme Regis by Gary Rogers SJ5083 : Between The Bridges, Runcorn by Gary Rogers SW5240 : Carousel on Porthminster Beach, St Ives by Gary Rogers SW5240 : Lifeguard Station on Porthminster Beach by Gary Rogers SW5240 : The harbour, St Ives by Gary Rogers SJ5998 : Footpath between Town Green and Edge Green by Gary Rogers SD3317 : Morgan on Nevill Street, Southport by Gary Rogers

Geoff Evans (10869) 1

SJ3350 : Local police Headquarters by Geoff Evans

Geoff Holland (9915) 2

NT8713 : Pool on Hepden Burn by Geoff Holland NT9613 : Cairn on North Pike by Geoff Holland

Gerald England (22742) 7

SE2933 : River Aire through Leeds by Gerald England SD5805 : Wigan Market by Gerald England SJ9594 : Dr Ron Hyde 7 Mile Race 2018 (3) by Gerald England SJ9593 : Booth's Well 2018 by Gerald England SJ9593 : Village Green Well 2018 by Gerald England SJ9593 : A curtain of poppies by Gerald England NZ8911 : Whalebone Arch by Gerald England

Glyn Baker (1601) 4

TQ5899 : King Alfred’s Cakes by Glyn Baker SJ8299 : The Adelphi Bridge by Glyn Baker TQ0059 : Basingstoke Canal by Glyn Baker TL5000 : A Murder of Crows by Glyn Baker

Gordon Brown (1876) 4

NS6845 : Snow-rutted road at Nether Lethame by Gordon Brown HU3620 : The tombolo at St Ninian's Isle by Gordon Brown NO6642 : The well-named "Castle Gate" natural arch by Gordon Brown NS5666 : Christmas lights at University of Glasgow cloisters by Gordon Brown

Gordon Griffiths (11160) 3

SO8691 : Canal Trees by Gordon Griffiths SJ8208 : Farm View by Gordon Griffiths SP2155 : River Ripples by Gordon Griffiths

Gordon Hatton (4820) 10

SE6183 : Buckingham House, Bridge Street by Gordon Hatton SE2955 : The Montpellier Quarter by Gordon Hatton SE6598 : Farm buildings at Oak House by Gordon Hatton NY7626 : Crossing Maize Beck by Gordon Hatton NY8901 : Looking into the gap by Gordon Hatton NZ0102 : Cockleshell Barn by Gordon Hatton SE5781 : Harvested field near Tom Smith's Cross by Gordon Hatton SE3171 : A hundred years on - artwork in Ripon Minster by Gordon Hatton SE3171 : A hundred years on - Ripon Minster by Gordon Hatton SE0298 : Riverside path downstream from the stepping stones by Gordon Hatton

Graeme Yuill (31546) 2

NT2776 : Water of Leith at Bernard Street by Graeme Yuill NT1984 : Aberdour Beach by Graeme Yuill

Graham Hogg (47667) 31

SK3284 : Struggling in the snow on Button Hill by Graham Hogg SK3553 : Crich roofscape by Graham Hogg SK2680 : Small waterfall into Burbage Brook by Graham Hogg SK4395 : The Aldwarke Acorn by Graham Hogg NZ3354 : Climbing up to the Penshaw Monument by Graham Hogg SK3386 : Crocuses in Sheffield Botanical Gardens by Graham Hogg SK4935 : Nottingham Express Transit trams at Toton Lane terminus by Graham Hogg NZ9011 : Henrietta Street by Graham Hogg NZ2155 : Restored cycles in the Beamish Collection by Graham Hogg NZ4921 : Tees Transporter Bridge by Graham Hogg SK2120 : Basin at Tatenhill Lock by Graham Hogg SK2187 : Evening shadows at Cutthroat Bridge by Graham Hogg SJ6902 : Inside a bottle kiln at Clayport China Museum by Graham Hogg SK2184 : Rock outcrop on Bamford Edge by Graham Hogg TA2711 : Humber pilot boat speeding away from Grimsby Docks by Graham Hogg SK2577 : Common blue butterfly on white clover by Graham Hogg SK7279 : A big sky over Ordsall Hill by Graham Hogg SK1693 : Howden Reservoir by Graham Hogg SK1199 : The River Etherow above Woodhead Reservoir by Graham Hogg SK0799 : Torside Reservoir by Graham Hogg SK3582 : Sycamore tree in Graves Park by Graham Hogg TQ0648 : Sherbourne Pond by Graham Hogg SK2669 : The Canal Pond in Chatsworth Gardens by Graham Hogg SE9333 : Field of Sunflowers in Drewton Dale by Graham Hogg SK2679 : Autumn colour at Longshaw Lake by Graham Hogg SK1888 : Grindle Barn by Graham Hogg SK3386 : Illuminated tree in the Botanical Gardens by Graham Hogg SK2579 : Burbage Brook in Padley Gorge by Graham Hogg SK3588 : Mural on Alma Street  by Graham Hogg SK2781 : Snow-covered cairn on Burbage Edge by Graham Hogg NT5585 : The Watcher  by Graham Hogg

Graham Robson (8664) 3

NZ2774 : Big spoon beside the footpath by Graham Robson NZ3089 : Power lines from Lynemouth Power Station by Graham Robson NZ3957 : High wire walker above the Wear by Graham Robson

Greg Fitchett (61750) 12

NH6447 : Sunset over the Beauly Firth by Greg Fitchett NT0873 : Silver Birch and snow on Greendykes Bing by Greg Fitchett NN6385 : A derelict shieling by Greg Fitchett NT1076 : Spindrift by Greg Fitchett NH6532 : Dunlichty Church by Greg Fitchett NG8492 : Rubha Mor peninsula above Mellon Charles by Greg Fitchett NT0874 : Union Canal cutting, Millgate by Greg Fitchett SD7875 : Selside by Greg Fitchett SN9728 : Bridge over the River Usk at Penpont by Greg Fitchett SO4430 : Kilpeck church from a shady Oak tree by Greg Fitchett NT0875 : Daisy and her horse-drawn caravan charity journey by Greg Fitchett NT0974 : Niddry Bing, Winchburgh by Greg Fitchett

Guy Wareham (19336) 1

SS6846 : Axe on the Lynton &  Barnstaple Railway by Guy Wareham


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