Images shortlisted for POTY 2018

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

M: Mick Garratt to Mike Searle

Mick Garratt (343) 27

NY3813 : Deepdale Beck by Mick Garratt NY1305 : Parched fields at Gill by Mick Garratt NY1506 : Scafell from Middle Fell by Mick Garratt NZ6621 : Saltburn Sands by Mick Garratt NZ6102 : First day of the grouse shooting season by Mick Garratt NZ5711 : V-ewes of Roseberry by Mick Garratt NZ8316 : Kettleness Scar by Mick Garratt NY1708 : Great Gable from Yewbarrow by Mick Garratt NZ5712 : Roseberry Sunset by Mick Garratt SK0888 : Kinder Downfall by Mick Garratt NZ5906 : A view from Turkey Nab across lower Kildale by Mick Garratt NZ5824 : A murmuration of starlings by Mick Garratt SE4597 : Osmotherley by Mick Garratt NZ4800 : Beech, Clain Wood by Mick Garratt NZ5200 : Stony Wicks Boundary Stone by Mick Garratt NY3025 : Blease Fell and the Blencathra Centre by Mick Garratt NY3331 : Bowscale Tarn by Mick Garratt NY2720 : Cat Gill by Mick Garratt SE4698 : Cod Beck Reservoir by Mick Garratt NZ5801 : Carr Ridge and Hasty Bank by Mick Garratt SE5281 : Scotch Corner Chapel by Mick Garratt SE5082 : Track from Gormire Farm by Mick Garratt NZ5805 : The Folly by Mick Garratt NZ5403 : Cold Moor by Mick Garratt NZ5703 : Cushat Hill by Mick Garratt SD2898 : East Bonsor Copper Mine by Mick Garratt NY3000 : Penny Rigg Quarries, Tilberthwaite by Mick Garratt

Mick Lobb (26633) 1

SK9869 : International Bomber Command Centre Memorial Spire - Lincoln by Mick Lobb

Mike Faherty (30470) 6

SY4191 : Seatown, rock armour by Mike Faherty TA0588 : Scarborough, moorings by Mike Faherty J3374 : Belfast City Hall by Mike Faherty TQ3203 : Kemp Town, Madeira Lift by Mike Faherty TQ1402 : Worthing, St. Paul's Centre by Mike Faherty SY8779 : Worbarrow, Pondfield Cove by Mike Faherty

Mike Pennington (9715) 40

TQ1963 : Track in Horton Country Park by Mike Pennington TQ3103 : Inside the arcade on Palace Pier, Brighton by Mike Pennington TQ1669 : Male Gadwall (Mareca strepera), Bushy Park by Mike Pennington TQ1863 : Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), Chessington by Mike Pennington TA4015 : The Humber at Kilnsea by Mike Pennington NT2973 : Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), Figgate Park, Portobello by Mike Pennington NH4458 : Rogie Falls on the Black Water by Mike Pennington HP6208 : Hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes), Baltasound by Mike Pennington HP6514 : A very low tide at Norwick by Mike Pennington HT9541 : Cloudy sunset at Gaada Stack, Foula by Mike Pennington HU3642 : The island of North Havra from the air by Mike Pennington HP5917 : Gannets (Morus bassana), Clingra Stack, Hermaness by Mike Pennington HP5916 : Looking north from Kame of Flouravoug, Hermaness by Mike Pennington HP6008 : Female Mallard with ducklings, Trolla Water, Baltasound by Mike Pennington HU5692 : Ashore at Punds Geo, Hascosay by Mike Pennington HP6407 : Golden Plover (Pluvialis apricaria), Baltasound by Mike Pennington HT9540 : Bog cotton at Harrier, Foula by Mike Pennington HT9539 : Halfmoon above Hamnafield, Foula by Mike Pennington HT9541 : Longest day sunset beyond Gaada Stack, Foula by Mike Pennington NS5964 : Arctic Monkeys at the TRNSMT Festival, Glasgow Green by Mike Pennington NH9818 : Four-spotted Chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata), Loch Garten Osprey Centre by Mike Pennington HP5916 : Puffin (Fratercula arctica), Kame of Flouravoug, Hermaness by Mike Pennington HP5916 : Puffin (Fratercula arctica), Kame of Flouravoug, Hermaness by Mike Pennington HP5916 : Visitors on Hermaness by Mike Pennington HP6516 : Juvenile Wrens (Troglodytes troglodytes), Skaw, Unst by Mike Pennington HP6116 : The dolichopodid fly Hydrophorus albiceps, Hermaness by Mike Pennington HP6115 : Winnaswarta Dale, Hermaness by Mike Pennington HP5916 : Puffins (Fratercula arctica) above Kame of Flouravoug, Hermaness by Mike Pennington HU4741 : Foraging gull at Hay's Dock, Lerwick by Mike Pennington HU4741 : Grey Seal (Halichoreus grypeus), Lerwick by Mike Pennington HP5916 : Gannet (Sula bassana), the Neap, Hermaness by Mike Pennington HU4741 : The hoverfly Eristalis arbustorum in the Lerwick flower park by Mike Pennington SD4313 : Two trees near Crabtree Lane, Burscough by Mike Pennington SD3014 : Knot (Calidris canutus) roosting on Birkdale beach by Mike Pennington HP6209 : Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica), Baltasound by Mike Pennington HP6308 : The fish carrier MV Ronja Commander at Baltasound pier by Mike Pennington HP6616 : Low tide on Skaw beach by Mike Pennington HP6208 : Gerdie, Baltasound, at dusk by Mike Pennington HP6312 : Aurora borealis over Haroldswick by Mike Pennington NT4783 : Gullane Bay by Mike Pennington

Mike Quinn (12735) 18

NY8646 : Byerhopemere Head by Mike Quinn NY8645 : Currick below Dodd End by Mike Quinn NY8454 : Snow-covered field and copse in East Allen Dale by Mike Quinn NY8555 : High Struthers and beyond (4) by Mike Quinn NZ2465 : THE great north CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL by Mike Quinn NY8454 : Tree near Scotch Halls by Mike Quinn NY8357 : Hog's Hole and Bank Side below Stone Hall, in the snow by Mike Quinn NY8053 : Sunset over the Allendale lead smelting flue chimneys by Mike Quinn NY8540 : Killhope Burn above Bridge End by Mike Quinn NY8540 : Killhope Burn below Hill Farm by Mike Quinn TQ3083 : The roof of the entrance hall of Kings Cross Station (2) by Mike Quinn NY7536 : Allen's Cleugh (2) by Mike Quinn NZ2362 : Dunston Staiths - detail (5) by Mike Quinn NZ2362 : Part of the derelict landing stage at Dunston Staiths by Mike Quinn TQ2090 : Burnt Oak tube station (2) by Mike Quinn TQ2189 : New development by Colindale tube station, Colindale Avenue by Mike Quinn NY8154 : The remains of the eastern Allendale lead smelting flue by Mike Quinn NY8455 : Dawn over woodland near The Spittal by Mike Quinn

Mike Searle (10423) 5

SU0886 : WWII Wiltshire: shellproof pillboxes of Lydiard Green (Lydiard Millicent) - Pillbox #4 by Mike Searle ST9057 : Church of St Mary the Virgin Steeple Ashton (1) by Mike Searle ST7669 : WWII Somerset: a walk around the airfield of RAF Charmy Down - pillbox #2 (4) by Mike Searle ST7570 : WWII Somerset: a walk around the airfield of RAF Charmy Down (19) by Mike Searle ST9404 : RAF Tarrant Rushton - the remains of an historic airfield (9) by Mike Searle


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