Images shortlisted for POTY 2018

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.


Neil Owen (aka trigS1516) (47623) 18

ST6760 : Farmborough Common in January by Neil Owen ST7461 : Looking over the wall by Neil Owen ST6568 : No bell to ring by Neil Owen ST6568 : Round entrance by Neil Owen ST6568 : Spring in the park by Neil Owen ST6369 : An unofficial car graveyard? by Neil Owen ST6268 : A longer wait by Neil Owen ST6867 : A seasonal show along The Shallows by Neil Owen ST5251 : St Lawrence and the snow by Neil Owen ST6268 : You'll have to wait a bit longer for the apple blossom by Neil Owen ST4662 : Symbolic doorway by Neil Owen ST4761 : The tumbling weir on Havyat Road by Neil Owen ST5671 : The only way to cross the railway by Neil Owen ST5362 : Barn off Pool Lane by Neil Owen ST7678 : Weatherbeaten in the High Street by Neil Owen ST7641 : Farmland near Gare Hill by Neil Owen ST5763 : Appreciating a late afternoon meal by Neil Owen ST5763 : Evening falls in the Chew valley by Neil Owen

Neil Theasby (40672) 73

SK2778 : By Totley Moss looking to Carl Wark by Neil Theasby SK2783 : Heading into Derbyshire on Burbage Moor by Neil Theasby SK1283 : Walkers descending Mam Tor in wintertime by Neil Theasby SK2889 : Hill Top from Riggs High Road by Neil Theasby SK2582 : Belted Galloway cattle above Callow Bank by Neil Theasby SK2382 : Derbyshire Layers by Neil Theasby SK2482 : North Derbyshire hills beyond Overstones Farm by Neil Theasby SK2582 : View to The Derwent Valley from Stanage by Neil Theasby SK2884 : A view of Harrop Lane by Neil Theasby SK2289 : Mortimer Road by Neil Theasby SK2798 : Green giraffe's head at Fox Valley Retail Park by Neil Theasby TQ2872 : Stapleton Road, Tooting Bec by Neil Theasby TQ3280 : The Walkie Talkie seen from The Blavatnik Building by Neil Theasby TQ3180 : View north from the Blavatnik Building by Neil Theasby SK2276 : Old farm buildings  between Eyam and Stoney Middleton by Neil Theasby SK2375 : Path above Stoney Middleton by Neil Theasby SK2376 : Snowbound path from Top Riley to New Road by Neil Theasby SD9927 : Birchcliffe, Hebden Bridge by Neil Theasby SK2682 : Gnarled tree in the Burbage Valley by Neil Theasby TA3008 : Cleethorpes: black-headed gulls by Neil Theasby SK3285 : Garage graffiti on Brincliffe Hill by Neil Theasby SK3284 : Melting March Ice in Sheffield (III) by Neil Theasby SK2583 : Millstone rock on Stanage Edge by Neil Theasby SK5784 : Wood anemones in Wallingwells Woods by Neil Theasby TL0338 : The Alameda, Ampthill by Neil Theasby SE5910 : "Fox Hollows"  In Thorpe-in-Balne by Neil Theasby SE5912 : Spring lambs at Trumfleet by Neil Theasby TA0728 : A pair of phone boxes in Hull by Neil Theasby SK3083 : Watching the cricket at Castle Dyke by Neil Theasby SE5314 : Norton Tower Mill framed by May blossom by Neil Theasby SK3288 : Chilling out on The Bole Hills at Crookes by Neil Theasby SK1375 : Washing on the line at Cherry Tree Farm by Neil Theasby SK0570 : Abandoned 4x4 vehicle at Countess Cliff by Neil Theasby SK0671 : At St James's Church, Harpur Hill by Neil Theasby SK0669 : Gatepost with box plant by Neil Theasby SK0571 : Shearing sheep near Countess Cliff Farm by Neil Theasby SE2824 : Canine chums in  Ardsley Reservoir by Neil Theasby SE2822 : Elderberry blossom near Lower Park Farm by Neil Theasby SK1095 : Mountain hare above Far Fork Grain by Neil Theasby NX4846 : "Lainy Lass" tied to the harbour wall in Garlieston by Neil Theasby SK2581 : Overhanging rock - edge of Higger Tor plateau by Neil Theasby SK2587 : The Head Stone - above Hollow Meadows and the A57 by Neil Theasby SK1396 : Timeless rock forms at Barrow Stones by Neil Theasby SK2375 : Bath House well dressing, Stoney Middleton by Neil Theasby SK0673 : "The Village Saver", Spring Gardens, Buxton by Neil Theasby SK2381 : Cricket at Hathersage by Neil Theasby SK1876 : Limestone barn south of Sillydale by Neil Theasby SK2674 : Abandoned millstone on Baslow Edge by Neil Theasby SK2573 : "Private No Trespass" by Neil Theasby SK2772 : Buttress seen from above at Gardom's Edge by Neil Theasby SK2772 : Moorside Farm by Neil Theasby TM4762 : Blue fishing boat on Sizewell Beach by Neil Theasby TM4654 : The Martello Tower, Aldeburgh by Neil Theasby TM4657 : "The Scallop" on Aldeburgh Beach by Neil Theasby TM4464 : View to the refectory at Leiston Abbey by Neil Theasby SK1383 : A view of Mam Tor from the east by Neil Theasby SK1680 : Field barn above The Hope Valley by Neil Theasby SK2895 : Marital bliss by Neil Theasby TQ2278 : River Thames near Albert Wharf, Hammersmith by Neil Theasby TQ1877 : Under "The Hive" at Kew Gardens by Neil Theasby SK5453 : Figure on an island at Newstead Abbey by Neil Theasby SK5452 : Robin Hood Way south of Newstead Abbey (II) by Neil Theasby SK1586 : Slack Barn by Neil Theasby SK2173 : Sheep in pastures above Rough Side by Neil Theasby NZ9011 : The East Lighthouse, Whitby by Neil Theasby NZ9011 : Whitby Abbey (I) by Neil Theasby SK5475 : Derelict farmhouse in Belph by Neil Theasby SK5674 : Metal boss on Welbeck gates by Neil Theasby SK2681 : Above Burbage Edge by Neil Theasby SK2781 : Eighteenth century milestone by Houndkirk Road by Neil Theasby SK2283 : Grazing sheep with North Lees Hall beyond by Neil Theasby SK2484 : The Highest House by Neil Theasby SK2484 : Walker on Stanage Edge by Neil Theasby

Nick Chipchase (35018) 4

ST2121 : Playing Field. Trull by Nick Chipchase ST2122 : Trull allotments and The Old Rectory by Nick Chipchase ST2123 : Melting snow at Langham Drive by Nick Chipchase ST2224 : Funfair at French Weir by Nick Chipchase

Nigel Brown (15376) 6

SN5780 : Aberystwyth harbour from the south by Nigel Brown SH7311 : Horse chestnut avenue, Dol-y-cae, in January by Nigel Brown SH7109 : Looking up Talyllyn Lake by Nigel Brown SN8663 : View towards the Arban valley by Nigel Brown NN1788 : Eas Chia-aig in spate by Nigel Brown SN9071 : Looking down the head of Craig Goch reservoir by Nigel Brown

Nigel Corby (14140) 1

NO3085 : Track at Spittal of Glenmuick by Nigel Corby

Nigel Cox (2798) 7

TQ3879 : Isle of Dogs: South Dock by Nigel Cox TQ3877 : Greenwich: Old Royal Naval College: King William & Queen Mary's Quarter Domes by Nigel Cox TQ3580 : Ratcliff: Free Trade Wharf, 340 The Highway, E1 (2) by Nigel Cox TQ3480 : River Thames: Hermitage Moorings, Wapping by Nigel Cox TQ3580 : River Thames: Shadwell New Basin Entrance by Nigel Cox TM1714 : Clacton-on-Sea: Kings Promenade beach and the Pier under a glowering sky by Nigel Cox TQ1791 : Canons Park (1) by Nigel Cox

Nigel Mykura (14584) 3

ST5023 : Eastern Approach to Pill Bridge by Nigel Mykura ST3827 : Willows on The Levels by Nigel Mykura SY2389 : E515 on Beer Beach by Nigel Mykura

Nigel Thompson (84225) 1

SE9160 : "Fimber Halt", Yorkshire Wolds Railway by Nigel Thompson

Norman Caesar (69202) 5

SJ3098 : Warning sign, Crosby Promenade by Norman Caesar SJ6775 : Interesting fungi growing on a handrail Lion Salt Works by Norman Caesar SJ3098 : An attempt to control sand dunes with wooden railings by Norman Caesar SK2366 : Haddon Hall by Norman Caesar SJ3197 : Urban artwork by Norman Caesar


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