Images shortlisted for POTY 2018

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

P: P L Chadwick to Peter Trimming

P L Chadwick (20846) 2

SO9080 : Robinson & Sproson, 143-145 Worcester Road, Hagley, Worcs by P L Chadwick SP3103 : Burrells Showmans Road Locomotive "The Busy Bee" (1), Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxon by P L Chadwick

pam fray (18934) 12

TQ3079 : Big Ben viewed from Queens Walk by pam fray TQ3180 : Installation on the South Bank, London by pam fray TR0062 : A rookery at Oare by pam fray TR2335 : Folkestone Harbour Station by pam fray TQ3180 : 2 Temple Place, London by pam fray TQ2980 : "The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist", Trafalgar Square by pam fray TQ9552 : Bridleway, Spuckles Wood, Stalisfield by pam fray TQ7029 : Sculpture in the vegetable garden, Pashley Manor, Ticehurst by pam fray TR0160 : Manning & Thurston's Fun Fair, Faversham by pam fray SE0754 : Bolton Abbey ruins, Bolton Abbey by pam fray SD8163 : Signal box, Settle railway station by pam fray TR3241 : Footbridge over the River Dour, Dover by pam fray

Paul Bryan (98077) 6

TL1898 : Queensgate bus station, Peterborough by Paul Bryan TF1606 : Fly-tipped sofa and armchairs near Glinton by Paul Bryan TL1998 : Balloon seller on Cathedral Square, Peterborough by Paul Bryan TF1606 : Classic Austin 10 car, Peakirk by Paul Bryan TF1605 : Tractor road run for charity, Glinton by Paul Bryan TF1506 : Harvested field near Glinton by Paul Bryan

Paul Coueslant (125345) 4

SZ5882 : High tide, Shanklin-Sandown revetment by Paul Coueslant SZ6687 : Ebb tide at Bembridge Ledge by Paul Coueslant SZ5275 : Spindler's Folly, Binnel Bay by Paul Coueslant SZ5983 : Evening sky over Sandown Bay by Paul Coueslant

PAUL FARMER (32427) 6

TQ2978 : Frozen Fountain in St George's Square by PAUL FARMER TQ2879 : Sir Simon Milton Square, Victoria by PAUL FARMER ST3049 : Low Tide at Burnham-on-Sea by PAUL FARMER TQ3180 : ITV Southbank Studios by PAUL FARMER R0392 : Cliffs of Moher by PAUL FARMER TQ4179 : Thames Barrier by PAUL FARMER

Paul Franks (77507) 1

TL7609 : Farm Track near Culvert's Farm by Paul Franks

Paul Gillett (36675) 3

TQ0901 : Footpath at Ferring by Paul Gillett TQ8038 : Orchard, Sissinghurst Castle Gardens by Paul Gillett TQ3216 : Oldland Windmill by Paul Gillett

Paul Harrop (13364) 9

TQ3280 : Winchester Walk, London SE1 by Paul Harrop TA1028 : Victoria Pier, Hull by Paul Harrop TA0425 : Humber foreshore near Hessle by Paul Harrop TA3026 : Little Newsome Farm, near Frodingham, E Yorks by Paul Harrop SE9460 : Fields near Wetwang Grange by Paul Harrop TA1028 : River Hull from Scale Lane Bridge by Paul Harrop ST5772 : Balloons over Bristol by Paul Harrop ST5773 : Clifton Arcade, Bristol by Paul Harrop TA0122 : West of Barton, south of the Humber by Paul Harrop

Penny Mayes (93) 1

SO1091 : WWI Memorial Tablet originally placed on Church House by Penny Mayes

Peter Evans (13112) 1

V2796 : Great Blasket Island viewed from above Dunquin Ballyickeen harbour by Peter Evans

Peter Jeffery (68576) 2

TM4656 : Beach Scene by Peter Jeffery TM4655 : Patience by Peter Jeffery

Peter Mackenzie (33238) 2

TL3176 : Thatched house in Woodhurst by Peter Mackenzie NX5750 : Low tide at Carrick by Peter Mackenzie

Peter McDermott (14194) 11

SJ8696 : ICL Tower by Peter McDermott TQ2977 : Nine Elms by Peter McDermott SJ8397 : Deansgate Square by Peter McDermott SJ8398 : Manchester by Peter McDermott SJ8298 : Middlewood Locks by Peter McDermott SJ8097 : Salford Quays by Peter McDermott TQ3180 : One Blackfriars by Peter McDermott TQ2877 : River Thames by Peter McDermott SJ8497 : Circle Square by Peter McDermott SX2553 : Looe by Peter McDermott SJ8396 : Hulme Arch Bridge by Peter McDermott

Peter Moore (39786) 20

NH7388 : Bridge on Loch Ospisdale by Peter Moore NC5160 : Moine House February 2018 by Peter Moore NC9104 : Outflow pipe on Brora Beach by Peter Moore NU1735 : Concrete Blocks on Bamburgh Beach by Peter Moore NU2201 : Highland Chieftain passing through Acklington Station by Peter Moore NU0702 : Iron Bridge and Cragside by Peter Moore NU2405 : Warkworth Castle by Peter Moore NH1379 : Derelict building at Fain by Peter Moore NC5753 : Wee islet on Lochan Hakel by Peter Moore ND3470 : Minor road between Canisbay and Freswick by Peter Moore NN1256 : Minor road (Freeway) in Glencoe by the Clachaig Inn by Peter Moore NC5852 : Rough track over moorland leading to Ben Loyal by Peter Moore NC4939 : Loch Meadie at Dusk by Peter Moore NB5265 : Port Stoth by Peter Moore ND0114 : Freight 6060 south of Helmsdale by Peter Moore NC7639 : B871 looking to Ben Griam Mor by Peter Moore NT2577 : Newhaven Lighthouse by Peter Moore NY4937 : Church at Plumpton by Peter Moore NC5160 : Moine House October 2018 by Peter Moore NC4939 : Reflections in Loch Meadie by Peter Moore

Peter S (19276) 3

TV5597 : Row of trees at the foot of the Hobbs Eares route. by Peter S TQ2783 : Figures in silhouette on Primrose Hill by Peter S TQ2074 : Deer posing for a photo in Richmond Park by Peter S

Peter Trimming (34298) 34

TQ4023 : At Sheffield Park by Peter Trimming TQ3280 : Southwark Cathedral by Peter Trimming TQ3280 : Millennium Bridge by Peter Trimming SD1399 : 'Belinda' by Peter Trimming NY1203 : Wasdale by Peter Trimming SD1399 : Counting the Sheep by Peter Trimming SD1399 : Yellowhammer by Peter Trimming TQ1552 : Beechy Wood by Peter Trimming TQ1553 : Norbury Park by Peter Trimming NY1700 : A Quick Polish by Peter Trimming SD1399 : 'Ernie' by Peter Trimming SD1399 : Introducing 'Fraser' by Peter Trimming TQ2760 : Mayfield Lavender by Peter Trimming TQ3080 : The RAF at 100 by Peter Trimming SD1399 : 'Belinda' by Peter Trimming NY1402 : Greathall Gill by Peter Trimming SZ4896 : Cowes Week 2018 by Peter Trimming SN7376 : Devil's Bridge by Peter Trimming SD1399 : 'Erica' by Peter Trimming SD0896 : 'River Esk' by Peter Trimming SU8712 : Weald & Downland Museum by Peter Trimming NY1102 : Autumn in Wasdale by Peter Trimming NY1300 : Bower House Inn by Peter Trimming SD1399 : 'Caroline'  by Peter Trimming NY1700 : 'River Esk' by Peter Trimming TQ2686 : Hampstead Heath by Peter Trimming TQ3754 : Footpath on Gangers Hill by Peter Trimming TQ3173 : 'Clan Line' Approaching Tulse Hill by Peter Trimming TQ3082 : Charles Dickens Museum by Peter Trimming SU1330 : 'Clan Line' at Salisbury by Peter Trimming SU1429 : Salisbury Cathedral by Peter Trimming SU1429 : Salisbury Cathedral by Peter Trimming TQ3381 : London by Peter Trimming SY9582 : Corfe Castle by Peter Trimming


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