Images shortlisted for POTY 2018

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.


Scott Cormie (123760) 7

NO3372 : Loch Heath by Scott Cormie NO5135 : Furrowed field by Scott Cormie NO5055 : Cottage at Bogardo by Scott Cormie NO2248 : Bridge of Tully by Scott Cormie NO7669 : Geese at East Balhagarty by Scott Cormie NO2515 : Golden Loch by Scott Cormie NO5455 : Sown field of barley by Scott Cormie

Simon Bonney (115179) 1

SD7458 : Dob Dale / Bottom Beck by Simon Bonney

Simon Carey (1833) 3

TQ2408 : Cockroost Hill by Simon Carey TQ2309 : Electricity Pylon, Summers Deane by Simon Carey TQ2510 : Fulking Hill by Simon Carey

Stanley Howe (7629) 3

NJ6401 : Snow-melt pools on flood-plain of Blacklinn Burn by Stanley Howe NO7296 : Kashentroch, Crathes by Stanley Howe NJ6406 : Access track to Birselasie farm by Stanley Howe

Stefan Czapski (19114) 14

SU9040 : Lichen at Thursley by Stefan Czapski TQ2173 : Pollard willows by Beverley Brook, March 2018 by Stefan Czapski TQ1871 : Blue damselfly, Ham Common by Stefan Czapski TQ2172 : Red deer stags lying up in long grass, July 2018 by Stefan Czapski TR0627 : Church of St Mary in the Marsh by Stefan Czapski TR0325 : Old Romney church: pews in the gallery by Stefan Czapski TQ7077 : Stormy sky over the Lower Hope by Stefan Czapski TQ1250 : Common Blue butterfly (Polyommatus icarus) on heather, Ranmore Common by Stefan Czapski TR0568 : The Dutch barge 'Johanna' stranded off Shellness (2) by Stefan Czapski TQ1350 : Chalk downland butterflies: Adonis Blue (Polyommatus bellargus): (3) underside by Stefan Czapski TQ4362 : Apples in the village orchard, Downe by Stefan Czapski TL9008 : Goldhanger: Roman tiles re-used at St Peter's church by Stefan Czapski TM0715 : Sailing barges at anchor in the Colne estuary by Stefan Czapski TQ1971 : High Wood: the north-west corner by Stefan Czapski

Stephen Burton (446) 5

SK1373 : Early Purple Orchids by Stephen Burton SK0090 : Buttercup field by Stephen Burton SK0895 : Dowstone Clough by Stephen Burton SE0411 : Bank Bottom Mill by Stephen Burton SE0007 : W H Shaw by Stephen Burton

Stephen Craven (6597) 18

SE2139 : Summit of The Billing by Stephen Craven SE2933 : A damp demonstration (1) by Stephen Craven SE2933 : Car parking in the Dark Arches by Stephen Craven SE2924 : Ardsley Reservoir: three valves by Stephen Craven SD4108 : Ormskirk station, the Liverpool end by Stephen Craven SD3317 : Sculpture of a diver, Southport Promenade - detail by Stephen Craven SE2933 : Wellington Place, Leeds (3) by Stephen Craven SE6132 : Selby station -  east end by Stephen Craven TQ4077 : London Marathon - a shady spot by Stephen Craven SD9771 : Sheep feeding near Hawkswick Head by Stephen Craven SD9772 : Tour de Yorkshire - advance pack by Stephen Craven SJ7481 : Tatton Park gardens - purple flowers by Stephen Craven SE2933 : Leeds Triathlon 2018 - rounding the curve by Stephen Craven SE3338 : The Castle in Roundhay Park - steps by Stephen Craven NT9351 : Fungi on a tree stump by Stephen Craven SE3033 : Selby train leaving Leeds by Stephen Craven SD8912 : Rochdale station - southern entrance by Stephen Craven SE2242 : Solitary tree near Home Farm by Stephen Craven

Stephen McKay (1621) 27

SX3553 : Waves at Hoodny Cove by Stephen McKay SO9198 : Broad Street Basin, Wolverhampton by Stephen McKay SU9850 : Guildford Cathedral by Stephen McKay TG2208 : City Hall, Norwich by Stephen McKay TG2208 : Norwich Guildhall by Stephen McKay TQ1778 : York Road, Brentford by Stephen McKay SU0061 : Crowman Antiques, Devizes by Stephen McKay SU0061 : St John's Alley, Devizes by Stephen McKay TM3035 : Great Eastern Square, Felixstowe by Stephen McKay ST5972 : Floating Harbour, Bristol by Stephen McKay SX4563 : Bere Ferrers Station by Stephen McKay SH2082 : South Stack Lighthouse by Stephen McKay SS6692 : Yachts moored at Swansea by Stephen McKay TR3470 : Margate Main Sands by Stephen McKay SJ2106 : Rose - Powis Castle Garden by Stephen McKay SJ1006 : Signal box and fire buckets - Llanfair Caereinion by Stephen McKay SX4953 : Hooe Point Sailing Club by Stephen McKay TQ3077 : The Oval by Stephen McKay SJ3532 : Llangollen Canal, near Maestermyn Bridge by Stephen McKay J3372 : WEEE World Together by Stephen McKay SP4408 : Swinford Bridge by Stephen McKay SK1482 : Cave Dale by Stephen McKay SK1383 : Road over Mam Tor by Stephen McKay SK1383 : Stalactites - Treak Cliff Cavern by Stephen McKay NZ4113 : River Tees, Yarm by Stephen McKay NZ4418 : Teesquay Millennium Footbridge  by Stephen McKay NZ4113 : Yarm Viaduct by Stephen McKay

Stephen Richards (34784) 3

SK2483 : Stanage Edge (1) by Stephen Richards TQ3078 : Development, Albert Embankment (3) by Stephen Richards SU9239 : Witley Common (4) by Stephen Richards

Stephen Sweeney (9409) 1

NH9806 : Car park at Cairngorm Mountain by Stephen Sweeney


C9117 : Carnroe lock gates. by STEPHEN TAGGART

Steve Daniels (35305) 10

TQ2577 : The view from the tunnel in the West Stand at Stamford Bridge by Steve Daniels SP5202 : Greylag geese on the Thames Path by Steve Daniels SP1772 : Packwood House from the Yew Garden by Steve Daniels SU2694 : Bluebells in Badbury Clump by Steve Daniels SP5106 : The Radcliffe Camera in Oxford by Steve Daniels SP5106 : Brasenose College in Oxford by Steve Daniels SU6600 : Pompey fans in the Fratton End at Fratton Park by Steve Daniels SP5402 : The Kassam Stadium by Steve Daniels SP4416 : The drained Queen's Pool by Steve Daniels SE8610 : A turnstile at Glanford Park by Steve Daniels

Steve Houldsworth (47480) 2

SJ8398 : Inner Lock Gates by Steve Houldsworth SD6044 : Buttercups near Fell Foot by Steve Houldsworth

Steve Partridge (1173) 1

NJ0403 : Fords of Avon Refuge by Steve Partridge

steven ruffles (43192) 8

SE2065 : The Druids writing desk. by steven ruffles SK0493 : The rooftops of Glossop. by steven ruffles NY3911 : Barn below High Hartsop Dodd . by steven ruffles NY3816 : Lanty's Tarn by steven ruffles NY4213 : Satura Crag gateway by steven ruffles SE2616 : Footpath at Chapel Close by steven ruffles NY3305 : Cottage alongside the Red Bank road by steven ruffles SK5282 : Narrowboat moored up on the Chesterfield canal. by steven ruffles

Stuart Shepherd (17185) 3

TQ3785 : Lee Valley Hockey And Tennis Centre by Stuart Shepherd TM0956 : The Church Of St Mary, Creeting St. Mary by Stuart Shepherd TL8641 : Red Polls in the River Stour by Stuart Shepherd

Stuart Taylor (126840) 4

HU4741 : Bains Beach by Stuart Taylor HU4741 : Bank Lane (formerly Swallow Lane) by Stuart Taylor HU4039 : Scalloway by Stuart Taylor J0461 : Lough Neagh by Stuart Taylor

Sue Adair (1657) 1

SJ4286 : Christmas Eve in Woolton Woods by Sue Adair


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