Images shortlisted for POTY 2018

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

A: Andrew Wood to Ashley Dace

Andrew Wood (28779) 2

NJ9244 : Trackside Cottage by Andrew Wood NJ9251 : Auchorthie Farm by Andrew Wood

Andrew Woodvine (122884) 1

SJ8097 : Media City - Salford Quays by Andrew Woodvine

Andy Beecroft (307) 15

TA1028 : Chapel Lane at Night by Andy Beecroft NN5834 : Dead Tree on the north bank of Loch Tay by Andy Beecroft SE8845 : Wheat, Poppies and Sheep by Andy Beecroft TA0439 : Beverley Beck in the Evening Sun by Andy Beecroft TA0439 : Underneath the A1174 Bridge by Andy Beecroft SE8821 : Cottages in Alkborough by Andy Beecroft SE9527 : Looking into it by Andy Beecroft SE8727 : Power to the West by Andy Beecroft SE9527 : Welton Church and Pond by Andy Beecroft TA0928 : Sunlight through the Pillars by Andy Beecroft TA1660 : Pillbox and Straw Bales by Andy Beecroft TA1974 : Diverging Paths by Andy Beecroft TA1927 : New Thorngumbald World War I Memorial by Andy Beecroft SE6051 : Cliffords Tower in the late Autumn Sun by Andy Beecroft TA0432 : Father Christmas Light Display by Andy Beecroft

Andy Stephenson (11) 3

TF8444 : Boats at Burnham Overy Staithe by Andy Stephenson SZ5880 : Knock Cliff by Andy Stephenson SK2575 : Autumn evening on Curbar Edge by Andy Stephenson

Andy Stott (39213) 1

SO2234 : Old pack horse track on slopes of Twmpa by Andy Stott

Andy Waddington (34816) 3

NG7800 : Descending Sgurr Coire Choinnichean towards Inverie by Andy Waddington HU2965 : Qui Ness by Andy Waddington HU3064 : The track to the Hams of Muckle Roe by Andy Waddington

Anne Burgess (139) 36

NT7723 : Below the Ford by Anne Burgess NT0063 : Breich Way by Anne Burgess NT4566 : Former Railway Track by Anne Burgess NT0064 : Wester Breich by Anne Burgess NO5656 : Crook Hill by Anne Burgess NJ2940 : Lichen No 3 by Anne Burgess NJ9966 : Mending the Nets by Anne Burgess NJ6033 : Hill of Foudland by Anne Burgess NJ2542 : Casting on the Spey by Anne Burgess NN0492 : Grassy Headland by Anne Burgess NJ1570 : Tapering Towers by Anne Burgess NG5630 : Cottage at Moll by Anne Burgess NJ1557 : Pheasant Phight (2) by Anne Burgess NJ1457 : Priory Lodge by Anne Burgess NG5739 : Dùn Caan by Anne Burgess NG5534 : Old Pier at Suisnish by Anne Burgess SW3633 : The Crowns Engine Houses by Anne Burgess NJ3150 : Lupins by the River by Anne Burgess NJ8365 : Mill Shore by Anne Burgess NT6599 : Puffins (Fratercula arctica) by Anne Burgess NJ0628 : Fungus by Anne Burgess NJ3459 : Apples by Anne Burgess NJ0360 : Inside the Oculus by Anne Burgess NT3368 : Japanese Knotweed by Anne Burgess NH9111 : Autumn Colours by Anne Burgess NH9418 : Modern Houses by Anne Burgess NJ2510 : A939 Lecht Road by Anne Burgess NT2273 : Ravelston in the Mist by Anne Burgess NT2877 : Sand and Water by Anne Burgess NT1977 : Silverknowes Beach by Anne Burgess NJ1822 : Old Fence by Anne Burgess NJ1827 : On the Tomintoul Spur of the Speyside Way by Anne Burgess NG9860 : Beinn Eighe by Anne Burgess NJ2559 : Moray Ploughing Match 2018 (6) by Anne Burgess NT3267 : King's Gate by Anne Burgess NT0251 : Hoar Frost by Anne Burgess

Anthony Foster (28839) 4

NY3207 : Wray Gill by Anthony Foster NY2014 : Fleetwith Pike summit by Anthony Foster NX9281 : Field Drain near Sunnyhill Cottages by Anthony Foster NX9282 : Sunrise at Sunnyhill by Anthony Foster

Anthony O'Neil (41966) 2

SJ8196 : Construction site by Anthony O'Neil TQ2881 : TV Interview by Anthony O'Neil

Anthony Parkes (45586) 5

SJ8398 : Bridge over Corporation Street by Anthony Parkes SJ8398 : Cranes over the Manchester Skyline by Anthony Parkes SH2840 : Coastline at Morfa Nefyn by Anthony Parkes TQ1877 : Waterlillies at Kew Gardens by Anthony Parkes SJ0392 : North Hoyle Wind Farm by Anthony Parkes

Arthur C Harris (81352) 3

SH7109 : St. Mary's Church Talyllyn by Arthur C Harris SH6747 : Llyn Conglog by Arthur C Harris SH5738 : The Sail Loft by Arthur C Harris

Ashley Dace (29497) 1

SW5927 : Rinsey Cove - Wheal Prosper by Ashley Dace


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