Images shortlisted for POTY 2018

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

D: Derek Harper to Dylan Moore

Derek Harper (5089) 50

SX0486 : Trebarwith Strand by Derek Harper SX0272 : Dilapidated bridge at Lemail Mill by Derek Harper SX0683 : Millennium Clock Tower, Delabole by Derek Harper SX9066 : Ice drop near Riviera Way by Derek Harper SX9575 : Sheep near Holcombe by Derek Harper SX9065 : Cirrus over Barton Road, Torquay by Derek Harper SX9164 : Torquay from St Michael's chapel by Derek Harper SX7961 : Kingfisher wall of sound, bird hide, Queen's Marsh by Derek Harper SX9065 : Birch in blizzard, Parkhurst Road, Torre by Derek Harper SX9064 : Crownhill Park, Torquay, in the snow by Derek Harper SX9065 : Dog-walking, Cricketfield Road, Torre by Derek Harper SX9065 : Snow, Chapel Hill Pleasure Grounds by Derek Harper SX9065 : Snowy fence, Torre by Derek Harper ST5873 : Alley, High Kingsdown by Derek Harper ST7475 : Face at Dyrham Park by Derek Harper ST7475 : Trompe l'oeil, Dyrham Park by Derek Harper SX8166 : Am Brook valley by Derek Harper SX9066 : Blackthorn flower, Nightingale Park by Derek Harper SX9066 : Dead oak leaves, Nightingale Park by Derek Harper ST5874 : Spring trees, Grove Park by Derek Harper SX4866 : Buckland Abbey by Derek Harper SS4014 : Trees, Bulkworthy Moor by Derek Harper ST5874 : Lovers' Walk, Cotham Gardens by Derek Harper SX7236 : Hawthorn near East Soar Farm by Derek Harper ST1876 : Former School Room, Cardiff by Derek Harper SU0436 : Brockbank Lake, Langford Lakes nature reserve by Derek Harper ST4849 : Outbuilding, Manor Farm by Derek Harper SX9163 : Beacon Terrace, Torquay by Derek Harper ST5874 : Balloons over Redland by Derek Harper SX8060 : Blue in the Market Square, Totnes by Derek Harper SX8961 : Preston from Tor Bay by Derek Harper ST5862 : Footbridge on Two Rivers Way by Derek Harper SX8688 : Pylon, North Wood by Derek Harper SX7376 : Hollow Tor by Derek Harper SX8047 : Lane approaching Thorn Farm by Derek Harper SX8047 : Thorn Farm by Derek Harper ST1140 : Staple Plantation by Derek Harper SX7743 : Doorway, Keynedon Barton by Derek Harper SX9065 : Robin in Torre by Derek Harper SX9292 : Black Friday, John Lewis, Exeter by Derek Harper SX9165 : Post at top of steps, Daison by Derek Harper SX9065 : Clouds over Torre by Derek Harper SX9164 : Trees, Upton Park, Torquay by Derek Harper SX9192 : Bicycles, Exeter Central station by Derek Harper SX9292 : Polar bears in Exeter by Derek Harper SX9292 : Princesshay, Exeter by Derek Harper SX9065 : Sunrise, Torre by Derek Harper SE3265 : Mains Lane by Derek Harper SE2250 : Fence and wall near Buttoner House Farm by Derek Harper SE2349 : Field boundary near Beckbottom Farm by Derek Harper

Des Blenkinsopp (43370) 28

SE0653 : Ticket Office, Bolton Abbey Station by Des Blenkinsopp SP8305 : Strange Tree in Pulpit Wood by Des Blenkinsopp SU4067 : Catkins by the Canal by Des Blenkinsopp TQ3380 : Security by the River by Des Blenkinsopp SU2407 : Ponies in the Bracken by Des Blenkinsopp TL9671 : Bottle Trees at Wyken Vineyard Shop by Des Blenkinsopp SU9946 : Blossom by the Bridge by Des Blenkinsopp TQ4080 : Shapes and Angles by Royal Victoria Dock by Des Blenkinsopp SY6880 : Beach Chalets along The Esplanade by Des Blenkinsopp SY6681 : Cows by the River Wey by Des Blenkinsopp SY6879 : Feeding the Birds, Weymouth Beach by Des Blenkinsopp SY6780 : Lake and Reeds, Radipole Reserve by Des Blenkinsopp SY6777 : The Rodwell Trail by Des Blenkinsopp SP6737 : Lion by the Steps by Des Blenkinsopp SZ6598 : The Beach near the Pier by Des Blenkinsopp TQ2668 : Way into the Wetlands by Des Blenkinsopp SO3149 : Old House on Woodseaves Road by Des Blenkinsopp SU4725 : Dead Tree in the Itchen by Des Blenkinsopp SU4629 : Footpath through the Beeches by Des Blenkinsopp SU4729 : Wet Day at the Westgate by Des Blenkinsopp SU4069 : Statue at Ridge Farm by Des Blenkinsopp TQ3083 : Colourful Shuttering by Des Blenkinsopp TQ1676 : Evening in Church Street by Des Blenkinsopp SU9584 : Wood Sculpture, Burnham Beeches by Des Blenkinsopp SU8265 : A Runner in the Woods by Des Blenkinsopp SP4438 : Field by the Salt Way by Des Blenkinsopp SP4640 : Old Buildings by the Canal by Des Blenkinsopp SE0134 : Ruins at Rag by Des Blenkinsopp

Des Colhoun (6284) 11

NJ4645 : Picking up with Pointers and Labradors by Des Colhoun NJ2465 : Mistle Thrush (Turdus viscivorus) by Des Colhoun NJ2469 : The ubiquitous Coal Tit (Periparus ater) by Des Colhoun NS7257 : Early one morning in Strathclyde Park by Des Colhoun NJ2643 : Go for your camera!! by Des Colhoun NJ2844 : Ancient Sycamores over new barley by Des Colhoun NJ1470 : The price of oil by Des Colhoun NY1030 : The Collie, whose bite is worse than his bark! by Des Colhoun NJ1719 : From the bridge over Conglass Water by Des Colhoun NJ2271 : Sand Storm on West Beach by Des Colhoun NJ4545 : In the Beaters' cart at Backmuir by Des Colhoun

don cload (33035) 3

SY7392 : Rushy Pond by don cload ST6984 : Stone Gate by don cload SP1622 : Water wheel by don cload

Donald H Bain (1892) 1

NC2423 : Eadar a' Chalda Ruin by Donald H Bain

Douglas Nelson (14878) 2

NO4029 : Tay Road Bridge Reflections by Douglas Nelson NH7656 : Shore near Fort George towards Ardersier by Douglas Nelson

Dr Neil Clifton (796) 1

TQ3156 : Football on Coulsdon Common by Dr Neil Clifton

Dr ZoŽ Hoare (38036) 1

SH7849 : Now who had this idea an early morning walk would do us good? by Dr Zoë Hoare

DS Pugh (1469) 7

SE2768 : Canal in the water gardens by DS Pugh SE6537 : Cycling across the common by DS Pugh SE5182 : Peloton reaching the summit by DS Pugh TA0225 : North Tower by DS Pugh TQ2983 : Duckweed covered canal by DS Pugh SH2584 : Bend in the breakwater by DS Pugh TQ2781 : St. Mary's Church by DS Pugh

Duncan Graham (120836) 1

TM1714 : Carlton pub site, Rosemary Road by Duncan Graham

Dylan Moore (20707) 5

SN0539 : Newport Beach: New Year's Day by Dylan Moore TQ3080 : View from the Strand Gate, Somerset House by Dylan Moore SN5218 : Blasted tree: National Botanic Garden of Wales by Dylan Moore SN5117 : Tadpole Convoy: National Botanic Garden of Wales by Dylan Moore SN0540 : Newport Beach; high tide, Christmas morning by Dylan Moore


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