Images shortlisted for POTY 2018

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Creative Commons License Text by Oliver Dixon, January 2023 ; This work is dedicated to the Public Domain.
Images are under a separate Creative Commons Licence.

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E Gammie (5838) 2

SP3177 : Cinnabar moth caterpillars by E Gammie SP3378 : Delia Derbyshire's door by E Gammie

Eirian Evans (4582) 1

SJ1257 : Fieldfare visiting my garden by Eirian Evans

Eric Jones (7056) 17

J3730 : The Glen River Car Park and houses overlooking the A2 by Eric Jones J1811 : Northern breakwater of Carlingford Harbour by Eric Jones J0920 : Refurbished former farm outbuilding incorporated into a new dwelling by Eric Jones J0921 : Vintage tractor still at work on the Upper Fathom Road, Killeen by Eric Jones J0717 : First view of Northern Ireland by Eric Jones J1020 : An old winch and a wrecked boat on the banks of the Newry River by Eric Jones J0923 : Mud banks colonised by grass in the Newry River estuary by Eric Jones J4844 : Water Tower and Bracket Signal at Downpatrick Station by Eric Jones J1027 : Sheepstown Road at its junction with the B8 outside Newry by Eric Jones J0408 : Red windows and doors, green letter box and direction signs opposite the junction of the R177 and R132 by Eric Jones J3831 : Wheeling a bike along Newcastle Beach by Eric Jones J3731 : Rev. Mervyn Gibson, grand secretary of the Orange Order, leading the dignitaries at the Newcastle Demonstration by Eric Jones J1710 : Wooden cross on the western summit of Barnavave by Eric Jones H9916 : Withered bracken on the side of Glendesha Road by Eric Jones J3731 : Autumn colours in Islands Park, Newcastle. on Armistice Day, 2018 by Eric Jones J4442 : Rath above  the Ballydonety Road by Eric Jones J0219 : Cattle grid on the descending section of the Gullion Forest Park road by Eric Jones

Euan Nelson (14859) 2

NS6975 : Forth and Clyde Canal, Twechar by Euan Nelson NN4318 : Inverlochlarig Burn by Euan Nelson

Evelyn Simak (14840) 53

TG3005 : Ink Cap mushroom (Coprinopsis spec) by Evelyn Simak TG3006 : Animal footprints in the snow by Evelyn Simak TG2008 : Spring in Earlham Road cemetery by Evelyn Simak TG2109 : The grave of Elizabeth Caroline Wright (detail) by Evelyn Simak TG2007 : Bandstand and north-east pavilion in Eaton Park by Evelyn Simak TG2008 : Jay on a gravestone in Section 52 by Evelyn Simak TG2108 : Magnolia flower by Evelyn Simak TG2108 : Peacock Butterfly (Inachis io) by Evelyn Simak TG3005 : A farmer working in his field by Evelyn Simak TG3004 : Crops growing south of Surlingham by Evelyn Simak TG2109 : Gravestones beside the cemetery road by Evelyn Simak TG2008 : Robin (Erithacus rubecula) by Evelyn Simak TG2108 : Sweet gum tree (Liquidambar styracifolia) - young leaves by Evelyn Simak TG2008 : Two snails on a gravestone in Section 53 by Evelyn Simak TG2307 : Cottage dwarfed by block of flats by Evelyn Simak TG2307 : The Manor House / 54 Bracondale (detail) by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : A seat by Pull's Ferry by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : The Norwich railway station (interior) by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : East wall of the Cloisters by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : Stuart Court almshouses in Recorder Road by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : View along Hook's Walk by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : 47 (Haydn House) and 48 The Close  (Hook's Walk) by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : 168 King Street (detail) by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : Norwich Castle as seen from Castle Meadow by Evelyn Simak TG2208 : 34/36 Bethel Street - Inside the Old Skating Rink by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : Castle Street - 'The Case for Norwich' by Evelyn Simak TG2309 : 42 Magdalen Street - The King's Head public house (detail) by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : The Gunton & Havers building (detail) by Evelyn Simak TG2208 : Theatre Royal - Stage Two by Evelyn Simak TG2307 : 37 Surrey Street - Sentinel House (stained glass) by Evelyn Simak TG2208 : City Hall - lion by Evelyn Simak TG2208 : Disused car park on the iron works site by Evelyn Simak TG2208 : The Norwich Forum at Millennium Plain by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : Homeless in the city by Evelyn Simak TG1520 : Oak tree sandwiched between stacks of baled straw by Evelyn Simak TG2802 : Looking up the Framingham Earl water tower by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : Carnary Chapel  stained glass by Evelyn Simak TG2308 : Norwich cathedral spire from the cloisters by Evelyn Simak TG3719 : Toad Hole Cottage - sunflower by Evelyn Simak TG2309 : Decorative brickwork on (closed) public toilets by Evelyn Simak TG2306 : Cygnet on the mill stream by Evelyn Simak TG2307 : Homeless in Norwich by Evelyn Simak TG2209 : Pumpkin Tree healthy snacks in Muspole Street by Evelyn Simak TG5108 : Samphire (Salicornia europaea) by Evelyn Simak TG5009 : Sluice on Paddys Loke by Evelyn Simak TG5009 : Three landmarks off the Acle Straight by Evelyn Simak TG5208 : Vauxhall Bridge (detail) by Evelyn Simak TG5207 : Cash machine and phone box by the bus station by Evelyn Simak TM3199 : Bergh Apton - WW1 commemoration by Evelyn Simak TM3698 : Loddon Holy Trinity - WW1 commemoration by Evelyn Simak TG5307 : Deckchairs hut on Great Yarmouth's beach by Evelyn Simak TG5307 : The Jetty by Evelyn Simak TG5511 : Wind turbines and supply vessel at Scroby Sands by Evelyn Simak

Fabian Musto (125723) 9

SO4870 : St. Bartholomew's Church (Chancel | Richards Castle) by Fabian Musto SO5139 : Hereford Cathedral (Weeping Window) by Fabian Musto SO5867 : Burford House by Fabian Musto SO4062 : Drive to St. John the Evangelist's Church (Shobdon) by Fabian Musto SO3141 : St. Faith's Church (Dorstone) by Fabian Musto SO5932 : All Saints Church (Brockhampton-by-Ross) by Fabian Musto SO6457 : Lamp at St. Michael & All Angels Church (Edwyn Ralph) by Fabian Musto SO5968 : Christmas Tree at Tenbury Wells by Fabian Musto SO6107 : Parkend Railway Station by Fabian Musto


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