Preserved electric locomotives of British Rail

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Experimental electric battery locomotives were first developed in Scotland, in the mid 19th century. The first locomotives to be powered through rails or overhead wires were developed in Germany, whilst the first electric powered train in the UK was Volk's Electric Railway opened in 1883 in Brighton.

Switzerland hosted the first practical AC powered locomotives, followed enthusiastically by Italian Railways.

In the UK, it was the North Eastern Railway which was first to introduce main-line electric locomotives, in the early part of the 20th century. One of these, designed as a dock shunter, has been preserved, and is on display at 'Locomotion' Museum, in Shildon. Whilst there was some further innovation in the 1940's and 50's, it was not until the 1960's that British Rail began electrification 'en-mass'.

On nationalisation, Electric locomotives (and multiple units) were numbered with the prefix 'E'. I have limited this article to locos which once carried this prefix.

There are currently only 20 former BR mainline electric locomotives preserved in Britain. Most have been captured in action by Geograph contributors and I have attempted to illustrate this heritage using their input.

I have used up to three shots of each locomotive; where possible, including a shot from BR days.

There are still several gaps in the Geograph coverage, which I have marked as 'missing'. Please let me know if you manage to upload some shots to fill the blanks!

SK4175 : Locomotives and an engine inside Barrow Hill roundhouse by Roger Templeman E3003, (81002) Class 81, Barrow Hill Engine Shed.

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> E3035, (83012), Class 83, Barrow Hill Engine Shed.

SE5951 : York Railfest 2004 by Ian Taylor E3036, (84001), Class 84, Scottish Railway Museum, Bo'ness.

SK4175 : Sidings at Barrow Hill by Gareth James E3054, (82008), Class 82, Barrow Hill Engine Shed.

SK4175 : Roundhouse, Barrow Hill by Dave Hitchborne E3061, (85006), (85101), Class 85, Barrow Hill Engine Shed.

SD4768 : Excursion train at Bolton-le-Sands by Ian Taylor SD5328 : Class 86 at Preston by Gareth James SD5328 : Electric locomotive at Preston by Ian Taylor E3137, (86259) Class 86, West Coast Railways.

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> E3191, (86201) (86101), Class 86, Locomotive Services.

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> E3199, (86001) (86401), Class 86, West Coast Railways.

TQ3079 : Network 150 Day - (08) British Rail Class 71 electric loco No. E5001 by P L Chadwick E5001, (71001) Class 71, Locomotion, Shildon

SD7915 : Diesel- Electric Locomotive Leaving Brooksbottoms Tunnel by David Dixon E6001, (73001), Class 73, Crewe

SO6302 : Lydney Junction Station - running around by Chris Allen E6002, (73002), Class 73, Locomotive Services

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> E6003, (73003), Class 73 Swindon and Cricklade Railway

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> E6022, (73210), Class 73, Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

TQ4720 : Rail-Head Treatment Train at Uckfield by Gareth James E6031, (73964), Class 73, GBRf

TQ4720 : Rail-Head Treatment Train at Uckfield by Gareth James E6032, (73962), Class 73, GBRf

SP0229 : Diesel Electric Locomotive E6036 at Winchcombe by David Dixon SO9729 : Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway at Gotherington by Gareth James E6036, Class 73, Cambrian Heritage Railways.

TQ5434 : Eridge, Groombridge Road, Spa Valley Railway by Helmut Zozmann TQ5738 : Royal Tunbridge Wells, Spa Valley Railway by Helmut Zozmann E6047, (73140), Class 73, Spa Valley Railway

NZ2765 : Ex-NER Electric locomotive at Heaton Locomotive Depot by Ben Brooksbank NZ2425 : Former NER Electric shunter at 'Locomotion', Shildon by Roger Cornfoot 26500, Class ES1, Locomotion, Shildon

SE5951 : National Railway Museum, York by Dave Hitchborne E26020, Class 76, National Railway Museum, York

TQ3079 : Network 150 Day - (09) British Rail Class 77 electric loco No. 27000 by P L Chadwick TQ3079 : Network 150 Day - (10) British Rail Class 77 electric loco No. 27000 by P L Chadwick SE5951 : York Railfest 2004 by Ian Taylor E27000 Electra, Class 77, Midland Railway Centre,

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> E27001 Ariadne, Class 77, Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

Missing from Geograph>>>>>> E27003 Diana, Class 77, Utrecht Railway Museum

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